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currently: january 2016


In a word? Zoodles. We finally got Amazon Prime which means I finally got a Veggetti and now I can pretend with the rest of you that the zucchini that I’m nomming is a warm bowl full of carbs. I’d say my brain is 90% tricked. Works for me.

bowl of zoodles


We were bored one night and randomly started Catastrophe because I knew the main character (Rob Delaney) from Twitter and thought he was hilarious. We are, in short, obsessed. It is SO funny and witty and real and there’s a bit of British humor and we love it so much that Matt won’t let us watch more than like two episodes a week for fear that it will inevitably end. And of course I’m tuning in to the final season of Downton Abbey. SPOILER ALERT: Stoked that Barrow is looking for work because I’ve been needing someone to serve my luncheon.


I normally write about books here, but sadly haven’t cracked open my Kindle this year. Then I realized I read blogs on the daily, and figured it wouldn’t hurt to shout a few of those out instead.

cup of joPhoto by Amanda Kopp, featured on Cup of Jo’s recent post, “What Was Your First Dance Song?

Cup of Jo is perfect for pretty much everything–life, inspiration, funny stories, stuff that makes you think, etc. Joanna and her team are all simple, thoughtful writers. I really enjoy it. Emily Henderson is my favorite design blog churning out awesome design content daily, and this year they are beefing up the blog with more lifestyle posts. Emily is really awesome without being pretentious and I want to be her ruhl bad. Want to step into the life of a mom in suburban Boston and be totally enthralled by her pictures and words? Then I suggest Tales from Me and the Husband. Bridget has a knack for capturing the joy in life’s simplest moments. Finally, I Suwannee is pure eye candy and my favorite name for a blog, ever. Jamie is one of my favorite designers and inspires me every day!

^Sometimes I write a section of a blog post and realize it could be a post in itself, but I’ve just finished a big ole coffee at Starb’s so I just keep writing and say SCREW IT.


I’m not making anything, other than a billion changes to the apartment. I’m that neighbor that is hammering at 9:30 p.m. I’m sorry! I can’t help it. I walk around the apartment with nails in my mouth, like a hillbilly would with straw. “Hey honey can you come [hold this] [see if this looks straight] [physically restrain me from rearranging our apartment]?” <– How my conversations with Matt have been going. Very excited to show you guys photos in the near future!

shibori euro sham

planning (scheming?)…

In the tradition of this blog,  I’m finally getting around to organizing a house tour after six months or so of living in The Rosedale Apartment. It realistically won’t come together until March. Then we get to decide if we’re going to stay at this apartment, get another rental, or buy something???! Time will tell. And mortgage lenders. Also planning how I’m going to keep the newest member of our family, Lief, alive (he’s the fiddle leaf fig below). So far it’s a combination of south-facing windows, a pot that drains, and occasionally putting water in that pot. Any fiddle leaf fig experts wanna holler atcher girl? I’m seeking constructive criticism.

Leif the Fiddle Leaf Fig


Feeling that “get shit done” feeling right down to my toes. January is so motivating for me. Also, it’s been really gorgeous in Austin lately (we’re talking 70-80 degree sunny days), so it’s like this weird mix of New Year motivation and spring cleaning? Whatever it is, I’m completely fine with it. Hope your days are happy and sunny and motivated as well, and I also hope that you don’t live somewhere covered in snow so that I can avoid getting punched in the face by you.

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currently: december 2015

This  edition of currently is largely (but not completely!) brought to you by Christmas. I’m baking–a rarity–and nights are filled with wrapping presents and watching the few Christmas movies I own, and the decent ones on Netflix. (Hello, Love Actually for the billionth time.) And because I am the way I am, I’m already getting sad about Christmas being over. On December 16th. I’m really good at being really bad at goodbyes.



The cooking portion of my currently posts might seem like a paid sponsorship by Skinnytaste, but they are totally not–I’m just obsessed with her recipes. I’ve been cooking Skinnytaste recipes almost exclusively for about a year, and still find new ones to get excited about. This week I made the caramelized onion, red pepper, and zucchini frittata and served it up with a big ole caesar salad. Sew gewd. I also made the salmon burgers topped with her bangin’ good sauce and loved them. Great flavor and they didn’t fall apart like fish burgers can sometimes. Love you forever in a totally non-creepy way, Skinnytaste.


Rich Roll Cinnamon Butter Cookies

My mom’s cinnamon rich roll cookies. These were a Christmas staple growing up (and Easter…and Halloween…and any occasion that required cookies.) They are SO yummy, and a box full of them makes for a very happy Christmas gift. They are also the *perfect* pair with your morning coffee…which is why I have to box them all up and ship them away ASAP. Holla if you want the recipe. I gotta ask my mom, though. ::she typed, at 28 years old::


Target and Hobby Lobby Wrapping Paper

PRESENTS, duh. I got the striped wrapping paper and raffia at Hobby Lobby and the mitten and polka dot at Target, and they all make my face look like the blushing/smiley emoji. At the end of the first hour of wrapping, my face looks like the red-faced angry emoji. But then they look all cute under the tree and it’s back to the clapping hands and open-mouthed smiley emojis.

