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housekeeping vol. 7

At this point in my life, I subscribe to the second cheapest wine mentality when it comes to vacuums – I don’t know that much about them, but I know that I don’t want the cheapest one and a definitely don’t want the most expensive one. Unless you’re gifting it to me, no strings attached, obviously. Anyway, I bought this “budget” hand vac last week and my life is changed.  Yellow Brick Home’s nursery is so dang sweet. Love the wink of color in the closet.  I made this strawberry swirl cheesecake for Valentine’s Day and tried to improvise some…


housekeeping vol. 6

Ashley’s roundup of “Valentine’s Day art that isn’t cheesy” is my kind of Valentine’s gift guide. Speaking of: how are you celebrating? We’re keeping it simple with something we’re calling “Flowers & Steak.” It’s a lot like it sounds. I get flowers. Matt gets steak. Everyone wins.  Exactly my thoughts re: This Is Us. It’s not great. But I still cried for almost the full hour after the Super Bowl. (spoilers abound!)  There’s a lot to love about Elsie’s den, but I think my favorite things are her clever solution for her TV and the fact that she and her…

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leifsavers: two amazon products that saved my fiddle leaf fig

This is the story of a young fiddle leaf fig named Leif. We brought him home in January of 2016, and after five months of tending to him and keeping him alive, I wrote this post about how to care for fiddle leaf figs. (Como se dice, “Eat crow?”) Since then he was moved several times around our old apartment, then moved from our apartment to our house in the dead of Texas summer. He was not happy about any of that, and it showed. You can see his slow demise in the pictures below, in chronological order: After moving…


housekeeping vol. 5

Have you heard of thin slices of joy? I read about them somewhere, and recognized one recently as it was happening. You know that moment at the movie theater when you get sucked into the previews, then they end and you get excited all over again because you’ve just remembered the movie you’re actually there to see? Thin slice of joy. Related: I took myself to see Lady Bird last week, and then learned about Moviepass. Do you have it? I think it’d be great for solo moviegoers, and since this is the best time of year for movies, I’m…


$100 room challenge week 5 – the pink bathroom reveal

Please ready yourself posthaste for a metric ton of photos because the $100 Room Challenge is over and I took allll the pics to prove it. Big thanks to Erin for hosting this challenge and giving me something productive to do with my New Year frenetic self. Seriously, I loved this challenge and would recommend it whether you blog or not. It’s a great way to take on your house room by room, but to keep yourself on a budget. It feels creatively challenging but wallet-ly manageable.  Quick recap: I decided to update our bathroom for the challenge for a…