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A Day in the Life

I wanted to give a peek into a day in my life over here. Hope you guys are strapped in cause this is going to be EXCITING. You’re going to be like “How does she do it?? How does she fit all that in to one measly day?!?” Obviously kidding. Sometimes I see that “You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce” quote, and I get really annoyed because while that may be true, Beyonce also has a herd of staff doing her bidding.

Anywayyy. This was my Monday:

6:44- Get woken up by Finn whining to go outside. Throw on my Sunday pants (definition: extremely comfortable, extremely unattractive sweatpants perfect for lounging on Sundays) and Crocs because I like to look as disgusting as possible when I take my dog out in the morning to dissuade people from talking to me. Just kidding, that’s not the reason. I just can’t be bothered whatsoever to even try to look presentable at this hour.

6:45- Alarm goes off while I’m putting on said Sunday pants. Become annoyed that Finn woke me up one minute before my alarm. Instantly forgive him because he is doing his early morning stretch thing and he’s adorable.  Take Finn out.

Finn | Awfully Big Adventure
see? adorable.

6:55- Get back in bed with Finn, because I need to check Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/the weather/my three email accounts/Pinterest if I’m really searching for an excuse to stay in bed.

7:10- FINE I’M UP UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Put off showering for as long as possible (make a smoothie, stuff Finn’s toys with some treats for when I leave him later, fluff the pillows in my living room while I brush my teeth cause I’m a crazy person)

7:30- Finally showering and now it’s a race against timeeee. Will I have time to dry my hair? Who knows?? Told you this was going to be exciting!!

8:10- What the actual hail just happened? I showered, dried my hair, put on makeup, slapped on some clothes, packed my lunch, and got out the door in 40 minutes. THIS DAY IS MINE. Leave Finn with an arsenal of toys and the TV on because I’m a crazy person.

8:25- At work 5 minutes before I’m technically “late.” THIS DAY IS STILL MINE.

8:26- AW YISSSS I forgot we get fed breakfast on Mondays. Maybe I can be Beyonce. Flying high.

8:30- My wittle brain transitions into work time. Fire up the Spotify playlist, pull up my Todoist to-do list that saves my life on a daily basis, and plan out my day when SURPRISE! meetings meetings emails skype gchat more meetings aaaaaand I’m feeling less like Miss Bey.

11:30- My sister is going to my house today to take Finn on a walk so I have a whole glorious lunch hour to relax.  And by relax, I mean run errands, because that’s the same thing, right? On this particular break I head to a local pet shop to pick up a new leash and harness for my beast because he has basically broken through his old ones.

12:30- Eat lunch at my desk meetings meetings meetings emails skype gchat more meetings.

5:00- Try a new gym that is so close to my new office that I can’t not work out there.

6:00- Home to the bean! Put on his new harness and leash and take him for a walk around the neighborhood. This is my favorite part of the day.

Finn | Awfully Big Adventure
feelin’ fancy in his new harness

7:00- Showa, cook ground turkey for taco salad, finally do dishes (my least favorite chore.) Realize I never cook anymore because now we have Trader Joe’s and they make it so easy to not cook. Feel like a bad girlfriend for not finding time to make it to Matt’s softball game. Make myself feel better by reminding myself that they lose every game anyway.

Taco Salad | Awfully Big Adventure
mmm. taco-y. salad-y. delicious.

8:00- Eat dinner, fold laundry, get ruhl emotional watching the How I Met Your Mother series finale.

9:00- Talk to Matt and learn that they actually won their softball game. I think this is the second time that has happened. I should have been there 🙁 Put laundry away. Take Finn out again. I want a yard so baddd.

9:30- I am le tired! Wind down by watching some sweet, sweet, super-addicting HGTV. Sometimes I think about giving up cable but then how would I know if they’re going to love it or list it?!

HGTV | Awfully Big Adventure
real life- dog toy, rogue cords, water cup.




10:30- Something about a snuggly pup makes it so easy to go to bed. Night night!

So, that’s a fairly normal day in the life over here. Exciting? Not really. But I like it.


DIY Handpainted Basket

One thing I quickly discovered after adopting Finn is that dogs come with a lot of STUFF. And by “come with” I mean I buy a ton of things I don’t end up needing. If there is one thing I despise, it is a bunch of stuff without a place to put it. Hence, Finn’s DIY handpainted basket.

DIY Handpainted Basket | Awfully Big Adventure

Credit where credit is due- I got the idea from my favorite blog ever, Young House Love. It is such an easy, affordable way to give a somewhat boring storage solution some personality. To start, I headed to Homegoods to find a cheap basket. Honestly, I was hoping to find something in the $10 range, but ended up spending about $20 on this guy. It was the perfect size, shape, and I loved the chalkboard detail. The chalkboard is awesome because if I want to someday use the basket for something else, it can be re-labeled easily. And if you know me, you know that labels and really anything organizational make me weirdly excited.

DIY handpainted basket | Awfully Big Adventure

I was planning on using acrylic paints that I already owned, but whoever created the shopping center where Homegoods sits is an evil, sinister being and decided to put a Michael’s next door. So, obviously I had to grab some new acrylics. I went with a blue/black/gold palette- just cause I felt like it. I did use the always-available Michael’s coupon for 40% off one regularly priced item, which means I saved about thirty cents, so that’s exciting.

DIY handpainted basket | Awfully Big Adventure

To get started on the project, I used a small craft paintbrush and just brushed the paint right onto the basket. I went with the grain and just followed the basket’s pattern. I really didn’t worry too much about it being perfect- the goal was really just to slap some color on the basket. You can see a more detailed picture here that highlights the imperfections.

DIY handpainted basket | Awfully Big Adventure

This was another great, relaxing project. Super easy to complete and didn’t take much time at all. I didn’t use any spray finish and haven’t seen any noticeable chipping after using the painted basket for the last four months or so. I keep most of Finn’s stuff in here, so I’m in and out of it every day. It makes me happy to look at it, even when I’m pulling out his shampoo because he stepped in something disgusting. Literally, that happened yesterday. #glamorous

Where do you hide your random crap?


I come in peace!

Hi interwebz! I’m excited to get this guy off the ground. You can read a bit about the blog and myself on my About page, but if you are too tired or lazy to click on the link, here’s a brief synopsis. I am an HGTV addict and a freshly made bed makes me happier than almost anything. I like interior design so much that I even majored in it for a year at school, but ultimately transferred to a public relations. This is my space to talk about my apartment (I have a trend of moving about once a year, so that should keep things interesting/exhausting!), projects that I’m working on, and things that inspire me.

Outside of being obsessed with design and a teeny bit of a crazy neat freak, I am a dog mom to Finnegan (also goes by Finn, Feeny, Beanie, Beansie), an Austin resident, a TV-lover, and occasionally a cook. I work for an internet marketing agency which keeps me incredibly busy and constantly entertained. Nothing makes me happier than a clean apartment, a glass of three-buck-chuck, a snuggly puppy, and some good TV with my boyfriend, Matt. Unless that thing is a wine-fueled girls dinner with my best friends, because that is pretty great, too. OR a big family dinner that goes long because we have nowhere better to be…I guess a lot of things make me happy. 🙂 Food and wine seem to be a constant…

My crazy siblings

My best girls

Matt and Molly UT
Matt and I with our other love interest, Texas football

Finnegan Blue Pup
Baby Finnegan slaying hearts left and right