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Category: The Tarrytown Apartment

Killin it on Craigslist

Is there anything more thrilling than a good Craigslist steal? The answer: definitely not. When it comes to furniture and decor, Craiglist offers unmatched savings. Here’s some of my favorite Craigslist pieces, and some tips for how to nab some deals of your own! (Side note: My mom is guaranteed to hate this post, mainly because she hates when I walk into strangers homes to view potential buys. The phrase “Have 911 already dialed on your phone when you walk in the door” has definitely been uttered. What are moms for? 🙂 ) Ikea Expedit Bookshelves These are two now…


House Tour: Bedroom

Today I’m closing out the house tour with my little bedroom. It’s chock-full of a bed that’s too big for the space, a dresser that’s been gnawed on by my dog, too much art, and a dog crate that’s kind of an eyesore but Finn likes it, so it stays. Hope you enjoy 🙂 This is what the room looks like from the door. There’s one decent sized window that I accentuate with some big curtains that I purchased years ago from Ikea. I love their sheer, breezy effect and the geometric pattern. I’ve never been one that needed blackout curtains-…


House Tour: Living Room

Happy Friday and happy House Tour! Today I’m featuring the living room. This is a cozy space with major furnishings (couch, futon, coffee table)  provided by my lovely roommate. The rest of the decor/furniture/crap is mine. Seriously, I have a lot of crap. Every time I move, my mind is blown by the amount of weird items I possess. But when I unpack, it’s those items that start to make my place feel like home again. This is your view looking into the room from the double doors that lead into it. I LOVE having doors on this room. It…


House Tour: Bathroom

This post should really be titled “How Ikea Saved My Bathroom.” This tiny bathroom offers very few storage options, and I’m a girl that loves 1) organization and 2) bath products, so I needed to come up with some solutions. It’s not ideal, but it works! This post could also be titled, “In Which Molly Showcases Her Toilet.” I feel a little weird about the first pic being all BAM, toilet, but it is a bathroom. Not a whole lot of angles to choose from in this room. So, I must ask you to please…   Now you can see the…


House Tour: Dining Room

Welcome to my house tour series! And by house, I mean apartment. It won’t be a long series, per se, mainly because I don’t have that many rooms. 🙂 I am starting with the dining room because this is the first room you see when you walk into my apartment. This viewpoint is taken from the front door: I have been super lucky and have received some awesome hand-me-down pieces from my parents. The cherry wood table has been around since the 90s. I love its sleek design. The blue chair and green antiqued table are also pieces I’ve inherited.…