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currently: august 2016

currently august 2016

Making: Progress on the study!! So excited to share when it’s finished.
Cooking: Tried two new (to me) Skinnytaste recipes this month – her chicken enchiladas and this noodly dish with parsnips in place of our usual zucchini. I liked the parsnips texture better than zucchini, and it was less watery which was great, but it’s a little bit sweet which is not really my thing. The quest for the perfect low-carb vegetable noodle continues.
Drinking: My usual rotation of iced coffee, grapefruit sparkling water, with the occasional green tea in the afternoon when I get sweepy.
Reading: Gobbled up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child just as quickly as I did in the olden days of the actual Harry Potter books. It was so nostalgic and lovely, but left me wanting more. Still chugging along with the book that just won’t end The Prince of Tides. The annoying part is that I like it enough to need to finish it. It’s just so longgg. I need to finish it by the time the weather turns because this is next on my list and will be perfect for fall.
Wanting: All the impractical fall clothes and shoes, like these booties and this sweater that I won’t be able to wear comfortably for at least another two months.
Enjoying: A quiet house during golden hour while Matt takes Finn on a walk. I sure am excited for fall, but I’ll miss how late these nights stretch.
Listening: After a recent visit home and some time spent with my dad, I’ve been playing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Deja Vu. (Dad’s fave.)
Needing: For allergies to not be a thing. (See below.)
Smelling: Not a thing. (I’m congested.)
Wearing: I pretty much live in these, picked up this white dress for tailgates (bless football for extending “white” season), but if I’m being supes honest I’m just chillin in some sweatpants and a giant t-shirt right now. Aka my favorite outfit.
Loving: My friends’ two-week old baby, Lincoln. I got to help put his nursery together (post to come!!), but just for funsies I shared a sneak peek at the bottom of this post. Lincoln and his room both turned out pretty darn cute.
Watching: We inhaled Stranger Things just like everyone else and fell hard for it. It rivals Fargo for our favorite thing we’ve watched this year. After that was over, we found The Night Of and blew right through that as well. I am definitely a sucker for whodunits. After those two totally binge-worthy shows, we’re now stumbling around with no direction. I think we might start Braindead…but would happily take your suggestions on any good dramas!
Bookmarking: This simple way to bring new life to your wooden spoons was duch a DOH! moment for me, this Apartment Therapy article has some great ideas for rentals, and did yall know that Prime includes unlimited photo storage?????
Feeling: EXCITED to see my sister this weekend and for football season to start!!

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  1. Holly Twitchell Holly Twitchell

    Molly! “The Haunting of Hill House” was one of the 5 or 6 I added to my Audible wish list. From the list I found somewhere of the 50 books you must read before presenting yourself at the gates with the pearls?

    Anyhoo – we might be reading it at the same time Finish your current book, please? xoxo

  2. Carolyn Tolley Carolyn Tolley

    Have fun this weekend! Hook em Horns! I hope I did that correctly…..from an old Razorback/Mustang.

  3. GLenore GLenore

    We didn’t have much of a winter last year here in Texas – hopefully we do this year.

    Aw, sweet Finn. 🙂

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