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i’m afraid i just blue myself

This is a post about bedding. Or is it a post about knowing when to admit defeat? A post about courage in the face of a difficult situation? A post about knowing your limits and loving yourself enough to let yourself walk away?

Basically, what happened is I thought it would be a good idea to buy a white duvet. You may remember it from this post, when I excitedly introduced our new seersucker bedding. Honestly, how could you forget this sweet iPhone pic?

aba bedding 1

We purchased that bedding when Matt moved into the Tiny Apartment and brought his king-sized bed with him. This was the first purchase of “our” apartment, and I got caught up in needing it to feel neutral and boy-friendly. I found a grey seersucker duvet and charcoal shams deeply discounted at West Elm, a quilt on sale at Target, and a lumbar pillow to pull it all together. The only issue was that I totally hated it.

I didn’t like the dark shams and the dark quilt, so I decided to embrace the light duvet. I nixed the quilt and snagged some new shams and a new lumbar pillow cover that felt more true to my style when we moved into the Rosedale Apartment. After that, I added the macramé garland and recovered the headboard. It felt so much better.

recovered headboard | awfully big adventure blog

The room felt light and bright and breezy and happy for about four hours every two weeks or so when I would remove the duvet, wash it, dry it, and sweat through putting it back on because OH YAH I have a 60 pound black dog that goes outside in the dirt and then comes inside and hops up on the bed maybe seven to one thousand times a day. Side note: part of the reason the duvet was cheap is that the seersucker is only on one side, and the opposite side is just a basic cotton. So I couldn’t even flip the duvet when it got dirty. No bueno.

The point is this: I bought the duvet because I was thinking about 1) saving some dollars and, 2) keeping the bedroom neutral. I wasn’t thinking about the very large, very real dog that is allowed on the bed and spends a bunch of time up there. Yes, we are those people.

blue bedding

Sources: Shams // Sheets // Lumbar (similar) // Duvet

So, darker bedding we needed and darker bedding we got. Darker bedding can go moody ruhl quick though, which wasn’t what I wanted. Thank God for navy, yall. It’s deep and forgiving without bringing down the whole room. I switched up the decor to compliment the new look and kept the lumbar and our two sheet sets the same.

blue bedding 3

The shibori shams are basically my favorite things in the apartment. Visually interesting enough for my general aversion to solids, but still neutral and they pull together the dark bedding without making the room feel moody or drab. Speaking of the duvet…it is luscious. We love the linen and love that we grabbed it during a bedding sale at West Elm (still happening currently!). Plus, I was able to sell the old duvet on Craigslist for close to what we paid for it. Woot! (I’m saving the old shams because I’m an optimist that hopes that at some point in our lifetime we may be able to buy a home in the Austin real estate market that has more than one bedroom. We’ll see.)


The best news of all is that Finn seems to love it just as much as I love not having to see every black hair or speck of dirt he brings in on his really cute, corn-chip scented paws. Sometimes it takes a minute…or six months…to realize that you blew it. And then you realize that the only way to fix it is to (navy) blue it. MAN, it feels like I’ve been waiting this whole blog post to drop that line.

I’d love if you’d share a design mistake you’ve made in the comments. This is a trust tree. You can feel safe here. JK it’s the internet, you’re never safe. I still hope you’ll share.

p.s. In case you are confused about the title of this post. It’s taken me 16 months, but I was finally able to work in another Tobias reference.

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