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the whole enchilada: the rosedale apartment checklist, part II

Man, time flies when you aren’t writing an updated Whole Enchilada checklist post! It’s been six months since I posted the original checklist for this apartment. There’s definitely been some progress, but I’m holding off on a few things until we decide if we’re staying here for another year. For reference, here’s the first checklist. Previously, I left off the bathroom and patio, so I added them to this post. I’ve really enjoyed doing this whole list thing–it’s helped to keep me on track, and it’s a nice reference for when I feel like I haven’t made any improvements.

Disclosure: These are quick and dirty photos of what the apartment looks like now. Or, they are moderately recent photos because I was too lazy to take new pics of the whole apartment. I did a bit of tidying up for photos, but nothing beyond that. This is just what the place looks like (eh…maybe what the place would look like if people were coming over.) A more in depth home tour with detailed photos of each room and a source list is in the works! For reference, the bolded items are things that I’ve added to the checklist since last time. Without further ado, I present The Whole Enchilada: The Rosedale Apartment Checklist, Part II.

The Entryway

whole enchilada part 2 entry 2

whole enchilada part 2 entry

  • Hang art
  • Hang mail drop/hooks
  • Find a runner Found one and then moved it into the bathroom because we discovered that our front door is too low to the ground to allow for a rug.
  • Add a small entry table/shoe drop Dude, wut? I don’t have room for a table. I did add a basket where we can toss our shoes and some wall-mounted baskets to hold random stuff.
  • Improve the bar situaish Switched out the black tray for a clear one, and it’s made all the difference!
  • Fun treatment for the mail drop wall- Halfway crossed through because I updated the wall decor here and I like how it fits the space a lot more, but still may want to do a chalkboard paint or crazy accent color.
  • Add a fiddle leaf fig If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve met our new family member, Lief!
  • Spray paint or find new hardware for cabinet- Haven’t done this yet, but I recently found out via this post that Hobby Lobby sells cute hardware on the cheap. Brb going right now.

The Study

pastel trail mountains print

  • Hang curtains
  • Find a side table
  • Hang art/decor- Halfway crossed because I half-assed this!
  • Recover or find new throw pillows
  • Find a rug? Crossing through this not because it’s done, because I’m not planning on doing it. I think it might look weird in such a small, carpeted space.
  • Different curtains for the window/entry (would be nice to have curtains on a tension rod for privacy for guests).- The olive green of the curtains is growing on me, especially with the new pillows/decor in here. Curtains for the entry haven’t happened yet!
  • Sell bookshelves/purchase new (smaller) TV stand
  • Carve out a workspace (small desk + storage for me)

The Living Room

whole enchilada part 2 living room

whole enchilada part 2 living room 2

  • Find new (to us) couch Needs a blog post!
  • Find new (to us) rug Needs a blog post!
  • Find new (to us) credenza Find the blog post on this here.
  • Pick up some basics from Ikea to round out the space (plants, hanging light) Find the blog post on this here.
  • Hang picture ledge, art Needs a blog post!
  • Mount TV
  • Hang…more art? 🙂 Switched out some art on the TV wall and hung more art on the other walls. 
  • Pick up a very small side table for the couch (currently using an old one from Ikea that’s just wedged in there sideways because it’s just such a small space) Done. Found a perfectly sized table from CB2 that doesn’t take up very much visual space, either. Really, really love the look and price of this little table.
  • Add some new throw pillows
  • Paint art wall- This is in limbo right now. If we end up staying here another year, it’s ON. If we move…I’m not going to paint.

The Kitchen

ABA The Whole Enchilada Kitchen 3 ABA The Whole Enchilada Kitchen 1

  • Find barstools
  • Add art
  • For God’s sake, buy new knives (not decor related, but I’m struggling for bullet points here.) Thanks for the Christmas present, parents! 🙂

The Bedroom

whole enchilada part 2 bedroom

whole enchilada part 2 bedroom 2

  • Update bedding (Be sure to buy mostly white/light-colored bedding so your dog’s black hair shows up everywhere. Check!)
  • Create a wall hanging for over the bed Find the blog post on this here. (Moved this above the TV.)
  • Buy mirrors for above the nightstands Moved one to the entryway and one to the bathroom.
  • Find vintage nightstands and refurbish them (post is coming on these!) Find the blog post on this here.
  • Move Cosmico art/find new art for that wall
  • Replace your dresser from high school that your dog teethed on as a puppy. He chewed the little knobs off. YEESH. Needs a blog post!
  • Hang art above/style new dresser.
  • Recover headboard with a lighter fabric. Find the blog post on this here.
  • Update Ikea dresser with new knobs Needs a blog post!
  • Update light bedding with dark bedding because you realized the error of your ways Find the blog post on this here.
  • Update wall art to coordinate with new bedding
  • Replace curtains that Finn randomly chewed through Grabbed these from Target and love them!
  • Maybe snag a patterned lumbar pillow to replace the white lumbar pillow because I can’t stop changing the bed

The Bathroom

whole enchilada part 2 bathroom 2

whole enchilada part 2 bathroom

YEESH taking pictures for this room is so tough. There’s no natural light in here, and I can’t figure out how to make them less yellowy and sad looking even with editing them. I promise it doesn’t look this bad IRL!

  • Find a less girly shower curtain
  • Find two rugs, one 3′ x 5′ and one 2′ x 3′
  • Find some basket storage for the linen shelves
  • Get new neutral towels
  • Hang art/decor

The Patio


  • Install Ikea shelves
  • Add plants/decor to shelves
  • Find inexpensive/cute outdoor set, likely two chairs and a small table. (Currently rocking a $5 chair and old, old table.)

Doing the patio at the end was probably a bad idea, since now I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. But looking at the place as a whole (and ya know, living here and stuff) makes me happy. And I could be wrong, but I think that’s kind of the whole point of decorating. Looking forward to showing you guys more photos, sources, and whatnot with the upcoming home tour that I feel like I’ve mentioned 1 billion times. It’s a real thing, I promise!



  1. Your apartment is ADORABLE. And I’m so incredibly jealous of that patio that I’m currently looking for apartments that have patios. Even though I just resigned my lease…

  2. You’ve done an amazing job at making a rental look SO DANG STYLISH. I’d never leave that patio space. It’s DAR-LING!

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