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june small goals

I mentioned in this post that we’ve decided to stay put at the Rosedale apartment for the next year. After Matt and I made the decision, we were sitting around talking about the pros of staying, and he said, “It’ll be so nice for you to not have any projects, since everything’s done!” I paused, looked at him, and laaaaughed and laughed and laughed. He now understands that the projects may never end. (The limit does not exist!) In the spirit of never-ending projects, I thought I’d try out a new series on the blog-monthly small goals. I saw this…


the whole enchilada: the rosedale apartment checklist, part II

Man, time flies when you aren’t writing an updated Whole Enchilada checklist post! It’s been six months since I posted the original checklist for this apartment. There’s definitely been some progress, but I’m holding off on a few things until we decide if we’re staying here for another year. For reference, here’s the first checklist. Previously, I left off the bathroom and patio, so I added them to this post. I’ve really enjoyed doing this whole list thing–it’s helped to keep me on track, and it’s a nice reference for when I feel like I haven’t made any improvements. Disclosure:…


i’m afraid i just blue myself

This is a post about bedding. Or is it a post about knowing when to admit defeat? A post about courage in the face of a difficult situation? A post about knowing your limits and loving yourself enough to let yourself walk away? Basically, what happened is I thought it would be a good idea to buy a white duvet. You may remember it from this post, when I excitedly introduced our new seersucker bedding. Honestly, how could you forget this sweet iPhone pic? We purchased that bedding when Matt moved into the Tiny Apartment and brought his king-sized bed with him.…

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merry christmas and happy new year!

First things first…merry FRIGGIN Christmas to this lil blog! Santa brought me something I’ve wished for many years–a House Call feature on Apartment Therapy! Feel free to check it out as you are curled up on the couch surrounded by crumpled wrapping paper, scrolling through your phone and mindlessly eating fudge. If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that the photos in the House Call are from my previous place, The Tiny Apartment. Since then, a lot has changed: Matt moved in and we moved into a slightly less tiny apartment, The Rosedale Apartment. If you’re new here, this is a…


currently: december 2015

This  edition of currently is largely (but not completely!) brought to you by Christmas. I’m baking–a rarity–and nights are filled with wrapping presents and watching the few Christmas movies I own, and the decent ones on Netflix. (Hello, Love Actually for the billionth time.) And because I am the way I am, I’m already getting sad about Christmas being over. On December 16th. I’m really good at being really bad at goodbyes. cooking… The cooking portion of my currently posts might seem like a paid sponsorship by Skinnytaste, but they are totally not–I’m just obsessed with her recipes. I’ve been…