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Hayyy everyone!!

Well HI THERE GUYS. Man, has that thing ever happened to you where you take a new job and then your boyfriend moves in with you and then you sign a lease on a new apartment and then the dust settles a bit and then you’re like waaait am I forgetting something and then you’re like OH YAH my blog! That is so weird because that same thing just happened to me!

In just a ruhl quick update, I’ll say that I am settling into my new job and it is so fun and very challenging in ways I haven’t been challenged before. I could also probably write that exact same sentence about Matt moving into the tiny apartment.

Just kiddingggg everyone calm down. Matt moved in and living together is wonderful! We can cook dinner together and watch The Daily Show every night and the sleepover never ends. Finn is beside himself, which he demonstrates by totally losing it every time Matt walks in the door. We’re looking forward to moving into a bigger place in a little over 2 weeks. I can’t believe my/our time in the tiny apartment is coming to an end!

Which brings me to my apartment tour in The Everygirl– holy crap that was fun! Mostly I was so, so thrilled to have captured this time in my life- my first place that was All Mine- with a real photographer. (Props Kelly Rucker!) Plus, it’s just a cool blog with motivations in all the right areas, from inspiring young women in their careers to helping them manage their finances. But they work in the job stuff and finance stuff in a sneaky way, like the serving of veggies in a V8 Splash. You’re so busy tasting the deliciousness of the fashion posts and house tours that you ingest the sound career advice without even noticing.

The Tiny Apartment- Dining Room

I’ve got lots of posts in the works, from our bedding update to fit the king bed that moved in when Matt did, to new couch research (#halp!), to the loot I scored from Loot’s warehouse sale. And of course, posts on the new place! Also, I updated the House Tour page with more photos from The Everygirl shoot. Makes for a happy farewell to the tiny apartment. Onwards and upwards!

p.s. Join the Instagram party for in between updates. And shots! The photo kind, sorry.



  1. Like a V8 Splash – pure gold. Waiting on pins and needles until your new posts. HURRY!


      Typing as fast as my freakishly small fingers will allow. Looking forward to sharing a V8 Splash on your next trip stateside. 🙂 Love you!

  2. Congratssss lady!! If you’re selling any of your furniture, I WILL BUY IT AND SHIP IT TO MYSELF IN FL! 😉


      Haha thank you, and good to know!! Love seeing your Florida pics…seems like life is good in the sunshine state!

  3. Hi, Dithphil – me too on the pins and needles. Plus missing you – it is all too much! xoxo


      Sounds like we might need some smelling salts and a We Miss Dithphil support group.

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