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currently: february 2017

Ah, February. We’ve had a tumultuous relationship in the past, but that’s mainly due to cold weather that’s been nonexistent this year. Do I like February now? Do YOU like February now? What is happening? Anyway…it felt like we squeezed a lot into the wee month between two fun weekend visits from family, soaking up as much gorgeous patio weather as possible, oh and being completely out with the flu for a week. Both of us. So that was fun. We’re referring to that time as Flumageddon. Here’s what the rest of February entailed: 

ABA patio weather frose

Making: Little house updates for spring. The patio got a new rug and some new plants, the entry got a new mirror, and I’m feeling some spring/pre-move cleaning coming on. 
Cooking: Loved these verde enchiladas — warm enough for “winter,” but light enough for the 80-90 degree days we’ve been having. Also, I want to lick the plate every time I make this honey soy glaze. I serve it over salmon, brussels sprouts, and a little bit of white rice. 
Reading: I read Big Little Lies during Flumageddon, and I don’t know if I was just cranky from being sick or if it really did just kind of drag? The ending was really entertaining, but so far the show is bringing the story to life in ways that the book just didn’t for me. Probably because of the gorgeous beach houses and Reese. Always Reese. I’m halfway into The Light Between Oceans…my library rental expired before I finished it, so I need to check it out again. And this post inspired my next read: In Cold Blood. I’ve never read it!
: To not kill the plants I bought for the patio. I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping indoor plants alive, but outdoor ones are harder for me. I have roughly a 10% success rate. This makes no sense to me. Plants belong outside. Why is this so hard??
Enjoying: Finn’s warm, blocky head resting on my leg while I write this. <3 
Listening: I have been ridiculously obsessed with this song since being captivated by this choreography video. Also, queueing up some new podcasts for the long trip to Marfa this weekend: Revisionist History, Sword and Scale, and 2 Dope Queens.
Needing: Nothing, guys. I put myself on a buying freeze for house stuff until we know where we’re going to be living next. Seems…adult?
Smelling: A lemongrass peppermint mix in the diffuser. So yummy!
Wearing: Gotta ditch my normal work-from-home uniform of leggings and knits for cool-girl outfits if I want to have any street cred in Marfa. Here’s a few things I’m packing, including this hat that Matt is not a fan of, which cracks me up: this kimono in coral, these boots in Desert Calf, this necklace, and this top which is sold out and in looking up this link I found this top which I now want and it’s on saleeee…
Loving: The Kristin Ess shampoo and conditioner from her Target line. It’s sulfate and cruelty-free, it smells so yummy, and the bottles are so cute. Most importantly, I’ve been having some decent hair days. 
Watching: I’ve seen The Office so many times, but Matt had never watched it from the beginning, so we’ve been watching the whole thing. It never, ever gets old. 
Bookmarking: This page for new date night restaurant ideas, this tool to turn photos into digital copies, and this adorable Marfa community forum that a friend shared for our trip. You can find daily restaurant menus, closures, a lost and found, etc.
Feeling: Excited!! Have I said Marfa enough times in this post? 

ABA east austin succulents

I always struggle with the currently posts because they are 100% me flinging what I’ve been up to and my opinions at you. I decided I want to end each of these with a question to get to know you all better so that there’s equal-opportunity opinion-flinging. I recently saw a friend ask this question on Facebook, and the answers were fascinating. Here’s the question: What is a song that makes you cry? Mine are Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Norah Jones’ Carnival Town. Answer in the comments!


currently: november 2016

Well, as Ned Ryerson would say…November was a doozy! Feels like we packed a lot into these past thirty days — an emotional election, the demise of the Longhorns, GILMORE GIRLS, oh and Thanksgiving. Honestly though, if you haven’t finished the Gilmore Girls revival yet then I kindly ask that you step away from this blog post and go fire it up. I am delusional, but not delusional enough to believe that I’m more important than Gilmore Girls.

No one is.

Anyway. On to the post:


