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september small goals

The days are short but the months are long…is not really a thing that people say, but for me it definitely applied to August! After kind of a busy spring and summer with lots of weddings, lake trips, etc., August really slowed down for us and I was able to get all of the things done. Which is great, because now it’s football season which means every weekend is taken over by tailgates, losing fantasy football games, and searching for the perfect low-carb baked potato soup recipe. (Yes, I know, it’s a tall order but stranger things have happened, yall.) Anywho, here’s how August went:

August’s Goals

  1. Take a weekly bath. I did this 5/5 weeks of August. Future notice, self: August is maybe not the best time to sign up to take weekly warm baths. What’s the point of taking a bath if you can’t do a face mask at the same time because you’re sweating too much? TMI? Sorry? Anyway, once I abandoned the face mask plan it was nice to just chill and read a book.
  2. Collect inspiration and write out some plans for the study. I did this, posted about it here, then got a wild hair one weekend while Matt was out of town and I did all the things. Seriously, it’s basically done. (That’s the finished inspiration board at the top of this post!) I am tentatively planning on sharing updates via the One Room Challenge in October orrr I might get impatient and just share it all at once.
  3. Put the finishing touches on a friends’ nursery project. My friends’ nursery is done AND inhabited by a teeny tiny human (a.k.a. they had their baby!!) I’ve gone over and photographed the space (and the babe!) and plan to share it all v soon! I’ve got most of the post written but it’s a LOT, so I’m debating splitting it up into a couple of posts.
  4. Get camera fixed. Done, thank goodness. It’s hard to take pictures of nurseries and tiny babies without a camera. Luckily it was just a matter of replacing the lens and not the whole camera, which would have been a lot more costly.
  5. Go HOME! We did it! Matt and I went home a few weeks ago (our parents are both from the Dallas area), and I had so much fun that I didn’t take any pictures. Well, that’s a lie, I took the one below of our favorite sushi place. We golfed (…I drove the cart, that counts), we dined, we lounged, saw three sets of parents in two days, and came home tired and happy.

5/5. NOT BAD. Feels good to just totally nail it and win at life. If this is the only test of whether or not I’m successful, then I am VERY successful.

Sushi Sake Richardson

September’s Goals

  1. Share my friends’ nursery reveal. I’ve teased it twice now. Can’t keep the cuteness to myself anymore.
  2. Submit the nursery photos to three publications. Just trying to share the nursery cuteness even further. And get better about doing more submissions for the blog.
  3. Treat myself to a shelter mag subscription. My mom got me a thoughtful gift for my birthday – a subscription to Sunset magazine, one of her favorites that I’ve always loved flipping through when I go home. That + my finished inspiration board that is ready for an ever-changing rotation of magazine clippings makes me want more! The no-brainer option is Domino, but I wanted to crowd-source: any gems that I might not be thinking of?
  4. Drive a jet ski. Yes, I’ve lived in Texas most of my life and been on many, many lake trips and have never driven a jet ski. Just last year I got brave enough to ride one (the only requirement was that I made my friend who was driving go like -3 miles/hour), and since we’re heading out for our last lake trip of the year next weekend, I want to drive one. VERY EXCITING to me, VERY BORING to normal people.
  5. Find a chair for the study. This and a little bit more decor are the only things standing in the way of a completed study. I’m writing this in the study, perched on a stool, and every minute I sit here I think more about how nice a chair would be. I have my eye on a few, but haven’t found exactly the right combo of great price/style yet. p.s. Pro tip: if you have an extra room that you call by a different name- “the den,” “the bonus room,” “the office,” “the loft,” etc., try calling it “the study.” You will feel 800% fancier.

What’s new with you guys for September?



august small goals

Lol remember last month when I said it was too hot to do anything in July? That was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I only completed 3/5 goals this month…not quite the successful month that June was! But for real, I still think I got more done than if I hadn’t written out these goals at all. Counting it as a win. Here’s what I did and didn’t get to in July:

  1. Make a dish I’ve never made before. Done, TWICE. Booooom. I made risotto for the first time by following this recipe. I added asparagus, parmesan, and lemon zest and served it with grilled chicken thighs. It felt awesome to try something that I hadn’t made before because I thought it would be too difficult. Turns out, it really isn’t. Also, I came across this recipe for yogurt-marinated chicken kebabs with Aleppo pepper on a favorite blog of mine and made it pretty much immediately. This marinade…is magical. It made the chicken sooo tender and yummy with this hint of smokiness, and I used the leftover plain greek yogurt to serve over the chicken and veggies on a bed of rice. Do it…do it now.
  2. Update media kit. Done. Did it. Weeeeee.
  3. Attend the Austin Flea. Hahaha remember that time I made a goal for myself to attend an outdoor flea market in July in Texas? In short, no.
  4. Declutter kitchen cabinets and pantry with the KonMari method. Done! I feel like this was my “reach” goal – something I thought might not happen but I was feeling aspirational. Well, we did it! Got rid of a bunch of stuff and re-organized in the process. A.k.a. my ideal Saturday.
  5. Work from a coffee shop at least once a week. This happened…once. Hindsight – this was a really busy work month for me and sometimes it makes more sense to just buckle down at home than it does to pick up and go to a coffee shop. I did start making my own iced coffee sooo can we still call it a win?

