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august small goals

Lol remember last month when I said it was too hot to do anything in July? That was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I only completed 3/5 goals this month…not quite the successful month that June was! But for real, I still think I got more done than if I hadn’t written out these goals at all. Counting it as a win. Here’s what I did and didn’t get to in July:

  1. Make a dish I’ve never made before. Done, TWICE. Booooom. I made risotto for the first time by following this recipe. I added asparagus, parmesan, and lemon zest and served it with grilled chicken thighs. It felt awesome to try something that I hadn’t made before because I thought it would be too difficult. Turns out, it really isn’t. Also, I came across this recipe for yogurt-marinated chicken kebabs with Aleppo pepper on a favorite blog of mine and made it pretty much immediately. This marinade…is magical. It made the chicken sooo tender and yummy with this hint of smokiness, and I used the leftover plain greek yogurt to serve over the chicken and veggies on a bed of rice. Do it…do it now.
  2. Update media kit. Done. Did it. Weeeeee.
  3. Attend the Austin Flea. Hahaha remember that time I made a goal for myself to attend an outdoor flea market in July in Texas? In short, no.
  4. Declutter kitchen cabinets and pantry with the KonMari method. Done! I feel like this was my “reach” goal – something I thought might not happen but I was feeling aspirational. Well, we did it! Got rid of a bunch of stuff and re-organized in the process. A.k.a. my ideal Saturday.
  5. Work from a coffee shop at least once a week. This happened…once. Hindsight – this was a really busy work month for me and sometimes it makes more sense to just buckle down at home than it does to pick up and go to a coffee shop. I did start making my own iced coffee sooo can we still call it a win?

bath time

So if this were some class I was taking pass/fail, I would have passed. Just being optimistic. Maybe I’ll actually get an A for August’s goals. Here they are:

August’s Goals

  1. Take a weekly bath. Yah, I realize that sounds like I only bathe weekly. I promise I take showers in between, but they just don’t have the same relax-factor. Candles + bubble bath + a podcast or book makes for a happier Molly. p.s. I actually wrote this post then went and hopped in my bath, hence the photo. So this goal is 25% done 😀
  2. Collect inspiration and write out some plans for the study. I’d like to get the ball rolling on our neglected study, and I think starting a Pinterest board and collecting some sources to get a budget together will help.
  3. Put the finishing touches on a friends’ nursery project. I’ve been helping a friend put her nursery together, and she’s due EIGHTEEN DAYS FROM NOW so I’d love to put the finishing touches on it so she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. But also just cause it’s fun.
  4. Get camera fixed. This goal WAS going to be to publish the next room on this apartment’s tour, but when I went to take photos for tonight’s post, my camera was broken. I think it might be a problem with the lens, which would be less expensive to replace…but anyway, I need to figure this out.
  5. Go HOME! This is the longest it’s been since I’ve made a trip home to Dallas EVER. I haven’t been home since February, which is insane to me. This is kind of a slow month, so I’m planning to go home for a bit.

What’s new with you guys for August?



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  1. kent twitchell kent twitchell

    Your descriptions of those two dishes makes my mouth water! Can’t wait to see you!

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