Making: Christmas cookies, and learning that it was a mistake to make them this early. They’re just sitting there. In my freezer. Begging to be dunked in a cup of coffee.
Cooking: I tried a bunch of new stuff this month and really enjoyed it all. Chicken tikka masala, tomato risotto with pan fried Barramundi, balsamic chicken with roasted veggies, and for balance: sticky buns. I also made these stuffed mushrooms for a Thanksgiving app — subbed turkey sausage for pork and they were still a hit.
Reading: I listened to A Man Called Ove this month through my library membership (::pushes glasses up nose::) and it was really, really sweet. 
: To stop loading up a catapult with my money and flinging it at the internet, but these deals yall. Good news is that I’m mostly done with my Christmas shopping AND I pulled the trigger on a chair for the study!! I hope it works out! (OH MY GOD the chair just showed up in a huge box as I’m writing this and I feel like the dad from A Christmas Story. “Frah-gee-lay! Must be Italian!!” Except it’s from West Elm but you get it.) 
Enjoying: The glow of the Christmas tree as I sit here writing. It’s still undecorated because Matt’s been working some crazy hours, but I’m looking forward to dressing it up this weekend. I’m sure Matt is counting down the minutes.
Listening: Going full holiday: this playlist, the Nutcracker all the way through, Kelly Clarkson singing O Holy Night somewhere around fourteen times in a row, you know…the usual.
Needing: For everyone to understand how excited I am that Leif (our fiddle leaf fig) has sprouted FIVE new leaves in the last month. I’m so proud of that lil guy.
Smelling: It’s our first truly cold night — supposed to get down to 42 degrees. I’ve got the windows open with the cool air blowing in, and I’m smelling someone’s fireplace. Heavenly. 
Wearing: Some things I nabbed during recent sales for the upcoming season: these sweatpants, these leggings, this basic sweater, these sparkly earrings, and I finally got a new pair of Warby Parkers (ended up with these and I love them!) To clarify: not wearing all of these things at once right now as I write this. Just the sweatpants and the sweater. 🙂
Loving: (See the next one.)
Watching: How…how do I not make this whole part about Gilmore Girls? Other people have written about it more thoughtfully than I will, so I’ll point you to some of my favorite pieces. This, this, and this about sum it up. I loved it so much. Should have known I’d cry the whole time. Other notable things: The Crown was amazing, Westworld is blowing our minds, and if you want to ease into Christmas movies with one of my terribly guilty pleasures, I’ll point you towards Just Friends which is now on Netflix.
Bookmarking: For when I want to make sticky buns the hard way, my favorite gift guide, and Young House Love bought a beach house, yall!!

luke's paper coffee cup


currently: october 2016

Well, hey guys. Apparently I needed some time off! To be honest, the hardest part of coming back after an un-announced break is this paragraph. I have a pretty firm “no apologies” rule in place, because duh. This is basically an online diary with a strong home decor bent and if I don’t show up for a while, the world definitely keeps turning. But I still feeeel bad. Maybe it’s the thirteen years of Catholic education. The guilt. It is strong. Bless me people, for I have not blogged.

BUT! I have brainstormed lots of new post ideas. I worked on a fun design project that I’ll be able to share soon, and it’s November, so brace yourselves…holiday posts are coming. For now, I thought I’d catch up with a currently post for October.

sugar mama's bakeshop

Making: Myself stop looking at the adoptable dogs on the Austin Pets Alive website. No, Molly. No. 
Cooking: Not sure I’ve actually spelled this out on the blog before, but I don’t eat red meat or pork. Since I cook most of our meals, Matt normally goes without (and without a single complaint.) It was his birthday in October, so I made him a steak following this technique and served it with twice-baked potato. Looked yummy 🙂 We also tried Blue Apron for a week and made catfish with yellow curry and basmati rice, pan-seared chicken over roasted apples and squash, and a kale and goat cheese quiche. Great recipes, but ultimately the service isn’t for us. We didn’t like the amount of waste created or that we had to commit to three meals a week. 
Drinking: Tis the season for Malbec. 
Reading: Book I read this month that I couldn’t put down even though it was kinda dumb: In a Dark, Dark Wood. Book I read this month that I couldn’t put down because it was so breathtakingly beautiful and thought-provoking: When Breath Becomes Air. Also! After 4.5 years of living in Austin and some prompting by a friend, I got myself a library card and can now borrow e-books and audiobooks (and regular books.) The ebooks are delivered straight to my Kindle (!!) and I listen to the audiobooks from an app on my phone. TECHNOLOGY! Thankful to have friends cooler than I am to guide me.
october marigolds on desk
: It’s such a polarizing thing…but yall. My Ugg boots are 12 years old and I know, they’re Uggs and you think they’re awful and maybe you think I’m throwing them on over leggings with a big t-shirt as soon as temps fall below the 90s but you’re WRONG. I wait until we’re under the 70s. And I try to wear a long sweater instead of a t-shirt. 
Enjoying: These amazing marigolds from Austin Flower Co. Those plus a few small pumpkins is the extent of my fall decor. 
ListeningYoung House Love Has A Podcast (DUH!), Invisibilia (new to me and so great!), and this song.
Needing: Still need a stinkin chair for the study. We need it to be low profile, armless, moderately comfortable, and I’d prefer a natural wood tone. Some examples: This (too expensive), this (too overdone?), or this (just right?) Thoughts?

texas ou game
Smelling: Our “fireplace,” which is what I call this wood-wicked candle that smells like campfire. 
Wearing: These booties and this cardigan (dangit, sold out. similar here, on sale!) I mentioned these in AUGUST, and I didn’t purchase until this month. Evidence that I sometimes have willpower. 
Loving: How hilarious Finn looks in his too-small raincoat that he insists on wearing. 
Watching: Season three of The Fall- my favorite UK crime drama, now that Luther has forsaken me. Gillian Anderson is amazing. We’re also mid-way through Band of Brothers, an old HBO series following a U.S. Army company through World War II. To prove it’s not all serial killers and World War II, I should mentioned that we also watched Mascots, the new Christopher Guest mockumentary available on Netflix. Matt turned to me mid-movie as I was shaking with laughter and said, “So basically the weirder it is, the more you like it?” Yes. 
Bookmarking: How to style open shelving, the best chicken tikka masala recipe, and holiday decor, natch.
Feeling: Less guilty. 🙂