Actual question: can I install emojis on my laptop? …Can I write a whole blog post in emojis? …Did I just predict 2016 blogging?

Oh! And! I use Instagram prints from Social Print Studio as gift tags on most of my gifts. Love it because it’s a gift tag they can actually keep and put up on their fridge, in their cube, whatever.


shake shake go

I work from home, so I’m always listening to something (otherwise I’ll go insane in the silence, for real). Recently, I can’t stop singing this and this when I’m at home by myself, which is really the only proper time for me to sing as I am completely and utterly tone deaf. I also found this Spotify playlist, titled “a playlist for doing nothing in particular”, via Cup of Jo and it is just gosh darn delightful. Honorable mentions: Serial season 2, and my Christmas playlist which is all over the place. Think N*Sync, Tchaikovsky, Mariah, Vince Guaraldi, Willie Nelson, Judy Garland, and Kelly Clarkson. I recommend it. Obviously.


Kirsten Dunst & Fargo

FARGO. Might be my favorite thing I’ve watched this year. It’s got it all: humor, organized crime, gorgeous sets, Kirsten Dunst looking like that ^ and being a totally accidental badass, Midwestern accents, and downtrodden people who are *literally done* with taking shit from their oppressors. Honorable mentions: Jessica Jones, The Family Stone, Little Women, Love Actually. Side note: I have legit been referring to Jessica Jones as Jessica Jones’s Diary, I 100% thought that’s what it was called. Nope. That’s Bridget Jones’s Diary.


Cinnamon Leaf Candle

This candle. It is from Target. Get it if you need your house to smell like Christmas. Get this candle AND bake the cookies from earlier and you may just faint from joy. So maybe don’t do that, because your oven would be on, and that could get dangerous.


Finn looks for Santa

That little bit buzzy, little bit frantic, little bit excited, little bit stressed feeling that normally settles in the week before Christmas. I imagine Finn feels the same way as he peers out the window at the squirrels. When I get too caught up in Christmas-stress, I let Judy smack me across the face with this song and remind me how lucky I am. Hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly and that your hearts are light this season.


currently: november 2015

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a currently post, if a hot minute is A YEAR. Dang. No time to waste, then.



First things first, amiright? “MOLLY tell us what you’re eating!!” “Tonight I’m eating Chicken Pot Pie Soup from Skinnytaste’s 2011 fall line.” The weather is finally turning a teeny bit here, so I’ve been able to break my “no soup until it’s under 80 degrees” streak. I made this soup from Skinnytaste this week, and it definitely hits the hearty-but-healthy-warm-and-cozy-thing that I was going for. Tbh I added a significant amount of Tony’s. It was a good call. It always is.

karin slaughter pretty girls


Finished Mindy’s book (lurved it!) and then fell down a gory-thriller rabbit hole right into Pretty Girls. I’m only about halfway through at this point. Pros: compelling, heart-racing, feels like a book you should read in the fall in that kinda scary way. Cons: I keep getting that terrible Britney Spears song stuck in my head.

macrame yarn garland wall hanging


It’s knitting season and I ain’t mad about it at ALL. I canknit stop knitting. As Queen Mother Lorelai Gilmore says, “It doesn’t matter what I’m knitting, I’m knitting just to knit!” I haven’t actually made anything, just getting back into the swing of the stitches (I know two of them now!) (This is really not very impressive for a year’s worth of knitting!) I promise I’m putting a post together on some knitting resources for beginners if you’re into that kind of thing. And if you’re not, well…you can go shave your back now.

the great british baking show


A friend turned me on to The Great British Baking Show and it is so freaking great/endearing/adorable. It’s like every American cooking competition show you’ve ever seen, minus the fabricated drama and with the addition of truly wonderful VERY British people and teeth. I love it.

criminal a podcast


A year ago, I was hooked on Serial in a big way. I credit Serial (…and Matt) for introducing me to how awesome podcasts are in general. Now, some of my favorites are This American Life, RadioLab, and a new favorite- Criminal.

uncommon objects

South Congress shopping image via the Austinot


A fun weekend with a few of my bestest of friends from high school who will be in from out of town. Bonus: because they are in town, we are missing our ten year high school reunion in Dallas which means we don’t have to spend all weekend thinking about how it’s been ten years since we graduated high school.

jamie meares quote

Image by me. Quote, inspiration, and general life goals by Jamie Meares


If you don’t like gushing or happiness, please avert your eyes from the rest of this paragraph!! I’m not sure if it’s the onslaught of Thanksgiving-related gratitude posts, the relief from the weather cooling slightly, the extra hour of sleep from this weekend, the residual feeling of puppy-bliss from our foster puppy (who has been adopted!), looking forward to the upcoming holidays, feeling settled and happy in our home/generally feeling like a couple successfully cohabitating, getting to dress up as The Donald and act a fool with my friends this weekend, or WHAT, but I’m feeling so happy and grateful and warm and fuzzy lately.

I hope you guys are feeling the fuzz, too. Or something.