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rosedale apartment tour: bedroom

Allllrighty then! It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve done an apartment tour post, so I’m a bit rusty. I think it goes something like: 1) tidy up room 2) snap some pics (using a real camera this time) 3) cobble together some words that 98% of you will skip over cause tours are all about the pics and 4) post that shiz! (p.s. I updated the House Tour page with these pics and a few others, if you’re in a pic-browsing mood.)

First, let’s take a photo-jaunt down memory lane. We moved in almost exactly a year ago, and the room looked like this:

empty bedroom

Then, we moved our stuff in and I tried my best to embrace neutrals with some breezy bedding and this macramé yarn garland:

The Rosedale Apartment- Bedroom

ABA Nightstand Numero Uno

Then, I got very lucky when I found the perfect vintage nightstands at a sidewalk sale. I refurbished them (read more about that in this post) and moved them into their new home:

Painted MCM Nightstands | Awfully Big Adventure

Well, if you give a mouse a cookie… I loved, loved, LOVED the new nightstands, but they made the headboard stand out even more. In a bad way. It was the push I needed to recover the headboard, which is still one of the easiest things I’ve done that provided the biggest impact.

recovered headboard | awfully big adventure blog

Awe, I just missed that light, bright room for a hot second. Until I remembered having to wash that duvet cover once a week and getting a full body sweat every time I tried to put it back on. I wrote about the decision to switch up the bedding to something darker here.

I can’t remember if I’ve actually said this on the blog before, but moving in with Matt kind of threw me for a loop, decorating-wise, especially in our room. In an effort to make it not too loud and crazy (my normal speed), I abandoned all color in favor of those neutrals. Not only was it not smart because of the very real, very black dog we have, but it just didn’t feel like me.

And now, one year later, here we are:

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 1

Color! Pattern! Contrast! But it’s still gender neutral, which is what I was hoping for our shared space. A few things have changed that I haven’t mentioned — the curtains, some decor, and we switched out my high school (high school!!!) dresser for a fresh one from Ikea.

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 2

Matt got a prickly little cactus print hung over his nightstand, and I added an organizer for TV remotes, glasses, coasters, and the one billion receipts he likes to hang on to just to torture me. I hung a vintage horse mask over my nightstand that was handed down to me by my aunt and added a big tray for my tchotchkes that I like to collect just to torture Matt.

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 3

The only change to the bed since our last post is the addition of those two throw pillows up there that got kicked off the couch when we got a few new ones. I know some people are all ::eye roll:: at pillows on the bed that serve no function, but to those people I say 1) honestly, what are you doing reading this? and 2) Finn likes to make a little nest in the middle of them so they are perfectly functional for my dog and that is totally normal, right?

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 4

That there is our new dresser from Ikea which we love very, very much. But I know what you’re all thinking: GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY that is a big ass television. Yes, folks, yes it is. Would I prefer a smaller one? Sure. Is that a road I want to go down, when 1) I don’t really want to go through the hassle of selling a perfectly good television to buy a new one and 2) Matt gives me pretty much complete creative license around here and if he wants a big TV he gets a big TV and 3) I can’t really insult the box that gives us things we love so much, like Scrubs and Bob’s Burgers and that crazy OJ documentary we just finished that was soooo good and anyway you get my point.

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 7

We added some new knobs to the dresser. They give it a little interest and make it a little more unique. Also, the knobs that it came with were black and I didn’t love the black/white contrast, so bai-bai old knobs.

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 9

There ya have it. Sometimes it takes you a year to figure out what you want from a room and how to get there. This room feels true to us and is one of the reasons why I’m okay with staying here another year. Climbing into that bed at the end of the day (especially when the sheets have just been changed, a.k.a. one of my favorite things in the whole world ever) is a great feeling.

awfully big adventure rosedale living room 10

Speaking of…ya girl’s got clean sheets on the bed so I gotta GO. Source list is below!


Dresser (in white stain)
Nightstands (vintage)
Headboard (DIY)

Wall Art:

Prickly cactus print
Finn illustration (gift)
Texas print
Horse mask (vintage)
Wicker mirror


Sheets (discontinued, similar here)
Duvet cover (in Midnight)
Indigo Euro shams
Lumbar pillow (discontinued, similar here)
Rose gold pillow (sold out, gold available here)
Palm pillow (discontinued)


Curtains (in cream/gold)
Blush flower vase (discontinued, similar here and here)
Neon pink frame (discontinued, similar here)
Lamps (similar here in Sea Foam Green)
Macramé yarn garland (DIY)
Copper knobs
Square knobs
Hamper (discontinued)


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    I guess one of the fun aspects of blogging is that you will always have this chronicle of how you got from point A to point B. Fun to see the progression and not many of us have that kind of documentary of our own journeys. Good job, Molly. xoxo

    P. S. Great Googly Moogly?

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