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hold me closer tiny ‘denza

As I mentioned in last week’s post about vintage furniture shopping, I’ve been on a hunt for a credenza for the living room. When we moved in, my pair of Ikea Expedits acted as our entertainment center, as per uzh. Howevuh. They looked a bit small in the space and would be better suited to the study, so I began my search for a larger tv stand/entertainment center/media console/we really need to figure out a unified name for this piece of furniture.

Buying a Mid-Century Modern Credenza in Austin, Texas

I searched all the regular places: Craigslist, West Elm, Ikea, etc. The Craigslist options either made my eyes bleed (there are some ugly tv stands out there) OR they were crazy overpriced because everyone’s figured out that mid-century modern furniture is in demand and sellers are taking advantage of it. West Elm was simply more than I wanted to spend. I found an option at Ikea, but knew I could get a better quality piece of furniture for around the same price from a vintage store. So, the Instagram stalking began.

One Sunday after countless (COUNTLESS I TELL YOU) days of keeping an eye on my favorite vintage stores’ Instagram accounts, I decided to leave the house and visit the stores in question. I once again popped into Uptown Modern, knowing that I would not be purchasing anything, but rather to bother an extremely helpful salesperson there who I knew might be able to point me in the right direction. And she did. She literally pointed me in the right direction.

She told me about three new (to me) places that I should check out. On my way to one of them, I passed Rave On Vintage and saw cute mid-century modern stuff out front. I stopped the car in the middle of the road, reversed, and drove into the parking lot. The very friendly owner asked me what I was looking for and took me straight to this beauty:

Buying a Mid-Century Modern Credenza in Austin, Texas

I gasped, as one does. The size: perfect. The legs: I die. The unique knobs: j’adore. The price: not sure if the owner was just tired of looking at this on the floor or if he saw the total adoration beaming out of every one of my pores, but he knocked $50 off the top to bring the cost right into my price range. ($425, for inquiring minds.)

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making an impulse purchase due to heat-related dehydration/exhaustion (it was another 100°+ day in Austin), so I put it on a two-hour hold, and left to browse a couple other stores. I sent pics to 1) my mom and sister, to get their opinion and 2) Matt, to make sure he didn’t hate it and to measure out how it would fit on the wall. (He sent me the first pic in this post with the measuring tape on the ground so I could get an idea of the scale of the piece.) Spoiler alert: I got two big thumbs up from everyone, and I didn’t find anything else I liked nearly as much as old ‘denza.

Buying a Mid-Century Modern Credenza in Austin, Texas

I brought it home that day- it miraculously fit perfectly in my car. I really, really love how unique it is and how it fits the space. As much as I also really, really loved the open display of books on the old Ikea Expedits, I am appreciating the more clean and modern look when you are able to tuck everything away.

Buying a Mid-Century Modern Credenza in Austin, Texas

Some relevant details as to why the price was lower than other credenzas I’ve seen: the drawer pulls, legs, and knobs are all teak, but the rest is laminate. This would bother me more if 1) the price weren’t so great and 2) the laminate was a different color. I actually really like the laminate that they used. There are also a few imperfections- one door is not completely in line and there is a boo-boo on one of the bottom hinges of the door to the far right, along with a bit of wear that is barely noticeable in person on the same door.

Buying a Mid-Century Modern Credenza in Austin, Texas

It fits all our stuff and then some, and has sooo much tchotchke display space on the top. Muy importante. 🙂

Buying a Mid-Century Modern Credenza in Austin, Texas

All of my words are gone- by the time I got to the end of this post, I just wanted to ogle the photos and not write anymore. So, I don’t think I will. 🙂

Have you guys found anything that made you audibly/dramatically gasp lately?



  1. I am distracted by its beauty! Looks so great in the space.


      Thank you auntie!! We are still loving it, which I think is a good sign. 🙂


      Thank you, Veronica! It seemed like fate! 🙂

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