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the whole enchilada: the rosedale apartment checklist, september 2015

So, if you don’t know me well, you may not know that I’m a girl that likes a plan. Detail-oriented is a slight understatement. I like to see the road in front of me. Don’t know why, that’s just how it is. Because of this, lists are my best friend- everything written out, able to be put into chronological order of importance, and crossed out. Gosh, I sound like a delight.

The point is, I’ve been feeling a bit disorganized with ye olde blogge and figured the best way to get my head screwed on straight was to write a big ole post with pictures of the whole dang apartment and a list in each room of projects I’d like to complete. My fave blog, Young House Love, used to do this and I loved it. I hope you do, too!

Disclosure: These are quick and dirty photos of what the apartment looks like now. I did a bit of tidying up for photos, but nothing beyond that. This is just what the place looks like (eh…maybe what the place would look like if people were coming over.) I plan to do a more in depth home tour with extra photos of each room and a source list. Without further ado, I present The Whole Enchilada: The Rosedale Apartment Checklist.

The Study

A place where Matt studies how to play video games.

ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Study ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Study

  • Hang curtains
  • Find a side table
  • Carve out a workspace (small desk + storage for me)
  • Hang art/decor
  • Find a rug?
  • Recover or find new throw pillows
  • Different curtains for the window/entry (would be nice to have curtains on a tension rod for privacy for guests
  • Sell bookshelves/purchase new (smaller) TV stand

The Entryway

It is a space where we enter.

ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Entry

ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Entry ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Entry

  • Hang art
  • Hang mail drop/hooks
  • Find a runner
  • Add a small entry table/shoe drop
  • Spray paint or find new hardware for cabinet
  • Improve the bar situaish
  • Fun treatment for the mail drop wall

The Living Room

Things have actually happened in here!

ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Living Room ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Living Room ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Living Room

  • Find new (to us) couch (just realized I never posted about this!)
  • Find new (to us) rug (ditto above!)
  • Find new (to us) credenza
  • Pick up some basics from Ikea to round out the space (plants, hanging light)
  • Hang picture ledge, art
  • Mount TV
  • Paint art wall
  • Hang…more art? 🙂
  • Pick up a very small side table for the couch (currently using an old one from Ikea that’s just wedged in there sideways because it’s just such a small space)

The Kitchen

Nothing really happening here, but pictures are fun!

ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Kitchen ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Kitchen ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Kitchen

  • Find barstools
  • Add art
  • For God’s sake, buy new knives (not decor related, but I’m struggling for bullet points here.)
  • No real decor changes in here!

The Bedroom

If I have trouble sleeping in here, it’s because I can’t stop thinking about how to decorate it.

ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Bedroom ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Bedroom ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Bedroom ABA The Whole Enchilada | The Bedroom

  • Update bedding (Be sure to buy mostly white/light-colored bedding so your dog’s black hair shows up everywhere. Check!)
  • Create a wall hanging for over the bed
  • Buy mirrors for above the nightstands
  • Find vintage nightstands and refurbish them (post is coming on these!)
  • Move Cosmico art/find new art for that wall
  • Replace your dresser from high school that your dog teethed on as a puppy. He chewed the little knobs off. YEESH.
  • Hang art above/style new dresser.
  • Recover headboard with a lighter fabric.

There’s no particular rhyme or reason on how I plan to tackle these projects- it will likely depend on when I’m in the mood to be crafty/if I come across the right piece of art/whenever I get the urge to go through the Ikea process, etc.

Things that are easy and have high impact, like recovering the headboard, will likely get done sooner. Things like painting the wall behind the picture ledge/tv-mounted wall will get done later because it’s hard and it took as eight hours to hang that wall. After all the hanging was done, I told Matt I wanted to paint that wall and he was like “asphinctersaysWHAT?” and I was like “What?” and then we fell into an exhausted heap of dust on the ground because mounting a tv is hard work, guys.

What do yall think? Are lists soothing to you or stressful? If they are stressful, I’m sorry for what I just put you through.



  1. FINALLY….I have been WAITING and WAITING to see your new abode. Whew! And now I can check that off MY list! Dig the pad, all of it! Love COSMICO art (and all of your art). And yes, swear by lists, for groceries, to dos, shopping, etc. And I am related to you which explains that list thing. For the bedroom, what about a long table, tall enough to support your TV and to slip Finn’s crate underneath? And my two cents on barstools. Thought I wanted ones with backs, but then found that I MUCH preferred the clean lines of the counter with stools underneath. Am currently planning on replacing our current ones (found at a flea market, painted, etc) with some lightweight aluminum (backless) stools, which also go nicely with the stainless steel appliances.

    Loving the pad – we must come visit! 🙂


      Definitely kept you in mind when I was thinking of writing a post with a bunch of pics. 🙂 Love the idea for a table in the bedroom, but we are a bit short on storage and a girl’s gotta have somewhere to put her clothes! I’d like a wider dresser to balance the unnecessarily large TV (hello, living with a boy.) Finn’s crate is simply Finn’s crate- I’ve given up trying to camouflage it. I grabbed the barstools with backs because I work from home and the island is my desk, but once I create a workspace in the study I may change that up. The aluminum stools would be so purty in your enviable kitchen! Send me pics when you find some you like!

  2. I loved this post! YHL is a great blog. 🙂

    Your nightstands are lovely.


      Thank you, Veronica! Just read your about me- such a small world. I went to OU my freshman year before transferring to UT and also studied interior design there! Jealous that you’ve made it your profession 🙂 For me it’s still just a hobby!

  3. Were those night stands there when I got to visit? Because I think they are my new favorite of all time.

    I am glad the horns are still there. ?

    The thing is – why do you want to paint that wall with the art/TV? It’s so full as is, can you really see the paint? Your home, your choice. But I need to know these design tips/styles!

    Also, the headboard! Why lighten it up? There will be so much lightness. Beautiful, still, but the dark looks ruhl good!

    Anything you change will look impeccable. Design knowledge I seek, obi wan.

    Halloween costume idea for you: Yoda.


      1) The nightstands were picked up just after you left! One more reason for you to return. 2) I’m planning to do a whole post on the paint thing so ~~~all will be revealed in timeee~~~ ::wavy dream arms:: 3) The dark leather headboard is not my fave and the idea for the bedroom is that it would all be light, bright, and breezy with different textures so that it’s still interesting. That’s what I’m thinking, at least. 4) How about Finn can be Yoda? He has the ears for it.

      Love you. xoxo!

  4. your bedroom is my new happy place, which is awkward, since I’ve never been there? Oh, except for the dresser. Remember how cute it was when we bought it? Get that thing outa there! 🙂 Crazy for the art wall in the living room. Love the bigger spaces – particularly that nice, open kitchen. Keep ’em coming! xoxo

  5. so, so, so cute! I love your credenza, I have been looking for one of those for seemingly years!!


      Thanks, Caitlin! Good luck in your credenza hunt! p.s. Your photos are amazing!

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