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haute coffee: coffee sacks as art

I realize that some of you will read this and then imagine me like Will Ferrell’s character in Zoolander, trying to make trash bags a thing. But hear me out. I had a big, blank wall in the bedroom that needed…something. Then, a few weeks ago, I found myself at the Frisco Mercantile with my mom, sifting through all of the vendors’ things. They had *everything*. New stuff trying to look old, old stuff trying to look new, art, candles, tchotchkes. It’s not the kind of place you can speed through–you go intentionally planning on spending a bit of time to…


the holidays make me a little salty | salt dough ornaments how-to

This year, I knew I’d need to fill my (much larger than I am used to) tree with some hand-made ornaments. I mentioned in last week’s post that I added some natural ornaments–pine cones and rosemary sprigs–but even those didn’t quite fill it up. So I hit up Pinterest, and I got an idea. An awful idea. A wonderful, awful idea! Jokes. I just got a regular idea to make salt dough ornaments and a salt dough ornament garland. You can get these done on the cheap and experience the joy of making Christmas-y cookies without any of those pesky calories! The…


knitting for knoobs

EVERYONE. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this thing called “knitting.” Pretty sure it’s just one of those new trendy Pinterest things. I myself discovered it a year ago, so basically I’m one of the founders of knitting. Anyway, the point is, if you haven’t tried it- you must. Knitting is a fantastic activity for you if you are like me and enjoy doing nothing, yet feeling productive at the same time. It’s repetitive, soothing, and goes quickly- all of the sudden you’ll look down and another episode of Gilmore Girls is done and you have something that kind of…


put a hanger on it

This year is BUSY. Someone’s 30th birthday is this weekend (hint: IT’S MATT!), football football football, a handful of weddings and all the fun celebrations that go along with weddings, travel for work, etc. I know we’re not as busy as say…the President. But for us, we’re busy, and life has felt a little hectic lately. I personally get into productive overdrive when I’m busy and/or stressed. If there is a ton of stuff on my to-do list, you can probably find me either 1) cleaning, 2) decorating, or 3) organizing my closet. Why? I have no idea. (p.s. If…

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macramézing: how to make a macramé yarn garland

In my last post, I referenced an Elton John song (Tiny Dancer) that has a special place in my heart mainly due to its appearance in one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous. I try and watch it once or twice a year to make sure my head is screwed on right. There are so many lessons to be learned in viewing it, from Penny Lane’s fashion choices to William’s sheepish bravery to Elaine’s great advice: There’s another great lesson/quote from that movie that I’ve slightly edited to apply to this post. I always tell the girls, never take it seriously.…