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housekeeping vol. 1

HI!! I’m excited to be back after a nice break filled to the brim with hosting family for our first Thanksgiving followed by the holidays and all of the fun that entails. We completed a three-item Christmas bucket list consisting of cocktails at the Driskill, driving around to listen to Christmas music + see the funky Austin Christmas lights, and making our first homemade paw print ornament with Finn. Finn was delightfully agreeable throughout the ordeal and I was very pleased to discover that bucket lists are pretty easy to accomplish when you limit them to three items.

But now I’m back to posting about accessible home decor and back to writing run-on sentences that you are hopefully able to decipher. This is the first of what I hope will be a weekly installment on this, that, and the other- ya know, housekeeping. The colloquial version. Similar to my old monthly “currently” posts, but a little less structured. 

A few blog-related housekeeping items:

-I created a new page – the “Shop Our House” page! It’s organized by room, and you can find links to many of the products we own if you want to check them out. If something we have is no longer available, I tried to find a suitable alternative. Of course I’ve changed a few things since snapping those photos, so I’ll update those, but for now the products are up to date. Some of those links are affiliate links, which leads me to…

-I updated the “Collaborate” page with a few notes on affiliate links and general transparency regarding the blog. Please read if you’re curious and please please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

-I also updated the “Collaborate” page and have removed design work as an offering. Between a full-time job and blogging for fun, I haven’t found the time I’d like to devote to developing client work. 

That’s it for blog updates, but now we should turn towards things that happened on the internet even though I was absent. 

This bedroom makeover by one of the most entertaining designers ever for one of the most entertaining business owners ever made me very happy. Beyond being entertaining, they are also both super inspiring. 

-Can we file this under “most helpful blog post” of 2017?

-Did yall see that Hoda Kotb was named the new co-anchor of the Today Show? Love her and love that now both of their anchors are women!

-Does the new year have you feeling as list-y as it does me? I’m getting after it with a new planner + my very favorite pens.

-Speaking of things that are shiny and new: this is both of those things and you might need it. (Plus, it’s pink.)

This meal is on heavy rotation in our house and is great for the post-holiday reset you might be needing. Not to imply anything. But I know what you did. 

Lastly – I’ve decided to join the January $100 Room Challenge! The gist is that you give yourself $100 to tackle one room for the month of January. More details here! Seems like a great creative challenge to start the year. Excited to share more about it soon. Hope your new years are off to a great start!


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