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housekeeping vol. 2

Okay, first and most importantly: if you want to feel like a GD wizard in the kitchen this weekend, make these bagels. I made them this week with five common ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now. “How have I had these five ingredients in my kitchen at so many times in the past and never combined them to make bagels before,” I mused to myself in a bagel-induced stupor. The only known side effect of the stupor is writing in third person. 

I loved this artist’s home featured on Design Sponge. The quiet, comfortable vibe and the gorgeous arrangement of sketches in her living room (below) speak to me. I have a problem where I appreciate so many styles and can get carried away – seeing stuff like this makes me want to throw out everything I have, hit up a flea market and start from scratch. I’ll take a chippy table and a big sweeping arrangement of wildflowers, please and thank you.

Did you watch the Golden Globes this weekend? I caught the first half and then had to take my sick self to bed, but I loved what I saw. I read this afterwards and thought it was a fresh point of view on the night – not one I had thought of, but important. And sassy. Extra points for sass.

Have you read The Bright Hour or When Breath Becomes Air? Both are seriously moving memoirs written by authors in their late 30s dealing with terminal cancer. I read When Breath Becomes Air and wouldn’t shut up about it for a while – I really loved it. But it was tough and emotional, so I put off reading The Bright Hour, since they are so similar. Then I read this post, had my mind blown, and immediately devoured and loved The Bright Hour. Read the post! Read the books! Read it all. 

One of my favorite blogs and sources for inspiration, designlovefest, has designed a line of furniture for Target. Hello cute accent chair. Hello patterned headboard. I don’t need ya. But I want ya.

If you missed my week 2 progress in the $100 Room Challenge this week, you can find the post here. And here’s week 1 if you’re really behind, which like, come on. We’re not even halfway through January and you’re falling behind? But really, I need you to help me decide what storage bins to use and what to do with a $12 decor budget, so hop over to the week 2 post and help a girl out. 

Have a great weekend! 




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