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currently: november 2015

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a currently post, if a hot minute is A YEAR. Dang. No time to waste, then.



First things first, amiright? “MOLLY tell us what you’re eating!!” “Tonight I’m eating Chicken Pot Pie Soup from Skinnytaste’s 2011 fall line.” The weather is finally turning a teeny bit here, so I’ve been able to break my “no soup until it’s under 80 degrees” streak. I made this soup from Skinnytaste this week, and it definitely hits the hearty-but-healthy-warm-and-cozy-thing that I was going for. Tbh I added a significant amount of Tony’s. It was a good call. It always is.

karin slaughter pretty girls


Finished Mindy’s book (lurved it!) and then fell down a gory-thriller rabbit hole right into Pretty Girls. I’m only about halfway through at this point. Pros: compelling, heart-racing, feels like a book you should read in the fall in that kinda scary way. Cons: I keep getting that terrible Britney Spears song stuck in my head.

macrame yarn garland wall hanging


It’s knitting season and I ain’t mad about it at ALL. I canknit stop knitting. As Queen Mother Lorelai Gilmore says, “It doesn’t matter what I’m knitting, I’m knitting just to knit!” I haven’t actually made anything, just getting back into the swing of the stitches (I know two of them now!) (This is really not very impressive for a year’s worth of knitting!) I promise I’m putting a post together on some knitting resources for beginners if you’re into that kind of thing. And if you’re not, well…you can go shave your back now.

the great british baking show


A friend turned me on to The Great British Baking Show and it is so freaking great/endearing/adorable. It’s like every American cooking competition show you’ve ever seen, minus the fabricated drama and with the addition of truly wonderful VERY British people and teeth. I love it.

criminal a podcast


A year ago, I was hooked on Serial in a big way. I credit Serial (…and Matt) for introducing me to how awesome podcasts are in general. Now, some of my favorites are This American Life, RadioLab, and a new favorite- Criminal.

uncommon objects

South Congress shopping image via the Austinot


A fun weekend with a few of my bestest of friends from high school who will be in from out of town. Bonus: because they are in town, we are missing our ten year high school reunion in Dallas which means we don’t have to spend all weekend thinking about how it’s been ten years since we graduated high school.

jamie meares quote

Image by me. Quote, inspiration, and general life goals by Jamie Meares


If you don’t like gushing or happiness, please avert your eyes from the rest of this paragraph!! I’m not sure if it’s the onslaught of Thanksgiving-related gratitude posts, the relief from the weather cooling slightly, the extra hour of sleep from this weekend, the residual feeling of puppy-bliss from our foster puppy (who has been adopted!), looking forward to the upcoming holidays, feeling settled and happy in our home/generally feeling like a couple successfully cohabitating, getting to dress up as The Donald and act a fool with my friends this weekend, or WHAT, but I’m feeling so happy and grateful and warm and fuzzy lately.

I hope you guys are feeling the fuzz, too. Or something.


currently: november

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currently: august

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