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currently: may 2017

Well, May was amazing. A trip to Colorado, turning thirty, moving, and a trip to California…it was all SO fun, minus moving obviously, but I am also so excited to be home for a hot minute. Time to hang some art, work on the patio, host some guests, and cook lots of meals on our gas (!!) stove. 

A flower shop in Steamboat that actually exists.

Making: Nothing for May…except a whole lotta Amazon purchases to help organize the new house.
Cooking: Busy months mean two things: very little cooking, and when I do cook, it’s staples that are easy. For May, that meant these standbys: chicken thighs with a red wine shallot sauce, turkey burgers, and chicken with tzatziki, basmati rice, and veggies.
Reading: Nada!
: Same as last month: ALL OF THE THINGS for the new house. We’ve actually made some pretty decent headway on some of the major things we needed, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on some of the big “wants” – large rugs, curtains, etc. Someday soon I’ll put together a Whole Enchilada checklist for the Blue Door House to see what all needs to be done. 
Enjoying: That thing that happens after a heavy rain where the sunset is amazing and the plants seem like they are just radiating green. 
Listening: This cover of Walking on Sunshine is my new favorite song, and this episode of This American Life with three stories that answer the question “are we alone?” was so sweet and captivating. 
Needing: For Leif to pull through. Fingers crossed! (Instagram for reference.)
Smelling: The biggest, pinkest, fluffiest, fragrant-est peonies from Trader Joe’s. (Another Insta for reference.) I want to stick my face in them every ten minutes and deeply inhale through my nose, Mary Katherine Gallagher-style.
Wearing: This eyelet top that I like so much I bought it in two colors, including the mustard color as a test to see if I can pull off a yellow. I think the verdict is that I like it enough that I don’t really care if I can pull it off. 
Loving: Watching Finn figure out this whole yard thing. It rained a bunch this weekend and he hates water, but he recently discovered he LOVES mud. Hard to be mad at a dog that happy. (But I’m grateful that we have a dry spell coming up.)
WatchingKimmy Schmidt (and more importantly, Titus) is back to brighten our summers! This season has been fantastic so far. We laugh out loud, hard, through every episode. On a spookier note, my mom turned me on to Fortitude and I’m loving it. It’s like Twin Peaks set in a town off the Arctic meets British cop-drama meets the X-Files. 
Bookmarking: I need all of these for all of my mail for the rest of time, these posts from Young House Love and Hommemaker have me trying to embrace the beige paint on every wall in our house, and this is a yes, obviously.
Feeling: So content to have the whole month stretched in front of us with nowhere to be. Time to settle in, enjoy our new place, and soak up Austin in the summertime. 

All the pretty colors, textures, and patterns at my friends’ stupidly cute bungalow in Santa Monica.



  1. Meredith Meredith

    Molly, great post!

    i clicked the eyelet top (i had to know which one it was!!) and it’s out of stock. clearly, you made the best decision in buying two colors. honestly, i am PRO buying things in all the colors, i always regret it when i don’t.

    separately, is Finn getting muddy as heck when he runs around in the backyard? how are you dealing with the #hotmess?

    more house pics PLEASE! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

    • Aw boo I’m sorry it sold out!! Thank goodness you just got your ON fix. Finn…is…getting quite muddy. Hahaha. we currently have several towels by the back door that we use to wipe him down before he comes in. Doing that several times a day isn’t my faaave, but I think we’re going to go a while without rain now, so we won’t have to worry about it. More pics to come!! p.s. You def need to check out Fortitude.

  2. Carolyn Tolley Carolyn Tolley

    Yes, more house pics, please. Love your blog/writing. Glad your settling in. AND muddy Finn pics please.

    • Thank you so much, Carolyn! I’ll have to try and get a video of him running around in the mud for you. Or you can see it in person soon!! 🙂

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