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the tiny apartment house tour: dining room

Now that I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor after the excitement of the Apartment Therapy feature last week,  it’s time to press on with the remaining handful of square feet of this tiny apartment house tour. So hold on to your butts, cause it’s time to check out the dining room!

ABA tiny apartment floor plan dining room

This room has gone through several configurations since moving in. First, it was empty. But my heart was full…of panic that my stuff would not fit in this tiny room.


Guess what- it didn’t fit! My chairs were too large and too many. Technically everything could squeeze in there, but it was very hard to get to the cabinet behind the table. That cabinet (a Craigslist piece) holds my baking dishes, mixing bowls, food processor, and most importantly my wine glasses, so having difficult access to that storage was not ideal. (Side note: does anyone else type “bowels” every time they try to type “bowls”? It makes for a very confusing sentence.)

project BGA new dining room

After the wooden chairs made their exit and the Ikea Craigslisted Tobias chairs entered, which I blogged about here, access to my wine glasses became easier. The room got a lot lighter- the space is definitely more suited to a bistro-style set up. It works great as a place to work or to sit and have dinner when Matt and I want to act like normal, functioning adults.

tiny apartment living room 1

The next change happened during a New Year’s burst of energy- I got rid of my beloved pink polka-dotted rug. It was something about shedding unnecessary belongings during the new year, or I just got tired of staring at the evidence of Finn’s house-training days that were left on the rug despite several cleanings. Either way, it’s gone now, and it wasn’t easy but I think we’re all better for it.

tiny apartment living room 3

It’s also way easier to sweep Finn’s never-ending shedding hair without the rug.

tiny apartment living room 5

My lil mail/laptop station table was something I found in the As-Is room at Ikea. That room is so full of hope and equally full of disappointment. I always check it, though- just in case. I think this means I’m an optimist.

tiny apartment living room 6

I blogged about this little mail organizer dude here– I still love it and it keeps my laundry quarters/sunglasses/receipts in case I end up hating my Gap purchase tucked away.

tiny apartment living room 12

All of the art in these frames are just images I found on Pinterest/the interwebz and printed on cardstock. Art on the cheaps and no one knows the difference except now all of you do. Frick.

tiny apartment living room 7

Earlier I mentioned that Matt and I like to act like functioning adults sometimes. Nothing legitimizes a weekday cocktail like an actual “bar” set up. The large print is a hand-me-down but can be found at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe, the metal star is from Tesoros Trading Company, the pink mask was purchased from a street vendor in New Orleans, and the cactus is the only one I haven’t killed.

tiny apartment living room 8 tiny apartment living room 10

Just one more tiny space to go before finishing this home tour! The bedroom is up next.

tiny apartment living room 4

What are some of the ways you make a small dining space feel larger? Is anyone actually eating in their dining rooms anymore? Have you had to take a moment to grieve the loss of a wonderful rug recently? I’m here for you.

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  1. Loved the rug but when they have to go…well, they just gotta go. No better reason than for the love of a good dog. I’ve lost many over the years to the same good cause and so has your momma (as you well know, ha!). And the room is simply gorgeous!!!


      Haha- so true and well said, Chris! Thank you!!

  2. I love your decor! It’s so bright. I need to get that cabinent! Exact what I need right now for my dining room.


      That cabinet is such a life-saver. It’s like Narnia in there- I swear it just goes on and on, no matter how much stuff I try to fit in there. Good luck in your cabinet hunt!

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