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a whole new living room: shining, shimmering, splendid

I’m getting a little carried away with the Aladdin references, it’s true. Sorry. It’s just like…what are you supposed to do when you have a beautiful Persian rug/magic carpet that you’ve dreamed of resting happily on your living room floor? The correct answer is: watch several Aladdin videos on YouTube and then write a blog post.

The living room got two major updates. One was planned, and one was serendipitous. The Persian rug resting on a braided jute rug: planned. The coffee table update: a sweet find on my way home from picking up the rug. So, let’s start at the rug!

I’d been looking for a new living room rug for a few months. I loved my old Ikea rug, but it needed a steam clean or to be replaced entirely. Since the cost of getting the rug steam cleaned was equivalent to the cost of replacing the rug, I decided to replace it. And by replace it I mean get totally distracted by all the pretty Persian rugs/kilims I was seeing on Pinterest and get one of those instead.

Navy Blue Persian Rug

This is the original picture of the rug from Craigslist. At 3’x5′ and $100, it was priced *considerably* lower than most other Persians or kilims that I was seeing on Craigslist and eBay. I loved the colors and patterns instantly, even from the crappy photo. The owner clearly knew what she was talking about, listing the region where the rug came from (Hamadan), the knot count, and the decade it was made in (1920s). I was in love/sold.

Update your living room with an old Persian rug.

I drove about 20 miles to go pick it up and had the sweetest exchange with the owner. She and her husband are empty-nesters and are downsizing. The rug was her grandmother’s and used to live in her grandmother’s Manhattan apartment. She hated to get rid of it, but that’s what happens when you downsize. She was so thrilled the rug was going somewhere where it would be appreciated and even hugged me as I left. Craigslist is the BEST.

Update your living room with an old Persian rug.

And now for the “if you give a mouse a cookie” portion of the story. As I headed home with the rug in my trunk, I realized that my large, low white coffee table would cover up a sizeable portion of the rug. Can’t have that! I remembered that a store by my apartment, Uptown Modern, was having a sidewalk sale that day. Uptown Modern sells vintage and refurbished mid-century modern furniture. I had an idea of what I’d want from a coffee table for the new rug- higher, long, maybe a touch of natural wood. Welp. That exact table I had envisioned was sitting out on their sidewalk sale at a great price. Sold!

Update your living room with an old Persian rug.

I knew the Persian rug was too small for the space, so I grabbed a braided jute rug from RugsUSA at an incredible price to layer underneath it. I was worried about the quality, but I’ve had it for about 4 weeks and it shows no sign of wear from Finn’s nails. I was so impressed with their ship time as well- especially since shipping is free.

Update your living room with an old Persian rug.

I’m just so happy with how it all came together. Basically they should make a sequel to Serendipity about my living room. I am still so tickled with the rug- I love all of its little imperfections. You can see that it is a rug that has lived a little, which is what I hope people say about me when I’m 95 years old. The jute rug is the perfect size, and it’s actually super soft and comfy. And the coffee table is so perfect- I love the natural wood, the black pointy legs, the unique shelf…ugh. Yah. The whole space gives me…indescribable feelings. Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky A WHOLE NEWWW WORLD.

A few side notes: 1) Is Finn even real with his posing? Has he been practicing when I’m not home? 2) Just want to make it ruhl clear that Uptown Modern and RugsUSA have no idea who I am since I got all gushy/promotional sounding. I just like them and their products enough to recommend them to you fine people. 3) That fabulous indigo mudcloth pillow is from Sealight Designs. If you have the indigo itch as bad as I do, I can’t recommend her shop enough! 4) I want to let you know that I sold the Ikea rug on Craigslist and sold my West Elm white coffee table to a coworker moving into a new apartment. If you are like me and attach feelings to inanimate objects, rest easy knowing the rug and the coffee table are both in happy, loving homes.

What serendipitous finds made you guys happy enough to sing Disney lyrics??



  1. Love the post. Love Finn! Yay you! xoxoxo

  2. Hey Moll — love the rug! They built them with real style and durability back in the ’20’s. Kent P.S. Has Finn been working out?

  3. What a great story, Molly! I bet you sit and dream about the stories that rug heard in a NYC apartment! I have a piano of similar age I bought off Craigslist that is the joy in my life. Miss you and your sweet smile! <3

  4. Love that Aladdineque (if that’s a word) rug of yours! Would go great with some persian/Iranian decoration 🙂

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