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Category: The Rosedale Apartment

the whole enchilada: the rosedale apartment checklist, part III

So, the last time I did a check-in on this whole-apartment checklist was almost a year ago! I figured that since it’s the beginning of a new year, it’d be a good time to lay out the list to see what we have accomplished and what’s still left to check off. I’m happy to say most of the major items are done…just in time for us to find a new place to live. 🙂 Our lease ends this spring, and we’d like to find a place to rent with a yard. Beans won’t know what hit him. I will obviously keep you…


no flocking way: an easy and cheap way to flock an artificial tree

Time it took to flock this tree: 20 minutes. Time it took me to title this post due to the plethora of “flocking” puns: twelve hours. I wasn’t planning on posting this week, but I got so excited that this flocking “technique” (quotes because you’ll see that it’s so easy, it can hardly be called a technique) worked that I wanted to post before you guys decorate your trees! (Finn is way more excited about Christmas than he looks. The reality is we were losing a football game that we should have been winning as I was taking these pictures,…


cop to it: how to make a copper wall grid inspiration board

Nothing like an easy weekend DIY to make us feel like we can do things. This project is great if you want to feel accomplished, save some doll-hairs, and have an excuse to cut things out of magazines like we did when we were nine. (Remember when covering your WHOLE wall with magazine clippings was cool? “I can still smell the old perfume samples…” she said, in her best elderly Rose from Titanic voice.)  When I was looking at ideas for updating our study, I knew I wanted an inspiration board. As I combed through Pinterest, copper wire wall grids caught my…


study update inspiration

Last week I mentioned that the study was on my radar for getting a more functional update. It’s definitely an “out of sight, out of mind” room for me, so it hasn’t gotten much attention. Matt primarily uses it to play video games when I’m in the living room working or watching The Office for the gazillionth time. When we weren’t sure that we were going to stay put at this place, I didn’t think I was going to put any effort into it. Now that we’re staying, I’ve got the itch to make it 1) prettier and 2) a…

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rosedale apartment tour: bedroom

Allllrighty then! It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve done an apartment tour post, so I’m a bit rusty. I think it goes something like: 1) tidy up room 2) snap some pics (using a real camera this time) 3) cobble together some words that 98% of you will skip over cause tours are all about the pics and 4) post that shiz! (p.s. I updated the House Tour page with these pics and a few others, if you’re in a pic-browsing mood.) First, let’s take a photo-jaunt down memory lane. We moved in almost exactly a year…

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