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currently: may 2016

white peoniesMaking: Deals on Craigslist. All day erryday. Not really all day, or erryday, but I’m getting rid of a few things and it feels good.
Cooking: I made these turkey stuffed peppers this week, with three important changes: 1) I used long grain & wild rice. Sorry brown rice. You kind of…suck. 2) I grated my own cheddar. So much meltier than the pre-shredded stuff. And cheaper, woot. 3) This part is important: put an over-easy egg on it. GAME CHANGER. Also, my mom got me this book for my birthday and I’m so excited to try some recipes!
Drinking: I have an on-off relationship with smoothies. We are currently very “on.” My recipe-ish: strawberries, blueberries, banana, spinach, almond milk, dollop of vanilla greek yogurt. I freeze my bananas and use those instead of ice cubes and feel like that makes it super cold but also super creamy.
Reading: I finished My Name is Lucy Barton and now I want to read everything Elizabeth Strout has ever written. I loved it, and it’s a really quick read if you’re in the market for something brief. Next on my list: this recommendation from my mom, and this one I’ve been putting off because it sounds heartbreaking but worth it.
Wanting: Things I am a sucker for: peasant tops, pendant necklaces (with tassels!), brightly colored dishtowels, and when Anthro puts their sale on sale.
Enjoying: What it feels like to settle in…we made the decision to stay in our place for another year. The part of me that wanted a backyard is sad, but the part of me that has moved once a year since beginning college almost eleven years ago is pretty pumped.
Loving: Getting to spend time with my whole fam this past weekend for my sister’s graduation. Obviously I cried at commencement…I can’t get through a graduation ceremony at any grade level without tearing up. They just feel so monumental. The passage of time, the accomplishment, yada yada…it moves me.
Listening: This song remains my favorite to listen to at dusk with my windows rolled down. Don’t question, just try it. I found this episode of This American Life even more captivating than usual, which is saying something. And since I work from home…I laugh every time I hear this.
Needing: A new phone. I’ve had mine for going on FOUR YEARS which, to be honest, I didn’t even realize was possible. It’s definitely showing its age…need to rip off the band-aid and go deal with it, I just…don’t want to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Smelling: Big, bloomin’ peonies from Trader Joe’s. $6.99 per bunch. Get thyself to thoust nearest TJ’s and getchu some.
Wearing: The comfiest, easiest dress to my birthday dinner while we were in Florida. Heads up: it’s actually not that great for super-breezy locations. Lesson learned 🙂 I’ve also been wearing this top pretty much everywhere since I bought it.
Watching: I finally started Better Call Saul (need to catch up with Matt, who has already seen the first season.) We also started Hannibal pretty much the second I realized it was available with Amazon Prime. We’re only a couple episodes in, but it is sooo good in the “totally holds your attention and keeps you from mindlessly scrolling through Instagram” kinda way. Also, this is my second-favorite SNL skit from this year, right behind this one (scroll to minute 6:47 to get right to the good stuff).
Bookmarking: This post for when I need some new books to read, and this Austin home tour is friggin amazing.
Feeling: Oscillating between being so happy with life in general (I like my WHOLE HOUSE! style) and being annoyed/cranky with the seemingly endless grey sky and rain in Austin lately. Can you get seasonal affective disorder…in May…in Austin, Texas?