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Heyyy peeps! I’m Molly and the funky looking dog down below is Finnegan Blue (if you’re feeling fancy, which 98% of the time we are not, so we just call him Beans.) Together, Beans and I make our home in Austin, Texas with my boyfriend and Beans’ dog-dad, Matt. This here is our blog. Come on in, kick off your shoes, settle in with your Anthropologie tea cup, and stay a while. (If you’re new and not adjusted to my sarcasm yet, I’m sorry. You don’t *need* an Anthropologie tea cup. But they are welcome.)


I normally write about home stuff — decorating our house, thrifty finds, and light (easy) DIYs and crafts. Sometimes I throw in stuff about things I like (good TV & cooking top that list), my family and friends (simply the best), and my aforementioned boyfriend, Matt, (who is the antithesis of a blogger but is blindly supportive anyhow). And of course, Beans. Look at him. He’s the weirdest little meatball and always looks *so* over it in pictures. He is corn-chip scented and I find him endlessly entertaining.

finn being finn

If you’re looking for a good place to start, the house tour page probably isn’t a bad idea. Who doesn’t want to nose around in somebody else’s house? Plus, you can see totally embarrassing pictures from my first apartment taken with my iPhone and laugh at me. It’s fine, I’m laughing, too. Sorry, I meant crying. Also, here are a few of my favorite posts:

back in black: our cheerful black accent wall
gettin cozy wit it: our recovered headboard
macramézing: a macramé wall garland how-to
i’m afraid i just blue myself: updating our bedding
white-y nighties(tands): our refurbished vintage nightstands

anthropologie tea cup

The blog title comes from Peter Pan–one of my very favorite childhood stories. In Hook, a movie adaptation of Peter Pan, Robin Williams’ character says, “To live would be an awfully big adventure!” I couldn’t agree more, and thought it’d be a fitting title for a blog about all of life’s little big adventures.

all photos by Paige Vaughn Photography