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the ikea bare necessities

Having recently moved, I also recently made an Ikea trip. The two actions normally go hand-in-hand, but I actually hadn’t made the Ikea trek in about two years, which I think is some kind of record for me. This time I didn’t get any furniture, instead focusing on the Ikea bare necessities- they’re why a girl can rest at ease. (Hey guys if you’re keeping tally at home, this makes a total of two posts that have been inspired by old Disney songs.)

I thought it was *possible* that someone, somewhere out there in the Interwebz was like “I wish I had a handy list of fabulous, can’t-miss Ikea products for the trip I am about to make!!” and having JUST made that list for myself, I dubbed it worth sharing. Hence:

ikea bare necessities shopping list

One thing worth mentioning- did you know that you are able to make a shopping list for yourself on the Ikea website? I did this and then saved the list to my phone for easy access while shopping. It is a JUNGLE in there (should I capitalize everything having to do with the Jungle Book or assume everyone totally gets it?), so having a list to help keep yourself on track and on budget is very helpful. I think we all understand that inevitably, some things you have to have will creep into your cart. But at least you aren’t going in blind.

ikea bare necessities shopping list

  1. Cheap/awesome fabric for pillow covers or a stretched canvas art piece or WHATEVER.
  2. Simple white ceramic dinnerware.
  3. Classic navy and white dish towels.
  4. Faux sheepskin for added texture/something for your dog’s perpetually cold nose to cuddle.
  5. Circle mirrors to bounce around light/could also be used as a tray.
  6. Plants, plants, and more plants. (If yall could see these now…I’m working on nursing them back to health, I promise.)
  7. Picture ledge– endless applications! I decided to innovate and used it as a picture ledge.
  8. Euro duck feather pillow inserts. These give your pillows that good full-but-slouchy look instead of that lumpy, polyester-filled sadness. The price can’t be beat.
  9. Tea lights for daysss, yall.
  11. Hanging lamp shade. I am muy obsessed.
  12. Basic picture frames. In the good basic way.

finn cuddles with a faux sheepskin from ikea

My real life bear, who hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in many moons. He loves to snuggle with the faux sheepskin, which we have named “The Fluffy Thingy.” Can’t be creative all the time, I guess.

the ikea bare necessities shopping list | awfully big adventure blog

Totally realize that I’m quoting a song about not needing “things” and then recommending a whole list of things. You do you, y’all. Get some things, or don’t get some things. But if you DO get things- get these ones. They come with the Finn-Sniffed Seal of Approval.

**Hoping it’s painfully obvious that Ikea has no idea who I am, and that I’m not being compensated for this post.



  1. OMG I am the one in the Interweb that appreciated this list! Loved this post. I recently moved so naturally Ikea was the first place I went! Annnd looks like we have similar taste because I basically bought the same things! Love DIY. Love your blog.


      Thank you, Jeannie!! You are a brave soul moving to Iceland- as a Texan I think the cold would be too much for me to handle! Hope your new things from Ikea make your space a cozy place to come home to in the cold. 🙂

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