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housekeeping vol. 5

Have you heard of thin slices of joy? I read about them somewhere, and recognized one recently as it was happening. You know that moment at the movie theater when you get sucked into the previews, then they end and you get excited all over again because you’ve just remembered the movie you’re actually there to see? Thin slice of joy.

Related: I took myself to see Lady Bird last week, and then learned about Moviepass. Do you have it? I think it’d be great for solo moviegoers, and since this is the best time of year for movies, I’m tempted. Also, Lady Bird was so wonderful!

We need a doormat for our side door. Me likey this one.

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Are you a New Victorian fan? (Above.) I’m totally smitten with the style, even though I know it’s not “me” or something I’ll actually implement in my own home. Love the idea of basically living in a Nancy Meyers set of your own making. Anyplace that looks like Diane Keaton might be working on a novel upstairs is okay by me.  

I made these Greek turkey burgers that my mom and sister haven’t been able to shut up about, and now I can’t shut up about them.

My go-to playlist for cooking dinner, when I’m not listening to podcasts about murder. 

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I can’t end this post without mentioning the end of the $100 Room Challenge! The reveals went up on Wednesday and it was so fun to see the culmination of everyone’s hard work. Some of my favorites were Carrie’s basement gym (string lights are involved), Stacey’s bathroom (stenciled tile!!), Beth’s laundry/bath combo (the aqua trim. COME ON.), and Elizabeth’s closet (don’t know what I love more, her makeover or her outerwear.) 

If you missed it, here’s my bathroom reveal post. You can also find a story highlight of all the room progress, front-to-back, in my Instagram profile titled “bathroom.” It only shows up in the app, so you won’t be able to see it if you’re on a desktop. 

Oh! And! The Shop Our House page got a few updates – new house pictures and a few new items we’ve added over the last couple of months. 

TTFN! Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Holly Holly

    your living room is looking sleek!

  2. Molly! Thank you so much for including my space! I admit I was kind of stalking your site (guilty) and found this and it made my day. What a nice surprise and means a lot!

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