bath time

So if this were some class I was taking pass/fail, I would have passed. Just being optimistic. Maybe I’ll actually get an A for August’s goals. Here they are:

August’s Goals

  1. Take a weekly bath. Yah, I realize that sounds like I only bathe weekly. I promise I take showers in between, but they just don’t have the same relax-factor. Candles + bubble bath + a podcast or book makes for a happier Molly. p.s. I actually wrote this post then went and hopped in my bath, hence the photo. So this goal is 25% done 😀
  2. Collect inspiration and write out some plans for the study. I’d like to get the ball rolling on our neglected study, and I think starting a Pinterest board and collecting some sources to get a budget together will help.
  3. Put the finishing touches on a friends’ nursery project. I’ve been helping a friend put her nursery together, and she’s due EIGHTEEN DAYS FROM NOW so I’d love to put the finishing touches on it so she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. But also just cause it’s fun.
  4. Get camera fixed. This goal WAS going to be to publish the next room on this apartment’s tour, but when I went to take photos for tonight’s post, my camera was broken. I think it might be a problem with the lens, which would be less expensive to replace…but anyway, I need to figure this out.
  5. Go HOME! This is the longest it’s been since I’ve made a trip home to Dallas EVER. I haven’t been home since February, which is insane to me. This is kind of a slow month, so I’m planning to go home for a bit.

What’s new with you guys for August?


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july small goals

One month of #goals down, and we’re already one week into July. The good news: I did pretty good on June’s goals! The bad news: it’s actually too hot to do anything in July. Here’s a detailed breakdown on how the June goals ended up, followed by the stuff I’m going to try to get done in July.

basil lemon drops

  1. Sell furniture/decor items on Craigslist. Done! I sold four things- two rugs, an armchair, and a side table that we never used. Bye bye stuff we didn’t need, hello more space.
  2. Paint TV wall black. Done! We finished this towards the beginning of the month, and posted about it here. I’m still loving it!
  3. Shoot before/afters of the black wall and submit them to publications. Done…ish? It wasn’t until I was writing this post that I realized I said publicationS. Plural. I only submitted it to one, but now that I have the write-up and photos done, I think I could submit it to a few more fairly easily.
  4. Make these basil lemon drops and enjoy them on the finished patio. Done. (Photo proof above!) I tweaked the recipe because we only had cranberry vodka on hand, and I messed up the stevia to simple sugar ratio so they were way too sweet, and I made two (one for Matt and one for me) but then he fell asleep on the couch so I threw his out because if it’s too sweet for me then it’d be way too sweet for him so it wasn’t *perfect* but it did get done. And I did get to enjoy a couple chapters of my book on the patio, which was nice.
  5. Finish Fates & Furies. Done! Finally! I was really surprised at the direction this book took toward the end. It was a really interesting read, but frankly it dragged a little bit for me and I didn’t love the way it ended, so I don’t know if I’d recommend it.

Last month I said, “Next month I’ll circle back and I’ll either be successful and lord it over everyone, or I won’t be and everyone can point and laaaaugh and laugh and laugh like I did when Matt assumed I wouldn’t drive myself nuts with projects over the next year,” so I guess this is the part where I get to lord it over everyone? I did it! I completed all my goals. And honestly, I don’t think that stuff would have gotten done if I hadn’t written the goals down and made it a point to complete them during that month. We’ll see if I have a similarly successful July…


July’s Goals

  1. Make a dish I’ve never made before. My brother was just in town for a brief visit, and we cooked paella (his favorite) when he was here. It was a good reminder that just because I haven’t made something before doesn’t mean that it’s particularly difficult or unattainable. I want to make at least one more new dish this month.
  2. Update media kit. I started a media kit last month for the blog and it’s…alright. (Yes, this blog is over two years old and I haven’t had a media kit til now.) I want to make more edits and have a completed version that I’m happy with by the end of this month.
  3. Attend the Austin Flea. I haven’t been vintage shopping/thrifting in a while, and I’ve never been to the Austin Flea, so this seemed like a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Who’s coming with?
  4. Declutter kitchen cabinets and pantry with the KonMari method. I KonMari’d a while ago, but never got to the kitchen. I want to clear out all the stuff we never use to make room for more useful things.
  5. Work from a coffee shop at least once a week. I am always so productive when I get out of the house and work from a coffee shop…plus, yummy coffee. Plus, it helps me avoid work-from-home-cabin-fever. I used to be in a good habit of doing this, but I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit and need to get back on.

Wish me luck! What are you guys working on this month?