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one room challenge, week 6: the petite patio makeover reveal

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! The patio is done and my derriere couldn’t be happier about it. After cleaning up and planting a small herb garden in week 3, buying chairs in week 4, accidentally lugging around five extra cinderblocks and building a bench in week 5, week 6 was just about layering on some accessories, pouring a drink, and enjoying this thing.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal

Finn helped, of course.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 2

I mentioned in week 3 that I was going for neutral furniture pieces with interesting, colorful, patterned accessories. And that is what we did. All of the sources will be listed at the bottom of this incredibly picture-heavy post. For now I will just say: flamingo pillow. Iiii mean.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 3

What patio would be complete without a freshly cracked bottle of cold Topo Chico? I added a marble cheese tray on top of the copper-painted aluminum side table so that the drink actually stays cool. Also, fun styling tip: make sure the “Made in Taiwan” sticker is clearly visible on the bottom of your bottle opener! 😉

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 4

This planter was a very unexpected, yet very welcome (and well-timed), birthday present! Somebody figured out that I have a blog where I write about things I like on a monthly basis. Makes gift-giving a little easier.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 10

Orange, blue, and pink has long been a favorite color combo of mine. This decor is a little louder than what I would normally do in the house, but something about being outside makes it easier to say “SCREW IT!” and buy the flamingo pillow. (Just making sure I write “flamingo pillow” a minimum of like…seven times in this blog post.)

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 13

Flamingo pillow. Heh.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 12

This wee table has proven to be just the right size for two drinks + a citronella candle at night. On that note: mosquito problems are real here in Austin and they loveee me. Anyone have any repellent recommendations that aren’t sticky/don’t stink?

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 11

I bought cheap outdoor chair cushions to help protect the chairs from the intense sun. They also keep our butts comfy.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 14

MOAR COLOR. MOAR PATTERN. p.s. Please no one freak out. I plan to bring in the Persian rug + seersucker blanket when it rains. The orange rug is outdoor aka made of plastic, so it’s good to go. Which leads me to my new pet peeve that I didn’t previously know existed: why do people think “indoor/outdoor” rugs are a thing? Those only seem to be good for “outdoor” spaces that are completely covered. Which might as well be indoor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 6

Oh…I also brought Leif (our fiddle leaf fig) indoors after I took these photos. That spot gets pretty intense sun and I read that fiddle leaf fig leaves (FLFL?) can scorch easily, so I’m not risking it. Finn would be so upset if I killed his brother.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 8

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 7

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 9

A few things have changed in the tiny herb garden since week 3: the little rectangular planters I got for the herbs were too small, and the herbs started to get root bound. I used some larger planters I had from Ikea to re-pot some of them, and grabbed some inexpensive terra cotta and concrete ones to fill in the gaps. Then the rectangular planters were sad and empty, so I picked up some super small succulents to fill them up. Now it’s like a wee little jungle that helps me forget that the highway is on the other side of that fence.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 15

The flowers bloomed on this purslane plant the day I took these photos. Not mad about how that worked out. This plant is supposed to be super heat tolerant and it’s in the spot that gets the most sun, so I hope it stays this pretty!

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 17

Finn wants to know what in the Sam Hill is going on out here.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 18

He’s not sure what in the Sam Hill is going on over there, either.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 19

“MUDDER STOP. Don’t you have some before/after photos to show?” Well yes…yes I do. Isn’t that why we’re all here, anyway? Scroll down for that sweet, sweet hit of before/after goodness.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 21

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 23

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 24

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 25

I’ve had this blog for two years and I don’t think I’ve ever done a true side by side before and after. Just one more reason (besides a fully finished patio that I’ve already begun to enjoy) that I’m so glad to have joined the One Room Challenge! For more full reveals, check out the other guest participants here.

ORC spring 2016 petite patio reveal 20

Finn is just glad this whole thing is over. Watching it happen as he laid on the couch was a very grueling process for him. Thank you all for helping him through this difficult time, and thank you for sticking with us through what I think is the most photos I’ve ever posted in one sitting. Whew! Full source list is below.




Planters & Pots




  1. kent twitchell kent twitchell

    Beautiful! Nicely done!


      Thanks, Kent! All it’s missing is your world-famous margarita…

  2. Nikki Nikki

    I absolutely love following your design adventures all the way from NYC! If you are ever up north, you are required to become my personal interior designer. Hope all is well in the ATX!


