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currently: october 2016

Well, hey guys. Apparently I needed some time off! To be honest, the hardest part of coming back after an un-announced break is this paragraph. I have a pretty firm “no apologies” rule in place, because duh. This is basically an online diary with a strong home decor bent and if I don’t show up for a while, the world definitely keeps turning. But I still feeeel bad. Maybe it’s the thirteen years of Catholic education. The guilt. It is strong. Bless me people, for I have not blogged.

BUT! I have brainstormed lots of new post ideas. I worked on a fun design project that I’ll be able to share soon, and it’s November, so brace yourselves…holiday posts are coming. For now, I thought I’d catch up with a currently post for October.

sugar mama's bakeshop

Making: Myself stop looking at the adoptable dogs on the Austin Pets Alive website. No, Molly. No. 
Cooking: Not sure I’ve actually spelled this out on the blog before, but I don’t eat red meat or pork. Since I cook most of our meals, Matt normally goes without (and without a single complaint.) It was his birthday in October, so I made him a steak following this technique and served it with twice-baked potato. Looked yummy ūüôā We also tried Blue Apron for a week and made catfish with yellow curry and basmati rice, pan-seared chicken over roasted apples and squash, and a kale and goat cheese quiche. Great recipes, but ultimately the service isn’t for us. We didn’t like the amount of waste created or that we had to commit to three meals a week. 
Drinking: Tis the season for Malbec. 
Reading: Book I read this month that I couldn’t put down even though it was kinda dumb: In a Dark, Dark Wood. Book I read this month that I couldn’t put down because it was so breathtakingly beautiful and thought-provoking: When Breath Becomes Air. Also! After 4.5 years of living in Austin and some prompting by a friend, I got myself a library card and can now borrow e-books and audiobooks (and regular books.) The ebooks are delivered straight to my Kindle (!!) and I listen to the audiobooks from an app on my phone. TECHNOLOGY! Thankful to have friends cooler than I am to guide me.
october marigolds on desk
: It’s such a polarizing thing…but yall. My Ugg boots are 12 years old and I know, they’re Uggs and you think they’re awful and maybe you think I’m throwing them on over leggings with a big t-shirt as soon as temps fall below the 90s but you’re WRONG. I wait until we’re under the 70s. And I try to wear a long sweater instead of a t-shirt. 
Enjoying: These amazing marigolds from Austin Flower Co. Those plus a few small pumpkins is the extent of my fall decor. 
ListeningYoung House Love Has A Podcast (DUH!), Invisibilia (new to me and so great!), and this song.
Needing: Still need a stinkin chair for the study. We need it to be low profile, armless, moderately comfortable, and I’d prefer a natural wood tone. Some examples: This (too expensive), this (too overdone?), or this (just right?) Thoughts?

texas ou game
Smelling: Our “fireplace,” which is what I call this wood-wicked candle that smells like campfire. 
Wearing: These booties and this cardigan (dangit, sold out. similar here, on sale!) I mentioned these in AUGUST, and I didn’t purchase until this month. Evidence that I sometimes have willpower. 
Loving: How hilarious Finn looks in his too-small raincoat that he insists on wearing. 
Watching: Season three of The Fall- my favorite UK crime drama, now that Luther has forsaken me. Gillian Anderson is amazing. We’re also mid-way through Band of Brothers, an old HBO series following a U.S. Army company through World War II. To prove it’s not all serial killers and World War II, I should mentioned that we also watched Mascots, the new Christopher Guest mockumentary available on Netflix. Matt turned to me mid-movie as I was shaking with laughter and said, “So basically the weirder it is, the more you like it?” Yes. 
Bookmarking: How to style open shelving, the best chicken tikka masala recipe, and holiday decor, natch.
Feeling: Less guilty. ūüôā


