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Category: $100 Room Challenge

$100 room challenge week 5 – the pink bathroom reveal

Please ready yourself posthaste for a metric ton of photos because the $100 Room Challenge is over and I took allll the pics to prove it. Big thanks to Erin for hosting this challenge and giving me something productive to do with my New Year frenetic self. Seriously, I loved this challenge and would recommend it whether you blog or not. It’s a great way to take on your house room by room, but to keep yourself on a budget. It feels creatively challenging but wallet-ly manageable.  Quick recap: I decided to update our bathroom for the challenge for a…


$100 room challenge week 4 – the pink bathroom

This week took us all the way to the finish line of the $100 Room Challenge! The final pieces fell into were hammered into place in a burst of productivity this weekend. So the room is totally done, but I’m saving the full after pics for next week’s reveal. This week I’m sharing a fun and super inexpensive way to bring some decor into any space with a hanging macramé planter that cost me a cool $5.01.  Catch up here: week 1 | week 2 | week 3 Thar she blows! I’ve been wanting to make a hanging macramé planter for…


$100 room challenge week 3 – the pink bathroom

Hellooo and welcome to my week 3 progress on the $100 Room Challenge, hosted by Erin of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry! I actually did things this week, which was needed after getting sick in week 2 and really only getting a little online research and budgeting done. If you need to catch up, you can read week 1 here and week 2 here. Today I’m sharing some paint progress photos and a little after-paint preview, all shot on my very fancy iPhone 6.  As a reminder, here’s a little checklist of the plans for the space, with the completed items…


$100 room challenge week 2 – the pink bathroom

Nothing takes the wind out of “New Year, New Me” sails like a good bout of flu/virus/contagion. I was pretty much out of commission for four days this week, but still made a teeny bit of progress for the $100 room challenge in the form of online shopping/planning. (To catch up, read all about the challenge in my week 1 post here.) With only $100 to spend, every dollar needs to be accounted for. So I spent a couple of hours scouring the interwebz for the best, most inexpensive options for the things I need. Here’s what I’m shopping for,…


$100 room challenge – the pink bathroom

I’ve followed the $100 Room Challenge from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry for quite a while and am excited to participate in my first one. It’s a challenge that seems pretty manageable: you give yourself $100 and the month of January to fix up a room (or a closet, patio, whatever.) The New Year bug bit me on the butt and I’m feeling all organize-y and paint-y, so this year the challenge spoke to me.  But don’t get any crazy ideas. The pink bathroom will be remaining pink. I’m choosing the bathroom primarily because it’s our smallest room, so I’m hoping…