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currently: march 2017

Very little to complain about this month. High points: our Marfa trip, getting to visit with an old friend of mine in town for SXSW, heading to a free Garth Brooks concert put on by the city for locals only, seeing one of Matt’s old friends get married, and in general enjoying some crazy good weather before the heat and mosquitoes arrive. Also, I bought a disco ball. Probably should have put that one first. 

Austin Texas Town Lake View

Making: Gonna cheat and say I’m making a blog post. 
Cooking: Warm weather means shrimp tacos and turkey burgers with sweet potato fries. No complaining here!
Reading: My hold on In Cold Blood from the library just got released to me, so I’m starting it tonight! I’m excited. And scared. Also, I got the GASP-you-haven’t-read-it?? thing from three people when I mentioned how excited I am for Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, so that’s next on my reading list. 
: To mention that the patio plants I told you I didn’t want to kill last month…I haven’t killed them. Not only are they not dead — they are flowering! I’M SO PROUD.
Enjoying: What it feels like to be Molly, Queen of Flowering Patio Plants.  
Listening: Finished the Missing Richard Simmons podcast and it made me sad. Poor guy must be exhausted. Also, do yourself a favor and listen to the Big Little Lies soundtrack. So great!
Needing: A place to live in seven weeks. 😀
Smelling: This Rosemary and sea salt candle in this pretty cobalt container. I think I can officially say without reservation after almost thirty years of life that cobalt is my very favorite color.
Wearing: Pretty much daily: these blush sandals, this grey cardigan, this easy black top
Loving: Date nights at our favorite neighborhood spot made even better by patio weather + Beans. (pictured below)
Watching: We worked our way through the entirety of The Office, and now we’re doing the same with Arrested Development. And we watched The Shining — my first time, but not Matt’s. It was wayyy scarier than I thought it’d be. I couldn’t sleep that night!
Bookmarking: Orlando Soria is back to blogging (so witty, so stylish, so honest!), this site offers custom mats for Ikea’s RIBBA frame (!!), and for the This Is Us obsessed, Mandy Moore’s IRL mid-century home is getting a facelift.
Feeling: Excited about diving into my book tonight. It’s been kind of a day. 

epicerie austin dog friendly patio

As I mentioned last month, I’m ready for some equal-opportunity opinion-flinging as these posts are normally just me throwing a bunch of stuff at you. So, I’m ending each currently post with a question. This month: what is the best series finale you’ve ever seen? Off the top of my head, some of my favorites have been Six Feet Under’s, Scrubs’ (the original finale, before it got picked back up), and Monk’s (yes, you heard that right.) Dying to know yours!



  1. Michelle Courtright Michelle Courtright

    Breaking Bad, for sure.

  2. kent twitchell kent twitchell

    Great blog. Enjoy reading “In Cold Blood”. I read it as a teenager, which explains a lot, including why I didn’t think “The Shining” was really that scary.

  3. Chelsea Chelsea

    I’m a new reader from your Apartment Therapy feature. You’ll love In Cold Blood! It is terrifying and heartbreaking but one of the best books I ever read. I live in NYC and missed not just my train stop because I was so into it, but MANY and ended up pretty deep into Queens when reading it.

    My all-time favorite is the Friday Night Lights finale!

  4. Jane Marie Agnew Jane Marie Agnew

    Thanks for the Richard Simmons podcast rec! Started it this morning and already finished- woo!

  5. Carolyn Tolley Carolyn Tolley

    Disco Ball purchase?….You must be watching DWTS this season? The TV series finale that stands out to me is Revenge. It was always a WOW that brought you back every season. The pictures in your blog look so inviting. I’m looking forward to going to your favorite neighborhood spot, Epicerie, some day. The food looks delicious! Love the Blog!

  6. Caroline Cope Caroline Cope


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