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vintage shopping is for the birds (literally)

A few weeks ago, I was just a girl with a new (to me) camera, an apartment to furnish, and a weekend to myself (Matt was fishing in Arkansas and had to miss out on all of the gloriousness I’m about to tell you about.) My jorts weren’t going to wear themselves, so I put them on, grabbed my camera, and headed out the door to peruse Austin’s many vintage furniture stores. Hello and welcome to my favorite new hobby.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas
^ first stop!

If you’re into this kind of thing at all, I highly recommend following your favorite vintage stores on Instagram. Most stores post their newest pieces with dimensions and prices, and some stores even let you put a hold on an item if you’re really excited about it. That was the case for me with the piece below from Room Service Vintage. I was on a credenza hunt for the new place and the photo that had been shared of this on Room Service’s Insta looked way more cream, way less almond. Either way, it didn’t hold my attention once I got there.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

Side note: This piece seemed bigger to me when I was still living in the tiny apartment. It would have been laughably small in the new place. A good lesson not to buy large pieces until you live in your future home- a lesson I KNOW is a good one, but I almost actively try to avoid because I get overexcited when I am moving.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

More treasures from Room Service. Hello, copper seashell-thingy. I hope you are adorning some fabulous person’s walls right now.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

Hello, cute Knoll chair. I like your shiny legs and your soft, navy bottom. It’s not you- it’s me.

After leaving Room Service empty-handed, I made a few more stops at Ambrose Vin-taj, Uptown Modern, and finally at Top Drawer’s flea market that they were hosting that day. I’d also like to note that it was probably 100 degrees in case you were unsure of my dedication to the cause. (What, again, is the “cause,” you may be asking yourselves? I think it’s something about trying to find a credenza but also looking at shiny things and also looking for random deals or something.)

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

Not for me. But for someone. Supes cheap.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

Cute cute cute copper pendant light thingy. I wish I had a kitchen that needed this.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

Please don’t be so distracted by the gorgeous basket that you miss the strange raffia face thing. I love both of them.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

FINALLY. A cute find at a price I couldn’t ignore- these solid brass birds were priced at $15 but I haggled down to $10 which felt like a total steal as I had recently seen little brass animals for $95 at Uptown Modern. MINE! Related: Uptown Modern has *incredible* mid-century modern furniture and accessories that are way out of my price range. Also related: as I was shopping, I got a surprise email that they were having a very rare Sunday Sidewalk Sale the next day. That means I could probably maybe afford something and they always have amazing credenzas!

So once again on Sunday morning I donned my jorts, grabbed my camera, and headed out the door to creepily hang out in front of the store for 30 minutes prior to the sale starting. If you’re wondering, I forced my sister to talk to me for entertainment while I was waiting. (Thanks, Sarah.)

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas






…Then they put the price tag on it. Still out of my price range. ::weeps::

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

I know, I know…I don’t *need* it, but gosh darnit sometimes you just have to treat yourself. NO, guys. I’m kidding. I didn’t buy it.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

BUT I did buy that peacock chair on the left for $50!! That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen on a full-sized peacock chair and I knew my patio at the new place would be the perfect place for it.

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, Texas

This coffee table was so cool and a may-jah deal at $50, but I had no real place for it. Just in case, I texted my friend Alyssa (a fellow mid-century furniture lover) and told her she needed it. Turns out she actually did need it, so she jumped in her car and came straight to the store. I came home with two adorable brass birds AND a peacock chair AND I helped a friend. Later that day, she and I went to an estate sale together and I touched what may have been a human skull. So basically it was the best weekend ever!

Vintage Furniture Shopping in Austin, TexasHere is le peacock chair looking all cute in my old living room, because right now if I took a picture of it on my patio, you would see that it is surrounded by a bunch of boxes and a Home Depot orange bucket is acting as its side table. Someday soon, I will tackle the patio. And then that will become my new best weekend ever.

How do you spend your best weekends ever?



  1. I think you should have modeled the jorts. Or at least your faux blue man could have done the honors. I think maybe he should be wearing some kind of jort covering at this point…

    Love the great finds. Wish we had more funky shops down here in southern Md. We just have crabby things. Crab cakes. Crab signs. Old Bay. (sigh!)


      Hahaha the jorts are SO not model-worthy. If you look closely in the picture of the peacock chairs, you can see my jort-wearing self taking the photo in the reflection. Not my best look. And if it makes you feel better, we are sorely lacking in crabby things. To each their own!

  2. ‘i may have touched a human skull’ – TELL ME EVERYTHING

    the brass birds are so great! and that chair is perfect for the patio – which i can’t wait to see in person. we’ll make great use of that industrial look side table with our margaritas laid upon it.

    can you tell me – how do you determine what a fair/good price is for vintage furniture? and do you have any plans for ‘fixer upper’ projects? i like your stuff, but always feel like i can’t see the treasures in le trash, if you get me.


      It was a skull slash candle holder. I assumed it was fake. Alyssa thinks it was real. WE MAY NEVER KNOW. Let’s discuss over patio margs.

      I feel like your question would be a post in itself. To summarize- I am always looking at furniture on Craigslist, at Ikea, at West Elm, etc- so I’m familiar with all different kinds of price points. Most vintage furniture is made with higher quality than say, a new dresser from Ikea or Target. So when I see that I could get a solid wood dresser from a vintage store for the same price that I’d pay for something new at Ikea or Target, it makes more sense to me to buy the quality piece. That being said- I don’t have much space for refurbishing, so if a piece was in really bad shape, I probably wouldn’t take on that project. But if it was just a little touch up- that would be doable. Another caveat is that what we consider a fair/good price in Austin would be super high for a smaller town in the Midwest where there is less demand. Just something to keep in mind.


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