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currently: april 2017

April 2017. The last Currently post before I turn thirty. Ajkdfhgkjhjdf. 

I don’t know, though, guys. If thirty is anything like 29 years, 11 months, and 24 days (and I’m told it’s actually extremely similar), I think I’ll be okay. This month in preparation for the new decade, I faced a couple fears of mine – flying by myself and giving up sugar, grains, dairy, and alcohol on Whole30. Turns out it IS possible for me to do both of those things (although on day 11 of the Whole30 I tripped and fell into an order of Torchy’s chips and queso.) (And then I cheated a few times towards the end.) So less of a Whole30 and more of a Whole23 or something. Better than a WholeZero, right?

yellow ranunculus

Making: This little key print to say goodbye to our first apartment together! If you missed it, we found a house to rent. Can’t wait to share more! 
Cooking: My Whole30 staples were- Coffee: cold brew, water, and half a frozen banana blended together and served over ice. It was a little creamy and sweet and delicious. Breakfast: Eggs, avocado, hot sauce, and homemade turkey breakfast sausages sometimes with baked sweet potato fries. Lunch: Taco salad with ground turkey seasoned with compliant taco seasoning, avocado, fresh salsa, red onion, green onion, romaine, and this yummy compliant ranch. Dinner: Salmon topped with a little of this compliant mayo and charred broccoli . This obviously isn’t a food blog so I won’t go into more detail, but definitely reach out if you’re thinking of doing Whole30 or have any questions!
Reading: I finished In Cold Blood and it was amazing and fascinating and so well-written and researched by Truman Capote…but holy moly I need at least three very bad/light/easy beach reads to cleanse my palette. Yeesh.
: ALL OF THE THINGS for the new house. The flooring isn’t my favorite…it’s not terrible, but I’m definitely in the market for several large area rugs. Holler at me if you see a deal. So far I’m tempted by this in 8×10 (in “Natural) for the bedroom. 
Enjoying: Insanely good (read: non-humid) spring weather today in Austin. Windows open and a good hair day. I assume this is why people move to California. 
Listening: Finished S-Town in about two days. My most vivid memory of it is when I was listening to it in the grocery store (pro-tip: this makes grocery shopping way easier to endure) and I walked down a full aisle without realizing my jaw had dropped/my mouth had been hanging open. 
Needing: A team of fairies to come pack for us one night as we sleep. Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!
Smelling: Ye olde standby candle. It’s so good for spring.
Wearing: These slides like every day, this kimono/cardigan thing for upcoming cold weather in Colorado, these too-good-to-be-true knockoffs, this possibly perfect one-piece swimsuit, these gold earrings, and this maxi dress which happens to be the perfect length if you are five feet tall.
Loving: New month, same thing: date nights at our favorite neighborhood spot made even better by patio weather + Beans. 
Watching: Matt had to travel for work for a week, and when that happens I take advantage of watching the stuff I think he probably wouldn’t be in to. This time it was Girlboss, which was cute and made me feel like I too could sell things on eBay and build a business empire. Turns out this is harder than I thought. Also, I gobbled up the first three episode of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu and can’t WAIT for more episodes. Elisabeth Moss really can do no wrong. 
Bookmarking: Little Green Notebook is my favorite for pretty/easy DIYS and this one is no different, I’ve been using Pinterest to save a lot of the things I’m eyeing for the new house, and I love this post about what you miss about “home.” 
Feeling: Very excited to for everything May holds, which is not limited to turning thirty but also includes my brother’s graduation in Colorado, our move, and a trip to LA to stay with my best friend and watch our other best friend get married. Woo!



  1. Jane Marie Agnew Jane Marie Agnew

    Pretty positive I clicked every link in this post…Love all the things!

    • Yay!! That maxi tho…perfect for us vertically-challenged peeps!

  2. Congrats on your new place and PLEASE document all your design changes before and afters. I know you’re going to have so much fun and find some really cool stuff….. that I will copy into our home that we’re completely renovating. 😉

    • Renovating!! How exciting!! And thank you. I promise to document. 🙂

  3. Carolyn Tolley Carolyn Tolley

    Great Blog! Full of interesting information. Happy soon to be 30! I especially like the S Town link. Listening to S Town takes me back to old, old, radio days (pre-TV) not that I was there, just heard about it from parents and grand parents. The way they described it is exactly like listening to S Town (minus certain words). Love the good news about the house and at the same time understand the sad feelings about leaving the “first home”. Enjoy the adventure….CT

    • Thank you, Carolyn! I love the old, story-telling radio style! Must be a sign that I’m turning 30. 🙂 Looking forward to having you to the new place!

  4. Happy almost 30! I hope you have some fun plans! At least some cake now that you’re not on Whole30. I did it last year and I am strongly saying I have no desire to do it again. I haven’t read any Capote but maaaayybe I’ll try In Cold Blood. Sounds like you will have an exciting May!

    • Girl. Cake and wine are happening. Hahaha. I didn’t mind it so much during the week, but it was tough on the weekends and I didn’t like feeling like I had to turn down lunch or dinner plans. But it was a worthwhile experiment, I think! Thanks for the bday wishes. 🙂

  5. Meredith Meredith

    ive been searching for a swimsuit for weeks! love your find, and those knock off birks. and the slides! was ready to order them but they’re sold out of my size. the world is cruel!

    tell me though, how did you find whole30? did you notice any differences? the coffee concoction sounds DELISH! frozen bananas are so tasty, especially if you put reese’s shell on top of them…not compliant for whole30, but very encouraged for mere29.

    i am so pumped about your new place! the key print is so adorable. you’re so good at the crafting and the ideas!

    you’re a full blown regal eagle, what with all of your flying. very happy for you to overcome this fear!


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