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Category: Goals

september small goals

The days are short but the months are long…is not really a thing that people say, but for me it definitely applied to August! After kind of a busy spring and summer with lots of weddings, lake trips, etc., August really slowed down for us and I was able to get all of the things done. Which is great, because now it’s football season which means every weekend is taken over by tailgates, losing fantasy football games, and searching for the perfect low-carb baked potato soup recipe. (Yes, I know, it’s a tall order but stranger things have happened, yall.)…


august small goals

Lol remember last month when I said it was too hot to do anything in July? That was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I only completed 3/5 goals this month…not quite the successful month that June was! But for real, I still think I got more done than if I hadn’t written out these goals at all. Counting it as a win. Here’s what I did and didn’t get to in July: Make a dish I’ve never made before. Done, TWICE. Booooom. I made risotto for the first time by following this recipe. I added asparagus, parmesan, and lemon zest and served it with…

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july small goals

One month of #goals down, and we’re already one week into July. The good news: I did pretty good on June’s goals! The bad news: it’s actually too hot to do anything in July. Here’s a detailed breakdown on how the June goals ended up, followed by the stuff I’m going to try to get done in July. Sell furniture/decor items on Craigslist. Done! I sold four things- two rugs, an armchair, and a side table that we never used. Bye bye stuff we didn’t need, hello more space. Paint TV wall black. Done! We finished this towards the beginning of the month, and posted about…


june small goals

I mentioned in this post that we’ve decided to stay put at the Rosedale apartment for the next year. After Matt and I made the decision, we were sitting around talking about the pros of staying, and he said, “It’ll be so nice for you to not have any projects, since everything’s done!” I paused, looked at him, and laaaaughed and laughed and laughed. He now understands that the projects may never end. (The limit does not exist!) In the spirit of never-ending projects, I thought I’d try out a new series on the blog-monthly small goals. I saw this…