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DIY Yarn Letters

This was a fun project that I worked on a while back to spruce up our bar area. I wanted a wall hanging that wasn’t another frame, and I wanted to introduce a new color to the dining room/bar area. I love the way these DIY yarn letters turned out, and it was super affordable! It was also one of those totally therapeutic projects- it is very repetitive and put me in the “zone,” which is one of my favorite places.

DIY Yarn Letters- an easy and affordable way to create textured wall art!
To get started, I purchased my letters and yarn from Hobby Lobby. I went on my lunch break during the week, and being in the yarn aisle of Hobby Lobby mid-day during the week made me feel older than I feel when I’m watching Law and Order SVU and I see several Life Alert commercials. 26 going on 80, I guess. Anyway…to complete the project you really only need whichever cardboard letters you need (initials for a kid’s room would be so cute! or, if you are like me, just stick with the basics and highlight your alcohol selection), plenty of yarn, and tape or a glue gun. I used tape but a glue gun would help cover up tricky corners.

Now comes the repetitive/therapeutic part: tape down your first strand of yarn to your first letter and just start wrapping. There’s no exact step-by-step process that I can offer here. I just wrapped the yarn around the letters until I felt I had enough coverage and had reached a natural stopping point. You will stop and start several times for each letter, wrapping the yarn in different directions in order to properly cover the whole letter. Here’s some close up images to help you get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

DIY Yarn Letters- an easy and affordable way to create textured wall art! DIY Yarn Letters- an easy and affordable way to create textured wall art!

When you’ve spent a few hours wrapping and are happy with how the letters have turned out(I also recommend binge-watching television during this time to keep your brain occupied. Perfect way to “be productive” when all you’re really doing is catching up on True Detective), you are ready to display your letters! If you decide to hang them on the wall, the good news is they are super light and easy to hang. I used one small nail for each letter, and placed it where I could get the letter to hang straight off the nail. I’ve never been a person that measures before hanging, so I just spitballed where to hang the letters to make them look even, and it worked. (phew.) (also: spitballed. looks gross spelled out. sorry.) I also think these would be cute leaned up on a picture ledge or dresser.

DIY Yarn Letters- an easy and affordable way to create textured wall art! | Awfully Big Adventure

That’s pretty much it! I love these for the pop of color and interesting texture that they add. A fun way to customize these would be do to multicolor yarn or a different color for each letter. They really add a lot of visual appeal for a very small cost- my favorite kind of project.

What are you guys adding to your walls outside the “print in frame” box?