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one room challenge, week 4: rest on one’s laurels

I believe it was Shakespeare that wrote,

Player 1: Come on guys, we can’t just rest on our laurels.
Player 2: Why does everyone say that? Maybe a laurel is a good place to rest.

Oops I’m wrong, that quote is from the equally critically-acclaimed classic Bring It On, of early 2000s cheer-movie fame. The quote really makes you think…what’s wrong with some good old-fashioned butt-sitting every now and again? Isn’t that really, ultimately, what butts (and patios) are for? Ya know what, let’s actually not go down that path.

ORC spring 2016 week 4 patio chairs 4

Last week, I jumped into the ORC ready to tackle my patio. I cleaned it up, planted some herbs, and shopped for chairs (Hence all the butt talk. Sorry guys.) This week, I thought it’d be helpful to lay out a floor plan to help you guys see what we’re working with. The patio is not tiny, but it’s awkward- very long and skinny. The current plan is to put two chairs and a small table on one end as seen above, and to use a bench to add some seating on the long wall (more on this next week!) About those chairs…

ORC spring 2016 week 4 patio chairs

I knew I wanted something round with cool lines as I was inspired by my dream chair- the Acapulco chair. I was not inspired by the prices of Acapulco chairs. (You can see some options here, here, and this is the cheapest one I’ve found.) I had seen these Target chairs in the store and on the interwebz and thought they were so cute…I even blogged about wanting them for the patio in February’s currently post. *Technically* they aren’t outdoor chairs, but they have a lacquered rattan seat with an iron frame, which are definitely outdoor-friendly materials. I figure I’ll pull them in if the weather gets nuts.

ORC spring 2016 week 4 patio chairs 2

I really, really like them. They are comfortable for the laurel-resting, pretty, they fit the space well, and I can see using them inside or out wherever we end up next year. I also picked up the copper side table from Target, which is the perfect size and oooooo it’s shiny. Last week I mentioned that I was hoping to go for neutral furniture and then to layer on interesting and colorful accessories, and so far that plan is working.  Plus, I got it all 15% off during a home sale, so that doesn’t suck!

ORC spring 2016 week 4 patio chairs 5

Next week, I’ll be posting about a bench project I’m working on that could be a major win or a spectacular fail. Then, the next week will be the final reveal! BENCH OR NO BENCH. The show must go on. If you’re interested in following along, you can click here to check out the other ORC participants this week. Happy browsing!





  1. I have that copper side table, too! Our homes are starting to look alike! I love the chairs, too.
    It is funny to think what we could do with a huge budget, isn’t?


      Omg, it’d be so fun to play with a big ole budget. Can’t lie though, I really get a kick out of hunting for deals! And Target makes it pretty easy, haha.

  2. Catie Catie

    Be careful around that copper table this summer! I can see someone burning themselves! Also, is it like real copper? Will it oxidize and turn green? Looks very cute though!!


      Haha I DEF had that thought…visions of our hands literally melting onto the table. My plan is to put a marble serving tray on the top so that our drinks won’t sit on the piping hot surface. It’s a copper finish, but it’s actually aluminum, so I’m not sure if it will oxidize. I like that look, though, so I’m happy either way!

  3. Emy Emy

    I love those chairs! They look like they’re a really good size. Cute table too.


      Thanks, Emy! And yes…they are a great size, even for my boyfriend who is considerably taller than me. I’m happy they ended up fitting so well.

  4. Way to jump right in to the ORC! Your patio is looking pretty sweet. Love the chairs!


      Thanks Jen! The patio is considerably less work than your dining room, but it still feels so impactful since we are gaining a whole room out of it. Can’t wait to see your finished space!!

  5. The chairs are awesome – gotta love Target! Looking forward to your reveal.


      Preach, Hollie!

  6. Bre Bre

    Those chairs are ah-mazing!! Can’t wait to see your space!

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