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one room challenge, week 3

Hi and hello!! Don’t mind me, just joining the Spring 2016 One Room Challenge on week three, aka halfway through the six-week challenge. (If you aren’t familiar with the ORC, you can read about it here.) To be fair, the room I’m working on is a teeny patio, so it’s really only half a room. ::Adds “rationalizing” to skills on LinkedIn:: So anyway. Our little patio has been pretty neglected since we moved in last summer. The One Room Challenge and my need to have a place outside to sit with Matt and enjoy a cocktail before it gets too blazing hot to enjoy were my motivating factors for pulling this space together.

one room challenge patio update week 3

I started with some inspiration photos because the “before” pictures are just too sad to lead with. I’m drawn to neutral basics and layering on interesting and colorful accessories, so that’s the general idea. Starting with neutral pieces make me feel more confident that even if we move, we’ll be able to take that furniture with us and make it work in our new space.

With the primary goal of pulling this space together on the chizzity-cheap, I took some measurements of our space and pulled together a list of what we need.

What We Need:

  • Patio chairs
  • Small patio table
  • Herbs for potted garden
  • Small pots for herbs
  • Garden herb markers
  • Aloe vera plant
  • Medium pot for aloe vera
  • Chair cushions
  • Citronella candle or some mosquito solution
  • Cute lil patio accessories
  • For me to get over my fear of bugs

Well GUESS WHAT YALL, I already got the herbs, pots, garden herb markers, and aloe vera plant. I woke up on Sunday feeling productive AF, so I dragged Matt and Finn to Shoal Creek Nursery and got to pickin’ some herbs. We grabbed eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, African basil, sweet basil, dill, and garlic chives. (I don’t really know the difference between African basil and sweet basil, but they both smelled good, so I got ’em.)

I read up on how to care for each and tried to plant the ones that need similar care in the same container. I’m feeling encouraged by my ability to keep Lief, our fiddle leaf fig, alive–hopefully I can at least keep one or two of the seven herbs I picked up alive as well.

For progress’ sake, here are the before pics:

one room challenge patio update week 3

one room challenge patio update week 3.2

one room challenge patio update week 3.3

Ugly patio gives Finn the sadz. It gives me the sadz, too. Do you like how I left Matt’s sneakers in the photos to really drive home how bad it is?

And a few progress shots after some clearing out, rearranging, and sweeping:

one room challenge patio update week 3

one room challenge patio update week 3

one room challenge patio update week 3

Next week I’m talking chairs. I bet that has you on the edge of your…chair. 😀 Patio progress is making me giddy, peeps!! To follow the other guest participants’ week 3 progress, click here. Be prepared to get sucked in, or to get so motivated that you join the challenge halfway through. On that note–anything you’re working on this spring? Are you also a skilled rationalizer?




  1. Better late than never! I love your inspiration pictures! I can’ t wait to see how your patio turns out!

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