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Category: Tarrytown Apartment

House Tour: Bathroom

This post should really be titled “How Ikea Saved My Bathroom.” This tiny bathroom offers very few┬ástorage options, and I’m a girl that loves 1) organization and 2) bath products, so I needed to come up with some solutions. It’s not ideal, but it works! This post could also be titled, “In Which Molly Showcases Her Toilet.” I feel a little weird about the first pic being all BAM, toilet, but it is a bathroom. Not a whole lot of angles to choose from in this room. So, I must ask you to please…



Ikea Storage Solutions in a Small Bathroom | Awfully Big Adventure

Now you can see the tiny space I’m working with. The shower curtain from Garnet Hill ads a lot of visual interest, and the green and blue baskets from Pier 1 help hide away medicine, manicure supplies, contacts, and other miscellaneous items. The basket on the floor is from Ikea and it holds my hair-taming items (hair dryer, brushes, straightener, curling wand, etc.) The hanging shelf and bucket above the toilet are also from Ikea, and they hold my every day items that I need to have easy access to- moisturizer, contact solution, toothpaste, etc.

Ikea Storage Solutions in a Small Bathroom | Awfully Big Adventure

These hanging baskets above the towels are from- you guessed it- Ikea! They hold even more random bath stuff that couldn’t be stuffed away in any of the previously mentioned storage solutions. My velcro curlers, for example. We are in Texas, after all. (The higher the hair, the closer to God.)

Ikea Storage Solutions in a Small Bathroom | Awfully Big Adventure

The picture ledge with glass containers under the mirror is from- I kid you not, Ikea. Of all places. You can find this is in the kitchen section- the small glass containers are marketed as spice containers, but they work just as well for my bobby pins, hair clippies, q-tips, and twisties. (Do you call them twisties? hair ties? rubber bands? I’m kind of fascinated by this. They will forever be “twisties” to me.) The framed concert print was given to me by my brother. It adds just the right touch of gangster to my feminine bathroom, and it incorporates one of my favorite movies ever. (The Godfather.)

Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge in the Bathroom | Awfully Big Adventure

Here’s a closer look at the picture ledge, which brings us to the close of this tiny tour of this tiny room. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like any source info, and please share your tiny spaces and how you added interest/organization!


House Tour: Dining Room

Welcome to my house tour series! And by house, I mean apartment. It won’t be a long series, per se, mainly because I don’t have that many rooms. ­čÖé I am starting with the dining room because this is the first room you see when you walk into my apartment. This viewpoint is taken from the front door:

Dining Room | Awfully Big Adventure

I have been super lucky and have received some awesome hand-me-down pieces from my parents. The cherry wood table has been around since the 90s. I love its sleek design. The blue chair and green antiqued table are also pieces I’ve inherited. Do they match? No. I don’t even know if they “go.” But I’m a big fan of the “use pieces that you love, and they’ll all go together” thought process.

Dining Room | Awfully Big Adventure

Here’s a better shot of the chair and table. I had a lot of empty frames, so I printed some of my favorite images on cardstock and framed them to go around my poster from the Georgia O’Keeffe museum. (I’m sure this is unethical, I apologize. It’s also free.) The mirror was a cheap Martha Stewart find from Home Depot, and the lamp is Target.

Dining Room | Awfully Big Adventure

The table sits on a sale rug from Urban Outfitters. The huge pink polka dots make me smile. I have been tempted to get a nicer/larger rug for the space, but I keep reminding myself that I should probably wait until Finn is 100% accident-free to make that purchase.┬áThe wall on the left holds our “bar” and features the DIY yarn letters I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Dining Room | Awfully Big Adventure

This shot faces back towards the front door. The hooks and small table serve as our “entryway,” mainly because we really don’t have one. There’s just enough space for hooks for keys/dog leashes and a┬ásmall table to keep mail. (Which I kind of hate, unless the mail is something cute I can put on my fridge. Otherwise, just email me! Why are we still getting so much mail??) The black and white sister art was given to me by my mom. It used to scare me when I was little, but now I love it.

Dining Room | Awfully Big Adventure

So, that completes the dining room tour! If you have a question about a particular source, please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to track down info for you. Stay tuned for more house tour, and share your own tour in the comments if you have one! I’d love to see your spaces!