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july small goals

One month of #goals down, and we’re already one week into July. The good news: I did pretty good on June’s goals! The bad news: it’s actually too hot to do anything in July. Here’s a detailed breakdown on how the June goals ended up, followed by the stuff I’m going to try to get done in July.

basil lemon drops

  1. Sell furniture/decor items on Craigslist. Done! I sold four things- two rugs, an armchair, and a side table that we never used. Bye bye stuff we didn’t need, hello more space.
  2. Paint TV wall black. Done! We finished this towards the beginning of the month, and posted about it here. I’m still loving it!
  3. Shoot before/afters of the black wall and submit them to publications. Done…ish? It wasn’t until I was writing this post that I realized I said publicationS. Plural. I only submitted it to one, but now that I have the write-up and photos done, I think I could submit it to a few more fairly easily.
  4. Make these basil lemon drops and enjoy them on the finished patio. Done. (Photo proof above!) I tweaked the recipe because we only had cranberry vodka on hand, and I messed up the stevia to simple sugar ratio so they were way too sweet, and I made two (one for Matt and one for me) but then he fell asleep on the couch so I threw his out because if it’s too sweet for me then it’d be way too sweet for him so it wasn’t *perfect* but it did get done. And I did get to enjoy a couple chapters of my book on the patio, which was nice.
  5. Finish Fates & Furies. Done! Finally! I was really surprised at the direction this book took toward the end. It was a really interesting read, but frankly it dragged a little bit for me and I didn’t love the way it ended, so I don’t know if I’d recommend it.

Last month I said, “Next month I’ll circle back and I’ll either be successful and lord it over everyone, or I won’t be and everyone can point and laaaaugh and laugh and laugh like I did when Matt assumed I wouldn’t drive myself nuts with projects over the next year,” so I guess this is the part where I get to lord it over everyone? I did it! I completed all my goals. And honestly, I don’t think that stuff would have gotten done if I hadn’t written the goals down and made it a point to complete them during that month. We’ll see if I have a similarly successful July…


July’s Goals

  1. Make a dish I’ve never made before. My brother was just in town for a brief visit, and we cooked paella (his favorite) when he was here. It was a good reminder that just because I haven’t made something before doesn’t mean that it’s particularly difficult or unattainable. I want to make at least one more new dish this month.
  2. Update media kit. I started a media kit last month for the blog and it’s…alright. (Yes, this blog is over two years old and I haven’t had a media kit til now.) I want to make more edits and have a completed version that I’m happy with by the end of this month.
  3. Attend the Austin Flea. I haven’t been vintage shopping/thrifting in a while, and I’ve never been to the Austin Flea, so this seemed like a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Who’s coming with?
  4. Declutter kitchen cabinets and pantry with the KonMari method. I KonMari’d a while ago, but never got to the kitchen. I want to clear out all the stuff we never use to make room for more useful things.
  5. Work from a coffee shop at least once a week. I am always so productive when I get out of the house and work from a coffee shop…plus, yummy coffee. Plus, it helps me avoid work-from-home-cabin-fever. I used to be in a good habit of doing this, but I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit and need to get back on.

Wish me luck! What are you guys working on this month?



  1. Holly Twitchell Holly Twitchell

    I can almost smell that gorgeous paella. Good job, you and brudder!


      Already dreaming about the leftovers.

  2. Holly Twitchell Holly Twitchell

    p.s. What is a media kit???


      It’s a little page you put together with info on your blog, its stats, brands you’ve worked with, ideas for posts, etc. that you can use to send to brands you’d like to partner with on future posts. Like a teeny little blog summary.

  3. GLenore GLenore

    Is there still the Sami Show in Austin? I used to love going to that when I lived there (and when I would go visit my folks).

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