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housekeeping vol. 6

Ashley’s roundup of “Valentine’s Day art that isn’t cheesy” is my kind of Valentine’s gift guide. Speaking of: how are you celebrating? We’re keeping it simple with something we’re calling “Flowers & Steak.” It’s a lot like it sounds. I get flowers. Matt gets steak. Everyone wins. 

Exactly my thoughts re: This Is Us. It’s not great. But I still cried for almost the full hour after the Super Bowl. (spoilers abound!) 

There’s a lot to love about Elsie’s den, but I think my favorite things are her clever solution for her TV and the fact that she and her husband are also addicted to The Office. 

In case a generous anonymous benefactor is reading this and wants to send me a gift (that I’ll attribute to Ms. Havisham BUT it’s actually the convict who stole the vittles!!): one of these would be great. The fact that it’s called the “Wes Anderson” stripe is the nail in my coffin. 

yuyo austin

Went to this cute restaurant last week for our monthly girls’ dinner. The ceviche was so good but let’s be honest, I was there for the baskets. 

An oldie but a goodie – I’ll take a couch covered in this and let’s throw in a bathrobe for good measure so I can be wrapped up in this print daily.

Bookmark this super helpful post for the next time you need help choosing a stain. So smart!

striped lampshade from World Market

Patterned lampshades can add so much more interest than a solid shade and can really elevate a room. I have never seen such an abundant and affordable selection of them than I do here. Mine (pictured) is from the same place!

Lots of talk about not being perfect these days, with this post and this post being among my favorite. This resonates with me – it’s fun to follow aspirational blogs and social media accounts, but at the end of the day my very favorite ones have personality, imperfections, humility, sarcasm, humor, pain, joy, etc. Otherwise, as Orlando put it, we’re kind of just each our own versions of The Truman Show. Which is actually super creepy when you think about it.

On that bright note: have a fantastic weekend!



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  1. OMG I loved Elsie’s den! Just perfectly light, bright, and colorful. I love that they keep the original woodwork and fireplace, but weren’t afraid to paint it. Also, loving all of the talk about imperfection AND people being more real- those are my fav folks to follow! Thanks for sharing!

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