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currently: february 2017

Ah, February. We’ve had a tumultuous relationship in the past, but that’s mainly due to cold weather that’s been nonexistent this year. Do I like February now? Do YOU like February now? What is happening? Anyway…it felt like we squeezed a lot into the wee month between two fun weekend visits from family, soaking up as much gorgeous patio weather as possible, oh and being completely out with the flu for a week. Both of us. So that was fun. We’re referring to that time as Flumageddon. Here’s what the rest of February entailed:  Making: Little house updates for spring. The patio got…


currently: november 2016

Well, as Ned Ryerson would say…November was a doozy! Feels like we packed a lot into these past thirty days — an emotional election, the demise of the Longhorns, GILMORE GIRLS, oh and Thanksgiving. Honestly though, if you haven’t finished the Gilmore Girls revival yet then I kindly ask that you step away from this blog post and go fire it up. I am delusional, but not delusional enough to believe that I’m more important than Gilmore Girls. No one is. Anyway. On to the post: Making: Christmas cookies, and learning that it was a mistake to make them this early.…


currently: october 2016

Well, hey guys. Apparently I needed some time off! To be honest, the hardest part of coming back after an un-announced break is this paragraph. I have a pretty firm “no apologies” rule in place, because duh. This is basically an online diary with a strong home decor bent and if I don’t show up for a while, the world definitely keeps turning. But I still feeeel bad. Maybe it’s the thirteen years of Catholic education. The guilt. It is strong. Bless me people, for I have not blogged. BUT! I have brainstormed lots of new post ideas. I worked…


currently: september 2016

Making: Does baking count as making? Cause I made these pistachio chocolate chip cookies for a tailgate and they are so friggin good. They are good enough that it is now my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe, whether or not I include pistachios. This breaks a 29-year old record of using the recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag, so it feels like a pretty big deal. Cooking: Definitely made this taco soup when it was 95 degrees outside. Still delicious. And I made these chicken thighs with a shallot and red wine sauce on Monday night for the first time. Not mad…

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currently: august 2016

Making: Progress on the study!! So excited to share when it’s finished. Cooking: Tried two new (to me) Skinnytaste recipes this month – her chicken enchiladas and this noodly dish with parsnips in place of our usual zucchini. I liked the parsnips texture better than zucchini, and it was less watery which was great, but it’s a little bit sweet which is not really my thing. The quest for the perfect low-carb vegetable noodle continues. Drinking: My usual rotation of iced coffee, grapefruit sparkling water, with the occasional green tea in the afternoon when I get sweepy. Reading: Gobbled up Harry Potter and…