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dino succulent planters with craft box

I know what you’re thinking: is this a craft challenge where you have to create a succulent planter while your elbows stay pinned to your side, like a T-Rex? While that’s not required, I would very much enjoy watching you try to do that, so please make sure to send those videos my way.* Back to why we’re here…

Craft Box | A Monthly Craft Delivered to Your Door

Last month I got to join my friend Megan with some other girlfriends for brunch and crafts to celebrate the launch of her new business- Craft Box, a monthly subscription craft box that lets you itch your creative scratch all while avoiding those trips to Hobby Lobby that end up taking an hour because WHERE THE HELL do they keep the Balsa wood??! (Answer: they keep it in a solid cabinet, as in, you can’t see through it, as in, HOW would you know the Balsa wood was in there??) Good times.

Craft Box | A Monthly Craft Delivered to Your Door

Instead, you get a surprise craft delivered to your door monthly–complete with detailed instructions and all the supplies you need. This month’s craft was an adorable plastic dino that would be transformed into a succulent planter. I’ve spotted these at several boutiques in Austin and thought to myself “I could totally make that myself” without ever giving any thought to exactly how I would do it. Cool thing: I never did have to think about it, since everything was already thought through for me.

Craft Box | A Monthly Craft Delivered to Your Door

Once the girls trickled in, we got to work: drinking the sherbet mimosas that had been made for us. Then, we softened up the plastic dinos in boiling water, cut out a hole for the succulent to be planted in, and got reeeal artsy with our spray paint application. The hardest part of the craft was when I had a few terrible flashbacks to that time I watched The Land Before Time as an adult. (Do NOT do this, it is way too depressing for anyone over the age of six to handle.) After the spray paint dried, we popped our succulents into the dinos and did what any other group of girls hyped up on sugar and alcohol would do: DINO SUCCULENT PHOTO SHOOT!!

Craft Box | A Monthly Craft Delivered to Your Door

Instagram never knew what hit it.

Craft Box | A Monthly Craft Delivered to Your Door

If you’d like to sign up for the April Craft Box, you still have a few days! Sign up here by April 1st, and use the code APRILFLOWERS for 30% off your first box! p.s. Mine is the brontosaurus on the right. His name is Glittertail Glitterhead. I love him.

*This craft involves boiling water, so T-Rex arms at your own risk.



  1. kent twitchell kent twitchell

    That is absolutely awesome and a great example of gardening as art. I’m not sure which photo I like better — the one of all of the Dino Succulent Planters or the one of the DIno Succulent Photo Shoot. You guys know how to have fun and get stuff done at the same time. Good on y’all.

  2. Haha–I love the “PhotoShoot” photo–it’s practically a requirement after all that crafting! I know just about everything I make gets instagrammed. 🙂

  3. This is seriously just too cool!!

    Creative idea.. And yes, I love how everyone is camera ready, and proud haha.

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