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$100 room challenge week 4 – the pink bathroom

This week took us all the way to the finish line of the $100 Room Challenge! The final pieces fell into were hammered into place in a burst of productivity this weekend. So the room is totally done, but I’m saving the full after pics for next week’s reveal. This week I’m sharing a fun and super inexpensive way to bring some decor into any space with a hanging macramé planter that cost me a cool $5.01. 

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Thar she blows! I’ve been wanting to make a hanging macramé planter for a while but lacked the motivation to actually sit and do it. Which…I guess could really be said for everything I’ve done in this challenge. Anyway! Making this was easy and fun, I definitely recommend it if you’re 1) looking for a craft 2) a plant lover and 3) lacking in tabletops for said plants as I am. 

I followed this very helpful tutorial and would occasionally hop over to YouTube to watch videos for terms or knots that were unfamiliar to me. I modified my measurements a little bit to fit the smaller planter size/hanging length that I wanted for our space. Important to note when making your measurements: if you are five feet tall, and you share a house with someone who is six feet tall, you miiiight want to make sure you take into account their height when you’re laying out your project. Not that I totally forgot to do that but yes I did and it’s not my fault Matt’s so tall. (Don’t worry, the height was adjusted and Matt’s head is now safe from potential bonking.) 

So here’s a little breakdown of what I used and how the cost breaks down:

  • 6 inch gold hoop: 1 of these works out to $1.28 each
  • 3mm natural cotton macramé cord: When I bought this it was $7.46, and there’s enough cord here to make at least 2, which works out to $3.73 each. (I also found it cheaper here, but can’t resist the convenience of Amazon.)
  • That’s it! $5.01 each.

The terra cotta planter I had on hand, but if you’re local you can find it at Shoal Creek Nursery. Also, just throwing it out there: it has crossed my mind that I’m using knotted cotton rope in a wet area and things could get…funky. I guess my plan in that scenario would be to dunk it in some bleach? If you have a better, more well thought-out ideas, I’m listening.

I COULDN’T HELP IT here’s one little after pic! I’m excited to share the whole shebang next week. Check out the other participants’ week 4 progress below and come back next week for all of the reveals!



  1. Way to keep us in suspense of the big reveal. LOL! LOVE the plant hanger! Must try this!!!!! I love me some hangin’ plants.

  2. I love the macrame planter, your bathroom is looking so good!

  3. Emy Emy

    Your bathroom is looking amazing!! Such a cute plant hanger!

  4. I think that turned out perfectly. I have never thought to put a plant in the shower, but I kinda love it! Heading over to check out all those reveal pictures… Can’t wait!

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