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currently: july 2017

With July’s end comes the end of our summer hanging in Austin with no travel plans. I feel like we made the most of it this month, with trips to the movie theater, a 65 degree pool, and margaritas inside when it was just too hot to be outside. We’re really looking forward to some fun trips this month, but summer in Austin has been pretty sweet. 

Making: My fourth trip to Ikea since we’ve moved. It’s a blessing and a curse to have one twenty miles away. 
Cooking: My sister sent me this recipe for honey sriracha turkey meatballs and they were *baller.* Also made this healthy-ish orange chicken (so yum) and fish tacos with “chipotle crema,” which FYI is the easiest way to feel sophisticated even though you’re literally just scooping adobo sauce from a can and stirring it into sour cream. If you want to really put the nail in your coffin, pronounce it with a very slight accent. 
Reading: Continuing the Great Harry Potter Re-Read of 2017 with the Chamber of Secrets. This may have been my best decision of the year. 
: Zero emails in my inbox, always. I used again today to unsubscribe from over 450 subscriptions. BAI!
Enjoying: The sheen of a freshly oiled cutting board. Wish I was making this up. 
Listening: To Matt’s horror, I’ve been listening to My Favorite Murder while I get dinner ready. It’s like hanging out with two of your best girlfriends, chatting in an in-depth way about famous murders. It can (obviously) sometimes get a bit graphic, and Matt will just yell from the next room “WHAT!” “WHY!” “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” 
Needing: Finn to get over his frog obsession. So far no casualties, but every night when it gets dark he wants to go outside every 20 minutes, a new excuse every time. “I think I left my collar outside.” “I forgot to sniff an important corner.” “I’m just going to meet some friends.” If anyone knows how to stage a dog intervention about frogs, lmk. 
Smelling: Right now? At this very moment? My chapstick.
Wearing: Now that I’ve safely secured a couple pairs of these: holy moly, these are the best budget leggings I’ve found. They are thick, comfy, not shiny, not see-through, and they have the elusive side pocket that will fit your phone. So just to catch everyone up to speed: cargo pants are cool now, as long as they are in legging form. 2017 is a trip.
Loving: Craigslist connections – not the romantic kind. I snagged two amazing purchases in July, and both times the item happened to be located in my neighborhood, less than a mile from our house, and I randomly knew the seller of one of the items. What are the odds?? (Reminds me of this episode of This American Life, which is so good.)
Watching: The Big Sick in which Holly Hunter stole the show as usual, Dunkirk which was gripping and whose soundtrack is almost as good as Inception’s, and Game of Thrones obbbvvviousslyyy. 
Bookmarking: I’ve never felt prouder to be a millennial, this is a good spot to get lost for five minutes, and I realize this is so old but it’s new to me, and taught me one of my favorite new quotes: “The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s eleven-thirty.
Feeling: At the beginning of writing this post I was ruhl cranky. Something about sitting down and typing out these pretty silly, meaningless words makes me feel a little better. I’m still cranky. But grateful. 



  1. Kent twitchell Kent twitchell

    Glad you are enjoying the summer. I also feel better after after reading your witty, well written blogs.

    • 🙂 Thank you, Kent. You’re the best!

  2. Holly Holly

    Whew! What a great start to my day. Not even 8AM and I have ordered leggings, followed @accidentalwesandersen, LOL’d at Finn’s shenanigans, and put those turkey meatballs on my culinary horizon. OH, and the murder podcast? Check!

    Thanks, girlie. Lotsa great tips.

    • It’s such a shame that we have so little in common. 😀

  3. Carolyn Carolyn

    Entertaining and current day helpful info as always. Just trying to keep up. Thanks for your blog helpry.

    • Thanks, Carolyn! So looking forward to hanging out with our two favorites at the lake this weekend!

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