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target does it again: junk drawer before and after

most people have a junk drawer. mine started as a junk drawer. and then it grew. and grew. into a junk area. even worse, this “drawer” (actually a small table with a drawer) is right in the middle of my tiny apartment. i mentioned last week that i needed some shoe storage to help contain this issue, so this weekend i tackled the shoe storage, the junk drawer, the tabletop organization, etc. with the help of my trusty friend Target. brace yourselves for a picture-heavy post, including some truly embarrassing “before” pics.

junk drawer before | awfully big adventure

i know many people, especially northerners, are big on mud rooms- whole rooms to house coats, scarves, boots, and other winter gear. in texas we have a similar issue, but with flip flops. they multiply like galleons in bellatrix lestrange’s vault at gringotts. (if you get that reference…did we just become best friends?? YUP) see above for irrefutable proof of multiplying sandals. also YES I OWN CROCS SUE ME. they are super comfy and i wear them sometimes to take my dog out. if you can no longer read my blog because of this, i understand except i don’t because get over yourself.

junk drawer before | awfully big adventure

what started as my “mail storage” has ballooned to house sunglasses, dog toys, miscellaneous files, a neon croakie…this stuff all has other homes within the apartment, it was just a matter of actually putting everything away.

junk drawer before | awfully big adventure

geez this is really getting embarrassing. now we’ve gotten past the junk area and into the junk drawer. just your average collection of screwdrivers, tape measurers, playing cards, time warner cable random paperwork, the receipt from my movers, ping pong balls, etc. i trashed probably 25% of this and put away the rest.

junk drawer before | awfully big adventure

what i felt my flip flops were feeling without a proper home*. seriously, look how sad they look.     *they DO have a proper home, in my closet, but i have been too lazy/it has been too hot to walk the extra 8 steps to my closet to put them away. just being real.

target does it again | awfully big adventure

here’s what i used to organize the space- a cheery yellow basket from the target children’s section, a small desk organizer, and one command hook to hang a purse. i love the yellow stripe on the basket, and it is just deep enough to house the insane amount of shoes that were laying helpless in the space previously.

junk drawer after | awfully big adventure

aaaaaaaaahhhhh. feels so much better! now you can actually see the ground, and i’m able to use the storage under the table for my laptop instead of shoes. the new desk organizer makes more sense for me- my last one was pretty big and took up a lot of tabletop real estate. this one is a much better fit. the command hook does its job perfectly, holding one of my larger purses easily.

junk drawer after | awfully big adventure

a neat freak’s dream: room to grow!

junk drawer after | awfully big adventure

i love that there’s room for a candle on the table now. makes for a much happier/zen(ier?) place to come home to. this is the first thing i see when i walk in the door, so this little bit of organization goes a long way for my sanity.

junk drawer after | awfully big adventure

“hey momma. whatcha doin on the floor? trying to take a picture? oh, you need me to move over a bit?”

junk drawer after | awfully big adventure

“is this better?”

target does it again junk drawer before after | awfully big adventure

a before and after because before and afters make me so happy. no more sad, depressed, melodramatic little flip flops!

junk drawer after 8

whew. way less embarrassing now. thanks for sticking with me, even if you were tempted to leave due to the whole crocs situation. any of you making small updates that go a long way? anybody else shamelessly still wearing crocs?



  1. Holly Holly

    I just fall over when Finn sits like that. Is there ANY other dog that sits the same way? Plus, he doesn’t even know how darling/tragic it is, which only makes my knees a little weaker. Good job on the re-org!

  2. Finn doesn’t know how darling/tragic he is in general, which is why he is my absolute FAVORITE. Ugh, love him. Thanks, Mama!

  3. Janet Gurgel Janet Gurgel

    You did it again Molly! Now that the “junk” drawer is empty maybe you can put a pretty picture inside it. I do love my crocs (bright pink) and Finn is absolutely the cutest.

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