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currently: july 2016

blue rug in eclectic living room

Making: Myself do a billion loads of laundry before I head out of town this weekend. Anyone else feel like you need to completely clean the house before you go so that it’s clean when you come home? It’s one of my favorite ways to torture myself.
Cooking: I tried two new recipes this month (more on this in next week’s goals post.) Outside of that, it’s been a fairly regular rotation of taco salad, salmon, and turkey burgers. I’m in a rut! Send me your easy summer recipes.
DrinkingThis rosé because it’s the cutest. Also, recently tried this naturally sweet seltzer water and loved it.
Reading: I’ve been slacking this month! I read a little bit of The Prince of Tides over the 4th, but that’s it. I really like it, just haven’t found the time. And by that I mean I had plenty of time, and just did other things. Also, I pre-ordered my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child like the good little Harry Potter freak that I am. Can’t wait!!
Wanting: To re-do our study. Well…actually it’d be more of a “do” instead of a “re-do,” since I don’t think you can re-do something you never really did. It’s definitely the room that’s received the least attention in our apartment. This rug from Target has me feeling inspired…we’ll see what happens!
Enjoying: Late, late summer sunsets and the ten-degree drop in temperature here the last couple of days after a few nice storms. Feels like we can breathe again!
ListeningThis song is one of those that I loved the very first time I heard it and had to play it over again. Makes me wish I could sing.
Needing: Every month, this is the very hardest one for me to write. Which I’m so grateful for — I think that means I don’t need much. Except for boring stuff that I don’t really want to blog about, like needing to get an inspection for my car. Aren’t you glad I don’t do that to you on a monthly basis?
Smelling: This mint and coconut body wash that doubles as bubble bath (but I mean…doesn’t all body wash kind of double as bubble bath?). Point is, I’ve been using it for both and love how it smells.
Wearing: Consider this the most unexciting blogger take on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I got two things: this bra and these sweatpants. I really like them both! But was kind of overwhelmed (I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?with all of the other options and ended up holding back. Somehow I still have a pulse.
Loving: Lazy weekends with Matt and Finn. Four hour dinners with girlfriends. Going back to campus just for fun.
Watching: It’s officially too hot to go outside, so we watched a lot of things. The OJ documentary (it is as good as everyone is telling you), Marcella (I gobbled this up in like five days), Mr. Robot (we didn’t love the pilot but we’re SO glad we stuck with it), I think I’ll stop now before you think the only thing I do is watch TV.
BookmarkingFurbish’s new shop is so good that I’m planning my move-in date, this is the best and most-comprehensive Craigslist guide I’ve ever read, and this art round-up by designlovefest had me wanting more walls.
Feeling: My normal pre-travel jitters. Heading to NYC this weekend for the first time in a decade. Ten yeeears! I’m going for work, but will be able to squeeze in some friend time, too. Excited to see the city.

austin texas sunset



  1. Holly Twitchell Holly Twitchell

    beautiful sunset! Am so excited for you and this trip. Getting to see your friends. I know you’ll take lots of pictures. Can’t wait!

    Have you always had that hanging light over the sofa? Feel like I did not see it last time we were in your space. Love it.


      Yes! We’ve had it since last year’s Ikea trip. This side of the room hasn’t been photographed as much – attempting to change that. 🙂

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