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currently: june 2016

Patterson Park

Making: Some crafty type things for a close friend’s baby shower. It’s like this…the crafts are basically just a convenient distraction from the CUTE SQUISHY BABY that will be here so soon!! I’m a lil excited.
Cooking: I made an old summer standby last week- Pioneer Woman’s chicken salad with blueberries, corn, red onion, and feta. So good every time. Next week my brother is coming in town and we’re cooking dinner together for his birthday. He’s a bona fide chef, so I kind of feel like he’s giving me a cooking lesson for his birthday, but my mama didn’t raise no fool so I’m not about to say anything.
Drinking: Basil lemon drops with too much stevia. Note to self: next time look up the stevia to sugar substitution ratio instead of just eyeballing it. Also, ice water. It’s hot, yall.
Reading: An oldie but a goodie- The Prince of Tides. Does anyone else worry that they are too focused on new books, new restaurants, new movies, and that they are missing all the old but still good stuff?
Wanting: This time of year makes me want to exclusively drink from double-walled tumblers. There’s so much condensation that coasters don’t even help. I have a few of these, but would love some that don’t have lids. Anyone have eyes on some cute ones?
Enjoying: Cool, clean sheets. Clean sheets are great year-round, but I especially love how cool these sheets from West Elm stay even during the summer months.
Loving: Hour and a half long conversations with one of my best friends that lives overseas.
Listening: To Finn panting. He’s a huge baby in this heat. I wait until the sun is going down to take him on a walk each night, and he still lays down one to three hundred times during the walk to cool his belly down in the grass.
Needing: Just like, one day of 80 degree weather would be nice. Just a little teeny break. I’ll settle for the awesome, sporadic thunderstorms that have been rolling through. (I think of Clueless every single time I use the word “sporadic.” I hope not sporadically.)
Smelling: The last of my favorite Target candle. Time to restock.
Wearing: Head to toe Old Navy. They have such cute stuff this season, and they are never not having a sale. Some recent purchases include these sandals and this peplum tee. I’m also dipping my toe into the monokini waters with this one from Target. Hard to argue with that price.
Watching: Orange is the New Black. I finally buckled down this weekend. It was overcast and Matt was out golfing, which made for the perfect lazy afternoon to blow through the end of the season. No spoilers–I thought the first half of the season was kinda meh, but the second half had my jaw dropped pretty much the whole way through. So good!
Bookmarking: Everything by this artist is amazing. This play-by-play of the Game of Thrones finale made me lol.
Feeling: Excited for some time with Matt’s family and some friends at the lake this weekend. That + 360 degree views of fireworks around the lake always makes for a really great fourth. ‘Murica!

finn cooling down in the grass



  1. Gari-Ann Gari-Ann

    Aw, sweet Finn.

    Haven’t started on OITNB yet due to binge watching The Walking Dead. Finally caught up and ready for October’s premiere.

  2. Holly Twitchell Holly Twitchell

    This just makes me so happy today! I think we should be friends. 🙂

  3. Auntie H Auntie H

    Make me a kemondrop! And I will sing you a Va’jingle!

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