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gettin cozy wit it: our recovered headboard

It’s fall! There are football tailgates to attend, butternut squash recipes popping up left and right, and the weather has cooled to a brisk 95 degrees here in Austin. So, yah…it doesn’t feel as autumnal as it may in other places, but something about the shorter days is already putting me into hibernation mode. Yesterday Matt and I discussed our strategy for how we’ll watch Fargo this season (we don’t have cable, so we have to strategize) and decided we’ll save all of the episodes for when it’s cold out and we don’t want to do anything. We are awesome.

The point being…tis the season to spend hours cuddled up in bed. But as I mentioned in my Whole Enchilada Checklist, the headboard needed an update. Was it comfortable? Sure. Was it in decent shape? Yes. Did the brown leather make my eye twitch because it didn’t quite coordinate with the rest of the bedroom? Si. Si señor. So, when the team at Casper challenged me to make my bedroom cozier for fall, I knew just what to do.

ABA The Whole Enchilada Bedroom 3


Luckily, it was suuuper easy to recover the headboard and stop the twitching. It was so easy, I don’t even feel right creating a “how-to” because it’d be like “staple fabric around the headboard, pat yourself on the back for being fantastic at life.” I did use this as a reference and it had some helpful tips. But if you are not happy with your current headboard and feel like it is a good candidate for recovering- DO EEEET. It will make you happy and 89% more likely to cozy up in bed.

recovered headboard | awfully big adventure blog

FRICK. YES. So much better. Don’t you just wanna pull the throw pillow off that freshly made bed, slide in, and take a nap? Let me be clear…if you mess up a freshly made bed in my house, I will cut you. Unless you are Finn. But I do understand the urge.

recovered headboard | awfully big adventure blog

Finn’s like, “Did you say something about me messing up a freshly made bed?” Seriously though, I can’t get mad at him. He just smells too much like corn chips and he’s all soft and he’s mainly hopping on the bed to peer out the window to make sure the neighbors aren’t up to anything fishy. Such a Gladys Kravitz.

recovered headboard | awfully big adventure blog

Anyway, back to the headboard. I used an upholstery fabric from JoAnn’s, and they had like 14 coupons that day so it was basically free. I also had to purchase a staple gun, but I am 100% sure I will be using that again AND I felt 100% cool using it. Pew pew! The fabric has a very natural/linen-y feel, but it’s thicker/more durable than linen, so I’m hoping our cozy new headboard has a nice long life. I’m also hoping that I only have to use a lint brush to get Finn’s hair off of the headboard like, once a quarter? We’ll see.

recovered headboard | awfully big adventure blog

Dawww. There he is again. I’m looking forward to the weather actually getting cooler, because Finn gets SO snuggly when it’s cold out. A whole season of Finn’s cold little nose, binge-watching good television, and petting my updated headboard. I’m pumped.

How to Recover a Headboard with Fabric


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  1. That last picture made me feel a little faint. He is SO handsome. See you tomorrow!!

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