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Category: The Blue Door House

$100 room challenge week 2 – the pink bathroom

Nothing takes the wind out of “New Year, New Me” sails like a good bout of flu/virus/contagion. I was pretty much out of commission for four days this week, but still made a teeny bit of progress for the $100 room challenge in the form of online shopping/planning. (To catch up, read all about the challenge in my week 1 post here.) With only $100 to spend, every dollar needs to be accounted for. So I spent a couple of hours scouring the interwebz for the best, most inexpensive options for the things I need. Here’s what I’m shopping for,…


$100 room challenge – the pink bathroom

I’ve followed the $100 Room Challenge from Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry for quite a while and am excited to participate in my first one. It’s a challenge that seems pretty manageable: you give yourself $100 and the month of January to fix up a room (or a closet, patio, whatever.) The New Year bug bit me on the butt and I’m feeling all organize-y and paint-y, so this year the challenge spoke to me.  But don’t get any crazy ideas. The pink bathroom will be remaining pink. I’m choosing the bathroom primarily because it’s our smallest room, so I’m hoping…


cheap trick: how to get inexpensive custom framing

I’ve held off writing this post because there’s a definite possibility that everyone already knows about this “trick” and my brain was all, “What if everyone that reads this gives their computer the side eye and thinks to themselves ‘there goes Molly again with the totally useless information’” and then I realized that’s a silly thing to be worried about because THIS WHOLE BLOG is useless information. In the grand scheme of things. But if I help one of you pull the trigger on framing some art you’ve had rolled up under your bed for eight months, or if I help…


the whole enchilada: the blue door house, vol. 1

Hello! I’m back from an unintended but well-spent summer blog break, but now it’s back to school. And by school I mean bloggin’. I’ve spent the last three months since we moved in a Craigslist and IKEA fever dream, buying stuff, selling stuff, and trying to pull the house together. Lots has changed since I first introduced the house in this post, but there’s still so much to do! So in the spirit of back to school, lists, and a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, I’m pulling together our big-ass Whole Enchilada to-do list.  As a reminder, here’s the (not…


the blue door house tour: the patio

Let me begin by saying that I’m just as surprised as you are that this space is somewhere close to complete a couple of months after moving in – taking almost a year to decide to paint an accent wall and taking over a year to finish an office when I WORK FROM HOME has traditionally been my speed. All the before and afters are below + a full source list at the bottom of the post! Here’s where we landed right after moving in. Our chairs from our tiny apartment patio were holding up pretty well, considering they aren’t…

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