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$100 room challenge week 2 – the pink bathroom

Nothing takes the wind out of “New Year, New Me” sails like a good bout of flu/virus/contagion. I was pretty much out of commission for four days this week, but still made a teeny bit of progress for the $100 room challenge in the form of online shopping/planning. (To catch up, read all about the challenge in my week 1 post here.)

With only $100 to spend, every dollar needs to be accounted for. So I spent a couple of hours scouring the interwebz for the best, most inexpensive options for the things I need. Here’s what I’m shopping for, as a reminder:

  • 1/2 gallon of paint (Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams)
  • Storage bins for the bathroom closet overhaul
  • Lazy susan for cleaning supplies
  • Small decorative shelf
  • Plant hanger + other decor

And here’s roughly where my budget looks to be going, after doing some shopping:

  • 1/2 gallon of paint (Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams) $14
  • Storage bins for the bathroom closet overhaul $48
  • Lazy susan for cleaning supplies $14
  • Small decorative shelf $12
  • Remaining decor: $12
  • Total: $100

Whewwww squeezin in pretty tight there! I wasn’t expecting to spend $50 just on storage bins. Why are they so danged expensive? (Or are they actually very moderately priced, but a tiny budget makes them seem expensive? We may never know.) I searched my favorite cheap sources – Amazon, Target, and Ikea. Here’s what I want: white, solid or mostly solid, plastic bins that maximize the space in our closet. I really thought Amazon would pull through with some inexpensive options but found the opposite to be true – all of the options there that were comparable in quality to what I found at Ikea or Target were actually more expensive. 

I’m deciding between these…

and these…


Thoughts? Comments? Magical sources for inexpensive, white, plastic (wipeable!), bins for bathroom storage? Ideas on what to do with a $12 decor budget?  

Also, since I’ve gotten some questions on the art – both posters are from El Cosmico, but the elephant/Ganesh one is discontinued. And the small pink fire station photo is one I took from our Marfa trip last year – the full post on that is here, if you’re interested, and you can download the print here

Check out the other participants below! Ta-ta for now. See ya next week.



  1. Caroline Cope Caroline Cope

    I have a variety of sizes of the white target bins (top images) in my bathroom for storage and really like them! Lots of sizes to easily group different products and they are pretty to look at 🙂 Very curious which lazy susan option you arrive on – can’t wait to see!

    • Ah thank you for the review! Glad they work well for bathroom stuffz. Spoiler alert…the lazy susan I’m eyeing is ALSO from Target! Haha.

  2. Holly Holly

    I like the top ones. The textured/woven look makes them more appealing to me than the smooth surface.

    • Yes, that was my initial response as well. But I like that the Ikea ones come with lids – makes them seem more versatile for use in the future. DECISIONS!

    • Haha yes! Gotta pull the trigger soon…

  3. kent twitchell kent twitchell

    I want a wall mural of that photo of the pink fire house in Marfa. That’s a stunner.

    • Thank you! You’ve gotta see it with your own eyeballs. You guys would love it!

  4. Carolyn Tolley Carolyn Tolley

    Glad your feeling better now. The flu bug is a beast this year. The paint color “Marshmallow” sounds yummy! The storage bins with tops are the answer because they stack and keep out dust. And yes, there is dust in a closet.

    • Yes I love the added benefit of a top to the bins…but have to decide if it’s worth driving up to Ikea. 🙂

    • Forgot about Unsplash!! Great recs, thanks Ashley!

  5. Storage is always more expensive than I think it should be! But I’m never disappointed when I spend the money on something that really works for me. I love your fire station photo!

    • So true. I know it’s not *that* expensive, but a tiny budget can definitely make it seem that way. And thank you!

  6. Pam Pam


    It looks super nice. However, Ganesha is Indian god and should not be placed in bathroom. Any other room should be more suitable. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing end result.

    • Hi Pam, thanks for your feedback! The art featuring Ganesha is actually just a poster for a music festival, not any kind of religious tribute. I respect your opinion, but it will likely stay where it is.

  7. Emy Emy

    I hope you’re feeling better! I just bought some white storage bins at Michaels, but I’m not sure of the price right now. They were half off and came in packs of 3. I would also check Walmart. Sometimes they have cute bins for a few dollars each.
    Your firehouse photo is gorgeous!

    • Thanks for the tip, Emy – I have to pick up a few things at Michaels this weekend, so I’ll keep my eye out!

  8. All good choices, feel better soon!

  9. Jonna Mendez Jonna Mendez

    I recently bought some of the Target beige storage baskets for the laundry room and they are great. Strong enough, lots of sizes, not too expensive. Can’t wait to see your finished bath…

    • Hard to argue with the convenience and greatness of Target!

  10. I am so sorry you haven’t felt well. At least you got some shopping done. That will help for sure.

  11. I love your pink tile- so great with that art! I can’t wait to see what you do with this space.

  12. So sorry you were sick. Hopefully on the mend by now. As for storage solutions, I have those “weaved” one in both our mudroom and in our linen closet and love them. They’ve held up really well over the years!

  13. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I love the art work!

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