currently: september 2016

austin sunset
pretty early fall sunsets

Making: Does baking count as making? Cause I made these pistachio chocolate chip cookies for a tailgate and they are so friggin good. They are good enough that it is now my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe, whether or not I include pistachios. This breaks a 29-year old record of using the recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag, so it feels like a pretty big deal.
Cooking: Definitely made this taco soup when it was 95 degrees outside. Still delicious. And I made these chicken thighs with a shallot and red wine sauce on Monday night for the first time. Not mad about fall recipes one bit.
Drinking: Speaking of red wine.
Reading:¬†Started and finished The Haunting of Hill House in about 48 hours. My mom and I read it at the same time, and we both¬†loved it and agreed we’d definitely like to read more of Shirley Jackson. We’re only ~66 years behind on this.
Wanting: All the. Fall things. (Blink 182 is back, btw?) I caved and bought five tiny pumpkins and a pumpkin candle this week. Still holding out on wearing boots and sweaters.
Enjoying: Cool morning walks with Finn thanks to the cold front this week.
Listening: To the Almost Famous soundtrack and this song.
Needing: Two tickets to the TX/OU football game next weekend. Universe, hear my plea!!
Smelling: This is the pumpkin candle I bought, from my favorite local candle-makers. I also loveee this one, and this one is hilarious and actually smells delicious.
Wearing: This post is making me realizing I haven’t been shopping all month, which is normal for me this time of year when I’m exasperated by hot weather. I refuse to by anything for the upcoming season until I can actually wear it. Which is a long way of saying that I’m still wearing¬†the leggings I mentioned last month.
Loving: Is love too strong of a word to use for Amazon Prime? I just feel like I keep discovering more benefits. We recently used Prime Now to deliver dinner from an Indian restaurant (mild tikka masala for me because I am a wimp) and it was soooo good.
Watching:¬†I settled in to watch season 4 of Luther, which is typically four¬†episodes. (Why are all the best BBC shows so short?) Yall should have seen my face when I realized the end of episode two was the end of the WHOLE SEASON. Two episodes. Rude. In lighter news, I watched This Is Us really primarily because Jess from Gilmore Girls is in it and was very pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. I totally didn’t see the twist at the end coming. Looking forward to more episodes. Also, I’m watching The Office as I write this and just got to the part where Michael declares bankruptcy by screaming “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCYYYY!!” lolz every time.
Bookmarking: I have to share that my bookmarking tool, Readability, is shutting down and I feel very sad about it. I guess I’ll just have to use regular old bookmarking from now on. Anyway: this article on crappy dinner parties makes so much sense. And please consider signing this petition to reverse the breed specific legislation that Montreal has enacted on pit bulls, which will result in euthanizing healthy, adoptable dogs. More info on my Instagram post here.
Feeling: Energized by good weather, which I’ll need because our month is pretty packed!

june's all day austin
dinner with girlfriends at June’s
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currently: august 2016

currently august 2016

Making: Progress on the study!! So excited to share when it’s finished.
Cooking: Tried two new (to me) Skinnytaste recipes this month – her chicken enchiladas and this noodly dish with parsnips in place of our usual zucchini. I liked the parsnips texture better than zucchini, and it was less watery which was great, but it’s a little bit sweet which is not really my thing. The quest for the perfect low-carb vegetable noodle continues.
Drinking: My usual rotation of iced coffee, grapefruit sparkling water, with the occasional green tea in the afternoon when I get sweepy.
Reading:¬†Gobbled up¬†Harry Potter and the Cursed Child¬†just as quickly as¬†I did in the olden days of the actual Harry Potter books. It was so nostalgic and lovely, but left me wanting more.¬†Still chugging along with the book that just won’t end¬†The Prince of Tides. The annoying part is that I like it enough to need to finish it. It’s just so longgg. I need to finish it by the time the weather turns¬†because this is next on my list and will be perfect for fall.
Wanting:¬†All the impractical fall clothes and shoes, like these booties and this sweater that I won’t be able to wear comfortably for at least another two months.
Enjoying: A quiet house during golden hour while Matt takes Finn on a walk. I sure am excited for fall, but I’ll miss how late these nights stretch.
Listening:¬†After a recent visit home and some time spent with my dad, I’ve been playing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s¬†Deja Vu. (Dad’s fave.)
Needing: For allergies to not be a thing. (See below.)
Smelling:¬†Not a thing. (I’m congested.)
Wearing: I pretty much live in these, picked up this white dress for tailgates (bless football for extending “white” season), but if I’m being supes honest I’m just chillin in some sweatpants and a giant t-shirt right now. Aka my favorite outfit.
Loving: My friends’ two-week old baby, Lincoln. I got to help put his nursery together (post to come!!), but just for funsies I shared a sneak peek at the bottom of this post. Lincoln and his room both turned out pretty darn cute.
Watching:¬†We inhaled Stranger Things just like everyone else and fell hard for it. It rivals Fargo for our favorite thing we’ve watched this year. After that was over, we found The Night Of and blew right through that as well. I am definitely a sucker for whodunits. After those two totally binge-worthy shows, we’re now stumbling around with no direction. I think we might start Braindead…but would happily take your suggestions on any good dramas!
Bookmarking: This simple way to bring new life to your wooden spoons was duch a DOH! moment for me, this Apartment Therapy article has some great ideas for rentals, and did yall know that Prime includes unlimited photo storage?????
Feeling: EXCITED to see my sister this weekend and for football season to start!!

lincoln's nursery reveal FB