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on holiday

Hello out there! Popping in after an unexpected break to say…I’m extending it, haha. I kept meaning and meaning to write, but October was a very busy month and either I couldn’t find the time, or I could but it’d be following some national disaster that would put me squarely in the doldrums. And some of the things have been so awful that it felt necessary to hang out there in the doldrums, out of respect, and to stay quiet on things like how to decorate for Halloween. 

Which isn’t to say I don’t see value in light, happy content, but I think I might have actually learned something from writing “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” literally 100 times in detention. It just hasn’t felt like the season.

And now, speaking of… it’s the holiday season!! Time to host our first Thanksgiving, obsess over coordinating gift wrap, laugh-cry through The Family Stone, address Christmas cards, make cookies, and fully embrace the “cold” time of year in Austin where Finn becomes extra snuggly. 

Directly following the holiday season is the new year, where I get that itchy urge to reorganize and be productive and accomplish goals and I just know that I won’t be able to resist the blogging call at that point. So I’m going to take from now through the holidays off from posting anything new, but plan to get lots of behind-the-scenes things done that have been nagging at me for ages so that when I get that itch in the new year, everything’s ready to go. 

Hope you all have the happiest holidays. Seriously. Catch you on the flippity flip!




  1. Auntie Heidi Auntie Heidi

    You were in detention? This might require its own post….

  2. Joy Browder Joy Browder

    The Family Stone? I cried for 3 days and was so disappointed this blonde hair Lady thought it was a good idea and said “let’s watch it on Christmas Eve”! Never again. Enjoy your holidays friend. Xoxo, Joy

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