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housekeeping vol. 4

Having given Peaky Blinders enough tries (I just can’t get hooked on it!), we started a new (old) series this week – The Leftovers. No spoilers! So far we’re very into it. Seems like a good ensemble cast and there’s enough intrigue at the end of each episode that I’m tempted to watch justtt one more…at which point I’ll fall asleep ten minutes in because staying up past 11 p.m. is not in my skill set.

This mustard and herb crusted chicken was a simple but flavorful dish on our menu this week. My sister and I were joking that we know we’re old because our tastebuds are changing – both of us used to hate mustard and now just the smell of it is intoxicating. 

I’ve been struggling with what to do on the wall behind our couch, so I appreciated this post. Lots of good info on affordable large scale art and how best to frame large prints.

I need these, right?

Our kitchen is…tight. Not Tiny Apartment tight, but it’s petite as heck. Which means that everything that gets brought in needs to function pretty well. I’d been eyeing this piece for a long time, and happily received it as a Christmas gift. I can’t rave about it enough. It’s pretty, holds a ton of kitchen utensils, and is the perfect resting spot for my iPad, which is what I use to follow recipes. 

I read this and kind of laughed and then realized Finn’s crate is in the guest room so we sometimes jokingly call it “Finn’s room” and oh God we are those people. 

Just oneee more week in the $100 Room Challenge! I’m so excited to share our reveal, but even more excited to see everyone else’s. Get fully caught up here before all the after photos next Wednesday!

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  1. Holly Holly

    Can’t get over this pic of Finn. It will help me come to terms with us never being able to discuss Peaky Blinders w/ any depth. If you could just hang on until Tom Hardy shows up, I’m sure you would change your mind…………..

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