      ::adds “Future Manhattan Designer” to my design resume:: Haha, thanks for following along!! Miss you!

  3. Tiny patio with a major impact. Very nice!


      Something about tiny places make me want to use a ton of color and pattern! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  4. Heidi (aunt) Falkenstein Heidi (aunt) Falkenstein

    I WANT IT ALL – and your (non so) LITTLE DOG TOO! Seriously though, that striped pillow?And the copper table? Sooo pretty! Love all of it. Do you serve drinks on that patio?


      I would set up a full bar for you, Auntie. It would be SO fun to share a drink with you and the pup on the patio. There’s always Facetime…

  5. This is so cute! I LOVE, LOVE The chairs, rug, and the flamingo pillow!!! Looks GREAT!


      You and I clearly share a love for flamingos this year! Loved your space as well! 🙂

  6. So, that side table is awesome, and your space is so much fun! I’m totally with you on breaking color rules in outdoor spaces. Something about being outside makes me want allthebrightcolors! Also agree about the indoor/outdoor rug phenomenon. Those tufted rugs really aren’t meant for true outdoor spaces. Well done, and I hope you get lots of opportunities to enjoy your new space!


      You just get me, Leslie. I am enjoying the heck out of it until it gets too hot to enjoy!

  7. Emy Emy

    Love the patio, Molly! It turned out so great. Those chairs are so amazing. Also love that planter with the stand so much!

    For mosquitoes, there are a few things you can do. There are plants that are supposed to repel mosquitoes, but I haven’t found that to work. However, they are mostly herbs and nice to have around for eating, so it can’t hurt, right? 😉 We use OFF with the blue lid. It kind of smells like baby powder. We also use a ton of citronella candles and tiki torches. At the end of the summer last year, my husband showed me this device that he had the WHOLE time! It’s called a thermacell and it costs about $20-25. It’s supposed to be pocket sized (ha!) but it’s not huge either. I’ve seen them sold at Lowes. It’s probably sold with camping gear as well. It takes batteries and some kind of fuel (butane maybe.) It doesn’t smell bad and seems to be pretty awesome. I want to give it a try in the middle of summer near the swamp to really test it. I’ve gotten so used to the smell of OFF that I kind of like it now.

    By the way, I grew up in Bastrop and then moved just outside of Houston. I know those mosquitoes well. But I’ve found that Maryland has them as well. I love Austin, but I hate it too. My best friend moved there about a year ago and I’m not quite over it. 😉


      Emy, thank you so much for the advice!! Will keep an eye out for the blue lid version of OFF, and I’m hopping over to Amazon to order that magical device as I type this. Maryland TOTALLY has the same humid/mosquito thing. I went up there last summer to a family wedding and thought how nice it would be to go “north” and escape the humidity…HA. I was mistaken. And I understand hating a city for stealing a friend…my best friend moved to Dublin almost two years ago and I’m still bitter!

  8. What a fun space for you and Finn to hang out. Love it!


      I’m just thrilled that he seems to enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks, Tiffany!

  9. Gari-Ann Gari-Ann

    Very cute! Color does amazing things to a patio. 🙂 Pink and orange is always a good color combo. 🙂

    Finn = <3

    As for mosquitoes, I use a blend of essential oils for repellent. And ti works better than anything store-bought. Bonus: it smells heavenly. You can mix your own (there are lots of recipes out there that include peppermint, lemongrass and lavender), but I use one I bought locally here in DFW from a company called Lavender Ridge Farms). Good luck!


      Okay, definitely looking into this because that sounds like heaven! Thank you so much for clueing me in!

  10. Invite me over to see this thing in person or else I’m just going to show up!!!! This is so quaint and cozy, I love it!!


      We gotta make this happen before it gets too hot to enjoy! I’m in!

  11. Vel Vel

    I love how you styled your porch! Now looks cozy, inviting, and so pretty! your model is quite cute too! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!


      Awe Vel, he is the cutest model, thanks for confirming that! 😉 Your son’s room is CRAZY cool, I love the wall treatment and all of the thoughtful details that went into it. He is a lucky kid!

  12. What a beautiful relaxing space to hang out on with Finn! I love what you did with such a tiny space to work with. Congrats on transforming it so well!

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