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Category: The Tiny Apartment

floral letters: significantly easier than yarn letters

One of my first blog posts on this here blog featured a DIY project– wrapping yarn around paper mache letters. I love the look that the yarn gives the letters, but mannn it took a long time. Soon after I made those letters, I came across this pin. I love how the flowers transform the stiff paper mache letters into something totally different and whimsical. Plus, it looked like it would be way easier than the yarn letters. About ehh…a year later, I’ve finally gotten around to trying it out. I adore how these turned out and it was SO…


target does it again: junk drawer before and after

most people have a junk drawer. mine started as a junk drawer. and then it grew. and grew. into a junk area. even worse, this “drawer” (actually a small table with a drawer) is right in the middle of my tiny apartment. i mentioned last week that i needed some shoe storage to help contain this issue, so this weekend i tackled the shoe storage, the junk drawer, the tabletop organization, etc. with the help of my trusty friend Target. brace yourselves for a picture-heavy post, including some truly embarrassing “before” pics. i know many people, especially northerners, are big on mud…


i cant stoppp and i wont stoppp craigslisting

A while back I blogged here about what type of look to go for in the new living room. I asked you to vote on the feel of the room, and you could choose between feminine, muted, and colorful. I’ve been waiting to give the results until I had actually made some progress in that room. Heads up: feminine won by a landslide with almost 71% of the votes. Which makes me happy, because that is definitely what I was leaning towards. About 5 weeks of being moved in, and I have taken the first step towards my “feminine” (but…


a failure of 4′ x 6′ proportions

So, I have been meaning to replace my dining room rug for a while. It has stuck with me through Finn’s first year and let’s just say it’s been abused through his housetraining. I love the big pink polka dots, but sadly Urban Oufitters no longer sells this magical textile, so I was forced to look elsewhere for a rug. Of course, I am always looking for a deal. Tis the season for deep markdowns on outdoor everything: furniture, pillows, rugs, etc. World Market already has low prices on outdoor rugs, and now that they are marked down, we’re talking suuuper low. Fourteen dollars low.…


oh hey friday: five things i want for the new apartment

Happy to join in on September Farm’s “oh hey friday” link-up today, where all my little tired blogger brain has to do is write about five things. Five anythings. Since today marks 4 full weeks in my new place, I have chosen to write about five things I’ve got my eye on for the apartment. Not like “Ehrmehgerd if I had all the money in the world, I’d buy THIS,” but like actual things that I might actually buy with my actual pennies. Turkish Kilim A kilim rug. Just the right amount of color, pattern, and vintage-ness. I adore them…