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macramézing: how to make a macramé yarn garland

In my last post, I referenced an Elton John song (Tiny Dancer) that has a special place in my heart mainly due to its appearance in one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous. I try and watch it once or twice a year to make sure my head is screwed on right. There are so many lessons to be learned in viewing it, from Penny Lane’s fashion choices to William’s sheepish bravery to Elaine’s great advice:

There’s another great lesson/quote from that movie that I’ve slightly edited to apply to this post.

I always tell the girls, never take it seriously. If ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the arts and crafts store and visit your friends.

I kid. Kind of. There is something so incredibly therapeutic about heading to JoAnn’s, picking out some yarn, and spending an afternoon working it into something moderately cool. No shame in my game. And that is what this post is about! Is there some type of award for lengthy post introductions, and if so, may I humbly nominate myself?

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

This here is our bed. The area above the bed is the sad, empty space that I wanted to fill. The room has recently taken a light, floaty, dare I say…beachy? turn and so I wanted something with movement and texture that would be big enough to not look dinky over a king bed. Also, I wanted it to be cheap. Enter Pinterest. I searched for yarn wall hangings and found a tutorial for a macrame yarn garland, which wasn’t what I initially had in mind but I was hooked from the second I saw it. Here’s the how to:

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

Aran / Oatmeal / Gold Sequin / Smoke MetallicLow Tide

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

What You’ll Need:

  • Yarn (no shit!)
  • Picture nails
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors
  • A movie to watch as you mindlessly tie knots (I chose My Big Fat Greek wedding, which is still delightful)
  • An hour of your life

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

Step 1: Cut your main piece of yarn to your desired width. I cut mine to 75 inches, keeping in mind that 1) I’d use about 5 inches on each end for hanging, and 2) draping it would take away some of its width once I had the garland hung.

Step 2: Cut your individual pieces of yarn. I divided my main piece of yarn by 1.5 to get how many total cuts of yarn I would need, because I wanted each piece about 1.5″ apart. I kept in mind which colors I wanted to be accents and which colors I wanted featured more, and divided the cuts accordingly. I cut each individual piece to about 36″ long to leave plenty of room for error which was great since I definitely made mistakes.

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

Step 3: Use painters tape to tape up your main piece of yarn. Attach your yarn cuttings in your desired order by tying a single knot around the main piece of yarn. Real talk: if you’re like “Wait this already looks awesome and I don’t feel like tying a bunch of knots for the next hour,” I won’t judge you. I think this looks pretty cool.

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

Step 4: I had nothing better to do, so I forged ahead. Skip the first piece of yarn on the far left. Tie a double knot between the second and third piece of yarn. I spaced my knots about 1 inch down, but if you want a more open look, you could space them farther apart. Keep going until you reach the right side.

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

Step 5: Once you complete the first row, come back to the left side and start again. This time, start with the first piece of yarn on the far left. Again, tie double knots across this row until you reach the end.

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

Step 6: One more row! This time, skip that first piece of yarn again. Begin by tying a double knot with the second and third pieces of yarn and move all the way to the right. By this time, Toula should be waking up with a zit on her wedding day. (Don’t worry, the Windex took care of it.)

Step 7: Trim your ends to be even, but don’t be like me. I trimmed them while the yarn was still draped, and ended up with uneven ends which I didn’t realize until I rehung it in the bedroom. I’d suggest hanging it straight across so you can have a better idea of how even the ends are- that’s what I ended up doing.

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

Step 8: Hang that ish on the wall! I used one small nail on each end and simply tied the yarn around the nails.

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

::clapping hand emojis:: I love how it turned out! I also love how versatile this project is- you could really use any colors you want and totally change the look. I think a striped one would look cool- 4 black/4 ivory or something like that. Bonus is that I have leftover yarn which means 1) everyone’s getting scarves again this Christmas and 2) I forgot to write a post about knitting last year. I’ll add that to my list of things to write after it’s not 100 degrees every day.

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

The little pieces of yarn kind of move and float around a bit when we have our fan on which ALMOST lets my brain believe that we live next to the beach and always keep our windows open and it’s the sea breeze that’s making them move. Almost. Which is basically exactly what I was going for, so I’m happy!

What other cool stuff can I do with this leftover yarn? Any idears?

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland

UPDATE: We’ve totally re-done our bedroom since this post, including recovering our headboard, getting new bedding, and adding some super inexpensive coffee sack art. You can see the full tour of the bedroom here. See below for where our macrame yarn garland ended up!

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 5

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 7

How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland
How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland
How to Make a Macramé Yarn Garland



  1. You made me remember my own macrame years – totally was in love with that craft. My mom said it was NOT a potential career, so me and my yarn grew apart. Might have to try it again. SO CUTE! I don’t know what I like better, your craft, or your funny words. You just made my morning way better. xoxo

  2. I loveeeeeee your macrame thing!! I think they’re so cute and didn’t realize they aren’t as hard to make as they look. I LOVE the colors you picked, too!! Glad I stumbled upon your blog lady 🙂

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


      Thank you so much for the kind comment!! SUCH an easy project, and so rewarding when it is done. Your blog is adorable, thanks for stopping by mine!

  3. Love this!!! doing it for xmas!!! great tutorial.

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